Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Unloads at E3 2012

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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Unloads at E3 2012
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Unloads at E3 2012

Greetings Playstation.Blog readers! I’m excited to share our latest trailer for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron with you, fresh from E3 2012. And I’m here to take your questions: Optimus Prime, Shockwave, Bruticus, Grimlock, and now Metroplex…we have a ton to talk about!

You may know High Moon Studios from our work on Transformers: War for Cybertron back in 2010. With War for Cybertron we had to work hard to prove that Transformers games could be good; with Fall of Cybertron we’ve set out to show how they can be great. Big words indeed. How we back that up is with the scale and variety of the game we’ve built in Fall of Cybertron. Transformers needs to have a wide variety of unique characters and a rich assortment of big environments to use their transforming gameplay. We’ve assembled a big cast of playable characters, each one bringing very unique skills to the battle. Transforming, tight shooting controls, melee, flying, combining, stealth, grappling – we have all these gameplay elements and they all feel right for the Transformers.

Another key focus for us has been story. We wanted a story worth telling and one that felt right to real Transformers fans. What could be more compelling than exploring the fall of the Transformers legendary home planet? A great story, epic setting, and gameplay variety these are what we have set out to offer in Fall of Cybertron. And oh yes, we have Dinobots.

With this latest trailer I might add that its great to unveil a city-sized Transformer (Metroplex) when you want to make a big impression. We are talking multiplayer features for all you PSN players, and you might even see something playable on PSN before the game launch….but more on that at a later time.

I’m online to answer your questions today, so ask your questions in the comments below. You’ll see more of us before Fall of Cybertron hits PS3 on August 28. For now, enjoy the trailer!

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  • Hello, Matt. That’s a pretty cool trailer.

    How many combiners can we expect in Fall of Cybertron? And if there’s Metroplex, there’s gotte be Trypticon, right?

    • Glad you enjoyed the trailer.

      Everyone is responding well to Bruticus and the other big bots in the game. I can say that we have not discussed all of them yet.

  • any chance we’ll see hot rod or ultra magnus this time around?

  • I thought Sony’s press conference was boring this year. D-

    What did you show that was new? Beyond, some gameplay from Last of Us, and oooo Assassins Creed III.

    Oh, but how rude of me to forget Wonderbook? Harry Potter, that’s really popular now-a-days (sarcasm).

  • if there is metroplex any chance we’ll see unicron?

  • @Chuckbait exactly what does your statement have to do with TF? Enlighten me

  • trailer is great! some gameplay would be welcome tho.

  • Any Pre-Order Bonuses this time around?

  • Will the story follow any of the movies’ story? Or will it be like Batman: Arkham City (The story is created by the dev team)?

    • Movies…what movies ;-D We’re talking 1987 here right?

      We created the story in partnership with Hasbro. The story is official canon with Hasbro, but it is not tied to the recent films. This is the official story of how the Transformers came to leave Cybertron. I think it fits with anything in the franchise no matter when or how you became a fan.

      Great question.

  • With any hope it WON’T follow ANY of the movie storyline because the movies have absolutely NOTHING to do with the ACTUAL storyline. Hopefully the movie industry is taking note from High Moon on how to make a TRUE enveloping TF cinemati experience because beyond the CG the movies are horrible at tellin a TF story.

  • Will the game be playable from both the Decepticon and the Autobot sides? What role will Metroplex play in the actual gameplay? And lastly, are there any plans on bringing this or a future Transformers title to the Vita?

    • No immediate plans on the Vita, although its a great platform.

      We have a single campaign that plays out through both sides, Autobot and Decepticons. Gameplay lenght is actually longer than WFC.

      Here is gameplay of Metroplex in action:

  • Hey Matt, got 3 questions
    If you pre-order at gamestop you get the classic optimus prime G1 skin, but what other characters will also get the classic look?

    and will there be a collectors edition?
    lastly, will there be online trophies?

    • G1 Optimus is actually a full new in game model, rather than just a skin. Its a major piece of art that takes months to create. He’s the only truly classic unlock that I can confirm. We wanted something special for the fans who pick up the game day 1.

      Online trophies – you bet.

      We are not currently looking at Collector’s Edition. Certainly there have been a ton of requests. Personally I like seeing each copy as special.

      Thanks for the questions.

  • Any chance of split screen multiplayer or coop mode, ps move support and ultra magnus or its only a toy.

    great game war for cybertron was amazing too, space t rey ftw, optimus vs megatron sword fight, metroplex, amazing truly amazing.

    • LOL Space T-Rex FTW

      I can say that Hasbro has confirmed an Ultra Magnus toy. That could be a hint about his role in game.

  • oh and great trailer btw

    really digging the background music

    anything you can tell us in regards to the music for this game?

  • Day One buy for me. Slightly off-topic: Seriously someone has to tell the game developers to stop making so many great (or even average) games. I don’t remember there being this much must-have stuff so early in a console life. My PS1, PS2, and PSP collections don’t all add up to the total games I have on the PS3 which is amazing if you stop and think. Does anyone else notice they have more games this generation than prior generations?

    • Thanks!

      The song is Cities in Dust by The Everlove. Its a cover of a siouxsie and the banshees track.

  • Will Ecalation mode be making a return or was it also cut from the final game?

  • The Skins of Optimus look Glorius btw

  • Matt, Im ok with online trophies as long as its not something along like “kill 100,000 opponents” or “win 100 of every mp game mode”

    the grinding stuff is annoying.

  • The escalation trophy is kind of grinding without the right players. that one should be worth 2 gold

  • Will we see any multiplayer today? And will there be killstreaks like WFC?

  • Will we see mulitplayer gameplay at E3 tomorrow? Also, will we get more information on escalation (eg. Can you play as custom robots and is their a leveling system) ?

  • Hi Matt can’t wait for the game to be released but one question I would love you to answer is are you having clan tags for my clan on the new game for multiplayer? And great job with the last game can’t wait for fall of cybertron thx

  • I have one improtant question & that is in character customiztion will i be able to make my fan made transformer 300.C Prime his color scheme is black so will the color black be added to the autobots color chart? Also will dinobots be playable in multiplayer? If you guys make any DLC characters please add Nemisis Prime cause its one of my dreams to see him in a game.Thank you matt & everyone at High Moon Studios for giving this work of art called TRANSFORMERS FALL OF CYBERTRON & It will make all the other games bow down before it cause of how awsome it is.

  • Wait you said something playable for PSN….a DEMO if so you my good sir have made alot of people happy cause PSN didn’t get a WFC demo :(

  • look amazing, i’ll buy this for my sons!
    thanks for making great games!

  • Hi, amazing trailer, you could see the significance of all the bots used.
    That is a wonderful cover, The Everlove is very indie how did you come by it and can the public listen to it, via stream or iTunes?

  • Any demo coming out after E3 or before the Full game release

  • Epic trailer can’t wait for the game sadly I can’t get the Pre-order bonus cause where are live and it will cause way to much to pre-order from gamestop for it to ship to my country, the song is epic as well but I can’t quite seem to find the exact version of it that’s being played in the video. and I hope that there would at least be a playable demo even if it’s for a little while before the full game comes out.

  • Last game lacked a cover system and that was really the only thing that bothered me. Will a cover system be implemented in Fall of Cybertron?

  • Nice use of a Cities in Dust cover.

  • (That is still a really, really weak design for Megatron. I can’t believe that it made it this far. Everything about this looks awesome except for Lite-Brite Megatron.)

  • Loved the last game and have this on pre-order, thanks guys, appreciate all the hard work!

    I’d like to echo some other comments – I’d buy the hell out of this on Vita.

  • Does anyone know where I can find this song at? I’ve looked through everything I could find dealing with The Everlove. They’ve given their EP away on MediaFire a few years ago but it’s not there anymore, and this song isn’t listed on it. I need this song.

  • THAT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!! Trypticon!!!!!???!!!!!

  • t36066 Trypticon is dead

  • Is there going to be any split screen??

  • About what time will we have the full list of characters? I REALLY want to play as Skids/Mudflap.
    Also, will there ever be a forum on the transformers website?

  • Hi! I have a couple quick questions. On your website it says that Shockwave’s special ability is “Decepticon” does that mean he doesn’t have an ability like Bumblebee? Even if he doesn’t have an ability, it is still going to be awesome to play as my favorite transformer in story mode! Also, I pre-ordered from Gamestop and I’m wondering if everyone will be able to use Shockwave’s blast cannon or if only Shockwave can use it? Thanks! ^__^

  • Why have Peter Cullen as Prime, Gregg Berger as Grimlock, but not have Frank Welker as Megatron? Not only were Peter and Frank the go-to guys 20 years ago with G1, but they are today’s contemporary Prime and Megs on Transformers: Prime as well. Seems like a missed opportunity for origin stories, no offence to Blum or whoever is doing Megs this time out.

  • Great game and trailers Matt!

    My question is how exactly will these games tie into Transformers Prime canon? There seem to be a few inconsistencies here and there though nothing to major.

    Second question: How do you personally feel about the game with you being a hardcore Transformers ner- I mean fan?

  • I’m a big fan of the first game, but also a big fan of the live action films. You guys worked on the Dark of the Moon videogame tie in right?

    Just wanted to know if it would be possible to have those skins (the movie-Transformers) available for use in Fall of Cybertron, at least in multiplayer. I’d be very willing to pay for it as a DLC pack or something? Any chance?

    Thanks and very much looking forward to the game, you guys rock!

  • Mudflap and Skids are terrible characters that need to disappear forever.

    What I would give for a redub of the movie that yanked all the facepalmingly bad minstrelsy out of their lines.

    They’re freakin’ robots.

  • I hope I’m not too late to ask the Matt Tieger the Great a few questions.

    Firstly, thank you so much for making Transformers games great. You even made the movie games fun, which I thought was impossible given the designs, characters and story (not a big fan).

    Since High Moon Studios isn’t looking into making a Collector’s Edition, major downer, is High Moon Studios looking into making an art book, OST, T-shirts and posters? In case you haven’t noticed, the fandom is fawning over your awesome art skills and we’d like to display them on our walls like you do in your studio–we’d also like to get a glimpse of characters hiding behind those being interviewed and just out of camera focus. While I think it would have been great (and a very big money maker for your guys) to have a collector’s edition, but if that’s not going to happen, would you please ask the powers that be to look into making the above mentioned possible for purchase for the hard core.

    …to be continued.

  • Part II: and Gamestop have their pre-order bonuses up, but what about Best Buy, K-mart/Sears, Wal-mart, Target, etc. Will they be getting skins/DLC characters or comics of some sort like WFC? Like many here, I’d like to know what my choices are before committing to this or that.

    Will multiplayer finally have host migration? I don’t know why this question never gets answered, but a yes or no would be great. This was a major problem for me and others, and i know I can’t be the only one wanting to know the answer to this question.

    …to be continued.

  • Part III:

    Can G1 Optimus’ parts be used in the create your own Transformer portion of the game? If the answer’s no, what are the chances of Slipstream, Arcee or other female characters showing in this form, perhaps as Escalation mode only characters? I know you said no female characters early on, but if at all possible (even as a port from WFC), I would really like to see them in this game. If there was one thing that I don’t like about High Moon Studios’ Transformers origin story, it is how characters like Elita One, Chromia, Moonracer, Firestar, Greenlight, Lancer and Arcee never existed though they played a role in the past of G1 (even if it was for just a little bit).

    Which version of Bumblebee is High Moon Studios doing? Live-action-bad-@$$-Bee or the little-engine-that-could-Bumblebee? I miss the latter. Bumblebee’s importance in the 10-minute clip released worries me a bit, as it makes me think Bumblebee has become Optimus’ right hand man. Whatever happened to Jazz, Prowl or even Ultra Magnus?

    …to be continued.

  • Part IV (final):

    Why are Optimus and Megatron so chunky? Their WFC designs were great as they were.

    Lastly, will we see your cinematic openings in true HD? Will they be available for PSN/XBOX 360 users to view on their respective systems? And can we expect to see more awesome scenes of this calibur in the future? You know we want to see them, right? We love your work, can’t say that enough.

    Thanks again for three great games, and I hope we get many, many more from you in the coming years.

  • Two more questions Matt:

    Has High Moon tweaked the multiplayer portion of the game? In WFC it was really fun, but overpowered leaders, scouts, and cheaters tarnished the experience for me a bit.

    Second question: How much will DLC cost this time around? No offense but the DLC in WFC was highway robbery IMO.

    Will there be more initial maps this time?

  • Oh Man!! I bought the first game and Im definitately buying this one too! Metroplex was just the icing on the cake! cant wait!!

  • espadasofbleach

    Hi Matt! I love wfc and have been playing since day1! I only have one question, will there be a demo for ps3? The last time wfc demo was only for xbox.

  • Hey espadasofbleach. Matt, thanks for another great G1 game. Loved WFC and look forward to this one. Any plans for a demo? Will this one have host migration?

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