Sound Shapes Confirmed for PS3 and PS Vita + Video of Jim Guthrie’s Cat

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Sound Shapes Confirmed for PS3 and PS Vita + Video of Jim Guthrie’s Cat

Hey Everyone!

Look, E3 is here, and we know there’s all kinds of hot news coming at you from everywhere. So over here at Queasy HQ, we’ve decided to kick things off a little early with pretty much the biggest announcement we’re allowed to give you right now: Sound Shapes is coming to PSN on August 7th. That’s… like… a few weeks away! Are you breathing into a paper bag right now to avoid hyperventilating? We are, which is making it kind of hard to type. And if you’re not, you should be, because we’re also taking this opportunity to sneak out the fact that Sound Shapes is, day-and-date, also coming to PS3.

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Yes. That thing you have under your TV, or maybe beside it (or possibly on top, but that sounds kind of dangerous, man!). And no, we haven’t been looking in your windows; we’ve been too busy making Sound Shapes and pricing it at $14.99 for BOTH VERSIONS. Buy it on PS Vita or PS3, and enjoy it on either system! We know. We’re freaking out too!

Through the magic of crossplay, you’ll be able to share content between the two systems without even having to really think about it. It’s all thanks to the “cloud” which floats above us like a benevolent data god. Save your campaign data up in the cloud, and download and resume on either platform. Maybe you’ll start creating a song at home on the PS3, but then decide that it’s not really the place to compose your latest masterpiece! Just download it to your PS Vita and make some beats on the bus. Then get off the bus several stops late, in a part of town you don’t know that well, and make some beats there! Then get another bus home, probably.

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Oh, and the community is completely shared, so if a friend only has a PS3, or you only have a PS Vita (or any permutation of that) they can still see the levels you’ve made on the other system. And you can therefore see ALL the levels everyone has made and uploaded. Which will hopefully be a ton of levels. We’re really looking forward to what you guys do.

In fact, let’s talk about this a bit: You might be aware that we’ve been collaborating with visual artists and musicians for our campaign levels, and most recently revealed that our pals Superbrothers and Jim Guthrie provided the art and music for Corporeal, a four-song concept album that explores the way in which music can free us from the corporate machine… if it doesn’t crush us first.

It’s been a lot of fun working with those guys and we’re really happy with the way the levels have turned out. They mix up the gameplay and offer a classic Jim Guthrie soundscape that’s a fun contrast to other campaigns. And while the levels themselves are cool, it’s super fun to play with all of the music and graphics in the editor–everything, and we mean everything, from the campaign records can be mixed and mashed up with other records to create your own tunes and levels.

Anyway, here’s a video we made in Jim’s basement where he attempts to clear the levels in his own album (spoiler: he dies). There is also a demo of how the loop-based music system works for remixing campaign tracks in the editor mode. Also featured: One of Jim’s, like, 18 cats. He likes cats.

Is it too late to change the album title to “Chicken Dinner?” The answer is yes. Yes, it is too late.

If you’re coming to E3, we hope you come by and check out Sound Shapes. We’ll have both PS Vita and PS3 on the floor with content from four of our campaign records and we’ll be showing the cross functionality between the two versions. If you can’t make it to E3, that’s okay because if you didn’t notice the game is out on August 7th. Just spend that time regulating your breathing with a paper bag and you’ll be fine.

Alright, back to it. ALMOST DONE! (Seriously, we are almost done making the game.)

Want to see the PS3 version of Sound Shapes in action? Be sure to tune into our E3 2012 livestream — we’ll be showing it off live at 5:30pm Pacific Time during the countdown to PlayStation’s E3 press conference!

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  • Taking a tiny leap of faith here and guessing that “BOTH VERSIONS” doesn’t mean $14.99 for EACH version? :)

  • How much for the collectors edition that comes with the Cat?

  • Hell Yeah, I hope it has boss battles because I love me some boss battles. Anyone wants hints how to win at sound shapes hit me up for some strats!

  • Looks fun, will buy.

  • Awesome! Day one purchase! Great price point!

  • Finally, some confirmation about a dual purchase. That pretty much seals the deal for me, great news!

  • Yay for dual purchase!

  • Crossplatform is a very nice feature!

  • What if you only want to purchase one version of the game? Will there be separate items ie PS3 for $7.49 & PS Vita for $7.49 or something like that? Hardly see the purpose of spending the extra money to have both versions of the game if you only want one. Please get back to us…

  • Awesome, looks great and a great price!!

  • Wow, can’t wait to make beautiful music with this game. I just love the unique and creative spirits that Playstation supports.

  • it’s B1G2, you can’t buy just one, $15 is very a nice price! and if you only have the Vita, any levels done on the PS3 version, you can still access it

  • I’ve been waiting for this game since I got my Vita in Feb

    Now with PS3 xplay this is a no brainer!!

    DAY 1!!

  • This is exciting news! This is one of my most anxiously anticipated PS Vita games, and it’s great that I’ll be able to play it on my PS3 as well. I’m eager to get my hands on the game on August 7th!

  • Proskatercam, that is the price of one, it’s just that you get two now instead. Escape Plan was also $14.99. It’s not like they based that price around getting two versions, but rather getting two versions for the price of one.

  • Happy that the game is almost completed. Been on the lookout for this game since it’s been announced.

    Can’t wait til August! Im sold!

  • This is amazing news! This is my most anticipated Vita game after playing it at one of your pre-launch events, and now I can play it on my PS3?! You have made me very happy today.

    Oh, and $15 for access to BOTH versions is a STEAL.
    Are you planning on possibly doing any DLC with more albums from more musicians/artists? Because, I would definitely buy some.

  • Wasn’t sure if i was getting this. Now I know i am

  • Wow, I can’t wait for August 7th! I was already anticipating this game but now my excitement is through the roof! Thanks so much for the Crossplay news.

  • Everything sounds awesome, but AUGUST?! That’s not “a few weeks away”… that’s a few MONTHS!

  • This looks cool, I can see myself wasting lots of time making my own beats

  • I don’t know about this. I think porting PS3 games to the Vita is fine, but taking what would have a been a Vita exclusive and porting it to the PS3 might not be a great idea. I mean, if it was Queazy’s idea then that’s cool (they can do whatever they want), but if it was Sony’s idea then I’m not so sure. The Vita needs exclusives and it needs sales. This is now one less game that I need to buy a Vita for.

    All that aside, the game looks better than ever. Making songs looks easy and fun.

  • Yay! I am excited for this. Will this game have platinum trophies like Motorstorm RC did?

  • Oh lord just when I thought it couldn’t get any better! Thank you Queasy! I have some input since I’m actually collaborating in the LBP Vita Beta. I’m finding out to be very intuitive to use the Vita to create levels and I am guessing this will be the case for Sound Shapes. Creating becomes so much easier with the touch screen and back touch pad. I will be doing this when I get this game, creating with my Vita and trying it out once I get home. Just cant wait!

  • Looking great! How about a trophy preview, Mathew?

  • ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY

    well i have to say i was nervous when i pcked up my ps vita this past weekend but i have to so im impressed i havent even touch my ps3 since, i only have uncharted right now but between that and some demos and what the ps vita can do im in love :D thank you sony/playstation, i was a bit nervous because handheld gaming isnt really my thing but once i got it in my hands and seen the amazing visuals that this machine can pull off, i was so impressed that i havent put it down, example it take me an hour to eat supper because im so side tracked by my vita :P thanks again sony/playstation :D

  • $15 for both versions? I definitely approve of this. Marking my calendar ahead of time now!

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  • Why is it on PS3 now? if you want your Vita to sell, you need to give it good exclusives, as in only for that system itself. Putting this on PS3 will only hurt what it could’ve sold on the Vita and that will be obvious when the sales numbers hit. No point in people buying a vita for something when they a;ready have a console they can play the game on. You guys really need to think.

    If you later reveal Gravity Rush is gonna come to console then i’m gonna sell my Vita..

  • Well better late then never and its buy one get it on both platforms. And for $15 this is a steal. Thanks Queasy.

    @EVERYONE HATING. From a developers standpoint putting it on both platforms is much better for business. The potential user base grows like 30X more with ps3 integration. Cant wait!!!

  • They just confirmed at the E3 Press Conference that $14.99 gets you both versions, PS3 and PS Vita.

    That, and release date will be 8/7/2012.

  • Love that both games, Vita and PS3 versions, included for one price. Keep that up. I may actually buy a Vita if the cross play continues. That was one of the major features I was looking for from the Vita, so that I could play the same game on the go and then back at home without interruption, without my wallet being destroyed.

  • Sooo… the Vita just lost one of its remaining few exclusives?



  • this game was the reason i bought my Vita.
    I just want to know one thing: Will i be able to take the music that’s on my vita, and use them to make songs on the vita?

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