PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Revealed at E3 2012

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PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Revealed at E3 2012

Hey PlayStation fans, we hope you’re excited about all of the latest news and updates we unveiled just moments ago. We’re always striving to create new ways for you to enhance your PS3 gaming experiences and this year is no different as in addition to the news that we shared with you today at the press conference we would like to officially announce the availability of the all new PlayStation Move Racing Wheel, a brand new peripheral for PS3.


The all new PlayStation Move Racing Wheel transforms your PlayStation Move motion controller into the ultimate racing experience, supporting any vehicle you choose to drive.

Highlighted features include:

  • Precise motion tracking for responsive handling of your vehicle
  • An innovative folding grip design will allow you to switch between racing a sports bike to a high-octane supercar
  • Feel the intense vibration feedback of your vehicle as you trade paint with the competition
  • Experience realistic gameplay action using the race car paddle shifters and motorcycle twist throttle controls


Available this fall for $39.99 (MSRP), the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel will support upcoming racing games like Little Big Planet Karting, in addition to PS3 racing favorites like Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, BurnOut Paradise, MotorStorm Apocalypse, and more.

Stay tuned for more details on PlayStation Move and the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel right here on the PlayStation Blog.

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  • Look awesome

  • I saw that in the background in the conference, it looks big and odd.

  • Maybe now I can gold the Sebastian Vettel challenges?

  • lol what the heck…

  • Its cool that older titles like Burnout are getting Move updates

  • I’m curious how you gas and brake with this thing? I understand gas for bikes with the throttle, but how when in car mode? And braking? Or are there triggers behind the handles that I can’t see in the pics?

  • PS and ps teams the books (book of spells) etc is the biggist move you guys have made since annoucment of the vita. THANK YOU
    i will be pre ordering asap. Again
    Seeing something new makes up for the lack of work towards new net browser or java and the number of other software you guys could be updating

  • Looks incredibly stupid. Are you supposed to hold it out in the air? Rest it on your lap?

    It needs to be attached to something but that would make it a standard racing wheel, which is the only thing that makes sense if you’re going to use a wheel in a racing game.

    It does shock the hell out of me that it will be compatible with GT5. So much for racing realism…Polyphony Digital can’t be happy about it…

  • Make for ModNation Racers!

  • I thought what tustin was thinking. no stand or mount for this is gonna be awkard. And how soon will patches for the few listed games actually appear?

  • This thing looks really really silly. :\

  • I can’t wait to try this out when LittleBigPlanet Karting releases. That’s awesome that those other racing games are getting Move updates.

  • But…. why? Anything other than LBP Karting supporting this at all? Thought that we were done with Move after Sorcery didn’t get any support.

  • I love you Sony, but it looks like you went off the deep end. This thing looks more like a high-tech dowsing rod.

  • TroubleMaker411

    It looks like something a foreign power will attach to my scrotum and twist to try and get information out of me!

    I love move, but I’ll pass thanks!

  • That’s not a wheel, it’s a bow. Come on, look at it open. I’ld bet they “invented” this for Sports Champions, decided nobody would use it b/c it’s too big and clunky, and salvaged it as a wheel.
    And no, I haven’t seen The Hunger Games, but if they make a game for it, this peripheral will be sold for it.

  • Seems cool, i guess, however $40 is overpriced.

    @16…. Yeah, thats what happened (moron).

  • How is this a racing “wheel”?

  • There’s a circular sorta shape in there. That’s kinda wheel.

    More handlebars than anything, though.

    I can ride my bike without those. Pass.

  • Thanks for the heads up Anand.

    I read about this a while back and wondered if Sony dropped the idea.

    I will be getting it for sure…love racing games !

  • I keep thinking it looks like some sort of BATARANG. Looks cool but need to try it out!

  • @ 19 Hooligantuan…..

    The handle bars look great for riding motorbikes in Burnout or GT 5 !

  • WellSeeYouLater

    Will there be a comprehensive list of games that can use it?

  • That looks even more like a sex toy than just the move controller!

  • please STOP! Do not turn this great entertainment system into another nintendo crap. Encourage people to buy Logitech wheels, not this …… urggghhhhhhh…. hungry marketing move… sell plastic, make money!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    $40? Haha And GT5 does not support move.

  • Not a chance already spent more than 200 bucks on a Logitech racing wheel. This little move add-on gimmick can’t compete with that. The wheel works flawlessly on every game i’ve played with it,should be interesting to see if the move can perform as good.

  • @ ThreeLeggedFreak

    PD will most likely release an update to support this Move Racing Wheel.

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