E3 2012: Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Revealed for PS Vita

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E3 2012: Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Revealed for PS Vita

Bet you didn’t see this one coming, eh PlayStation Assassins? It’s with a great deal of pleasure and a substantial amount of pride that we announce Assassin’s Creed III Liberation for PS Vita!

Liberation introduces an all-new assassin named Aveline, and takes place in the rich, varied and vibrant environments of 18th-century Louisiana. For a better idea of how Aveline operates in the more populated urban areas, and to see just a tiny tease of Aveline’s stealthy activities in the bayou, you should totally check out the announcement trailer:

E3 2012: Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Revealed for PS Vita

During 1765, Aveline stands directly in the path of Spanish forces seeking to overrun and take Louisiana while the rest of the coastal colonies are occupied with the American Revolution. Aveline is a uniquely effective assassin, employing tactics from her mixed French and African lineage and using weapons like the machete, poison-dart blowpipe and dueling pistols.

You should take a moment to better acquaint yourself with Aveline by watching this video:

E3 2012: Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Revealed for PS Vita

Illustrating greater depth and dimension in a period of history that would ultimately help shape the world, Assassin’s Creed III Liberation expands the Assassin’s Creed universe to give a broader portrait of this pivotal era.

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  • I saw it coming because you put it in GameInformer before the conference.

  • Making a vita package was a good idea, because I’ll probably buy a Vita for this.

  • LOVE IT! Finally a female lead. And mixed heritage also!

  • It looks astounding on a handheld. Although, we still need more games ;)

  • I love the look of the female lead in Liberations. And might I add finally a white PS VITA.

  • wow you guys took too much time with that wonderbook crap and 5 seconds on 3 psvita games we already knew about them? man as a ps3 costumer i’m happy and looking forward to the future but as psvita costumer i’m very, i mean very disappointed, where are the games? you didnt even announce an official little big planet release date for crying out loud, wasnt ps plus supposed to come to the system? isnt a killzone game being developed? where are the games? you’ve been showing Sound Shapes even before the system was unveiled lol, i’m totally disappointed as psvita owner, this was the time to show us that we didnt make a mistake in buying the system and you guys are behind it 100% but sadly i didnt see any of that

  • Awesome work as always, Ubisoft. :3

  • Loving it! Nice deal with the white Vita as well but no thanks I prefer my black one to match my PS3. ;) Definitively a must buy for me.

  • finally a white PlayStation Vita my next PlayStation product :D

  • Ubisoft, thanks for having the only worthwhile announcement for Vita at the Sony conference.

  • This game looks awesome and I’ll definitely pick it up.

  • Good show, Ubisoft! I am also very excited to see a female AC lead.

  • Great job Sony, a total of 3 games announced for the platform that’s 6 months old, with 95% of the conference devoted to a platform in its sixth year. I’m sure those Vita’s will just fly off the shelves!

    / sarcasm

    – Someone who bought on day 1 and didn’t expect something this appallingly poor.

  • Hopefully the next few days of E3 they can annouce more Vita games

  • This announcement was a surprise to me. Will definitely pick this up, along with the PS3 AC3 of course. I buy every AC game and I love them, but having the first female Assassin is a big plus for me.

  • @6: Well, this one leaked… it’s not really their fault on that one. And everyone just assumed we’d get Battle Royale given how iffy the graphics for it look on PS3. And we were right.

    I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t really get much, especially considering the fact I had gone in assuming we’d be a huge focus. I mean, it came out in February. I thought they’d do a big push. Glad we’re done with E3 without a price drop though, so hopefully people will stop expecting one to happen like the 3DS.

  • it looks cool cant wait to get it

  • this game will rock. question will it have its own stroyline seperate from AC3?

  • Chickensayquak7

    Finally… a game for Vita :D

  • hmmm will some ideas from bloodlines, special weapons unlocks be there? Or can we cross platform on different side mission? Can’t wait!!!

  • This game looks cool, but where are all the other Vita games?! I mean… is… is this and COD it?

  • I agree with #6 and #21. What the? They primissed about 20 new games, then it was
    rumored to be around 40 to finally talk about around 5, waste half of the conference
    talking about a book that works as a huge AR card, tell us again what we already
    knew, that COD is in development plus 5 seconds of AC vita.
    I liked and all, but seriously?
    If COD is about to launch in a few months, why not even a screenshot?
    Hope the next days will get better…


  • Game looks amazing for the PS Vita and I hope there are more ways that it ties into Assassin’s Creed 3!

  • Ubisoft is showing the Vita some love, unlike Square-Enix. Square-Enix has done nothing for the Vita, at least port us Final Fantasy Type-0.

  • If the game actually winds up looking like that, this is going to be a strong contender for vita game of the year. My money’s still on Sly or LBP, though. But, these are some very strong games for a first year on a system.

  • I really really want the white PS vita bundle :D (I just don’t want to buy it and then you guy’s will announce a new colour etc. Always my luck with Nintendo) but how much is it?

  • As a day one buyer, I feel very disappointed with your Vita conference. I was expecting more games and some partnerships with Square-Enix and Konami but you decided to give more coverage to the Playstation Move.

    I think Vita is Sony’s best hardware since PS1, it just needs some system seller titles and Sony getting with the times and adapting better to a new audience.

  • Ok, so the female assasin is an african american? Is she trying to fight for freedom for slaves? I’m trying to piece this together because in ac3 the tomahawk assasin says something we not free until something something, so i’m guessing if there’s a african american assasin then they also fighting for slavery as well as the war? Im confused

  • Can we trade in our black ps vita for a white one. Like swap it out or get a white one for a really low price.Also if we use our warranty can we get a white vita instead of getting another black one.

  • I don’t want to get Liberation anymore. I don’t want to play as a female. I want to play as the guy from the regular Assassin’s Creed III.

  • ur a moron DanielDreiberg. Im excited because its the first female protagonist in assassin’s creed history.

  • sony i am a fan but you better polish your games. thank god i play the demo of resitance before i bought it very dissapointing. where are the games sony? i play games that are like 7$ nova and modern combat have more feature than burning skies. modern combat has 12 players, 7modes, and 6maps. your game has only 3 maps, 8 players and 6 maps for 7$. all of those people who are saying vita is a portable system what do you expect? please shut up. my iphone can handle nova and it is more portable than vita . iphone game nova has all the thing modern combat has except 2 more things, vechiles and ragdoll effects. i also notice how greedy you guys have become. 10$ just for a online pass that was suppose to be in the game? and how could you let nilhistic make burning skies when they made that awful playstation heroes. before people say anything, i paid money for this 300$ for vita, plus 100$ for games and paid for the outrageously priced memory stick, so i can say whatever i want. and sony don’t get me wrong, i just want you be the company used to be back in the sixth generation gaming where you cared ABOUT GAMES AND CUSTOMERS FIRST, MONEY SECOND. anyone who doesn’t agree is a idiot.

  • p.s thanks for the new assassin creed sony.

  • I have a question! Will the bundle come out before the game itself, or will the game and bundle be available at the same time? I ask this because I already have my VITA (got it day 1), and I wanted to know when it’ll be available. If any of you guys at Sony could help me out, I’d appreciate it! Oh, and will Connor make an appearance in ACIIIL?

  • ghostkilla_23568


  • I’m getting this on it’s release date :D

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
    why a female assassin on the vita like seriously
    will there be anyway i can play as a male assassins hint hint (connor)




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