Battlefield 3 Premium With Close Quarters Available Today Exclusively On PlayStation 3

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Battlefield 3 Premium With Close Quarters Available Today Exclusively On PlayStation 3

Hi everyone!

Today, we have some Battlefield 3 news for you straight from this year’s Electronic Arts press conference at E3.


On stage at E3, DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach unveiled a whole year of great Battlefield 3 content. If you didn’t catch the press conference yourself, we’ve got the details for you right here!

Our biggest news is the launch of our massive content offer, Battlefield 3 Premium. If you buy Battlefield 3 Premium, you’ll also be able to download and play our latest expansion pack Close Quarters today. That’s two weeks earlier than non-Premium members on PlayStation 3, and one week earlier than Premium members on other platforms thanks to the early access that PlayStation 3 players are getting!

Here’s the Battlefield 3 Premium launch trailer hot from E3:

Battlefield 3 Premium With Close Quarters Available Today Exclusively On PlayStation 3

Battlefield 3 Premium:
So what does Premium get you? Well, purchasing Premium will give you all five themed expansion packs for Battlefield 3, including two weeks’ early access (except – of course – for the Back to Karkand pack that we released in December last year!). You’ll also get a number of unique in-game items, like the new ACB-90 knife, a set of Premium dog tags, weapon camos, soldier camos and more.



At E3 today, we also showed the complete line-up of expansion packs for Battlefield 3.


1. Back to Karkand
Giving you four fan favorite maps from Battlefield 2 with enhanced destruction (Strike at Karkand, Sharqi Peninsula, Gulf of Oman, and Wake Island) and 10 new weapons, this expansion pack also offers new vehicles like the US VTOL fighter jet, new Assignments, Trophies, and dog tags.


2. Close Quarters
Close Quarters brings the Battlefield indoors. The shift in environment means gameplay is fast and frantic, combining instant-action with the tactical squad play Battlefield has always been known for. Four new maps are included, and Close Quarters also adds what we’re calling “HD Destruction” – meaning you can destroy just about everything in the game by firing your normal rifle bullets at them.


3. Armored KillComing September 2012
In September, it’s all out vehicle warfare. Armored Kill includes four new maps (including the biggest Battlefield map ever) and a number of new vehicles including tank destroyers (a new tank class somewhere in-between Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Main Battle Tanks), mobile artillery, an ATV and an all-new gunship.


4. Aftermath and End GameComing late 2012 and early 2013 respectively
Stay tuned for more!

That’s it for now! Battlefield 3 Premium is available today at the PlayStation Store and the Battlefield 3 in-game store for $49.99.

Thanks for reading, and let us know what you think in the comments section below. I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you might have on Premium or the first three expansion packs!

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  • Meh. Not liking how you guys started doing this so late into the game’s life.

  • Yeah!!!!

  • Gives the game more life if you ask me

  • Might not get the Premium, but I definitely want to expand my Battlefield 3 experience.

  • Spiral-INfinity

    I hate that I purchased the Back to Karkand pack when i picked up the Limited Edition yet it’s in this 50 dollar premium bundle to get 3 Packs… like Cypher said this late in the life cycle. I’m not paying that i’ll just get them individually

  • @1..the game still has life..i just got the game a few weeks ago and im having a blast!..FPS with vehicles..theres nothing like it out there..adding these expansions will keep this game alive for a few more years if you ask me. Im not sure if im goig to get into the premium..but im definitely gettin those expansion packs.

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  • this should have launched in 2012.

    i’ll just wait for battlefield 4… i mean medal of honor.

  • *2011

    i can’t type anymore.

  • PS+ should be offered a discount.

  • For those that are complaining that BF3 Premium is a CoD ripoff, remember that they’re an annual subscription while this is a one-time cost. Do you enjoy both BF3 & MW3? Do you really think you’ll still play either in 2014? At least you can pick up where you left off in BF3 where you couldn’t with CoD.

    Also, if you’re a fan of the Battlefield series like I am, you’re likely gonna get every DLC anyway. This Premium feature saves you $10 over buying the DLCs seperately, plus gets you other things like 2XP weekends, camos, etc. for basically pre-paying the DLCs upfront. That’s basically what this is.

  • No discount for ppl who already have back to karkand? :( booo!

  • Probably gonna buy the next map pack but not sure I am going to be playing Battlefield 3 into 2013.

    BF3 came out Oct. 2011

    B2K came out Dec 2011

    CQ comes out this month

    The next one in Sept 2012

    That is just a little too drawn out for me. I also don’t like the idea of spending $110 on a single gaming experience.

  • Is this a subscription? How much is each one individually? Need more details please.

  • This does seem a little late to the game. Also sucks that it comes with Karkland considering most people who would get this already have Karkland. I would have been a buyer but got rid of BF3 last month. I’ve had nothing but problems since the rent-a-server update. I was only able to actually finish about 1/10 matches without losing connection to EA servers. I really loved BF3 but just can’t deal with the headaches anymore. I have plenty of other games that I don’t have issues like this either.

  • HD Destruction?
    Does it include the option to have Yakety Sax playing in the background and speed up the gameplay by 5x?
    If it doesn’t… Can it be added? :)

  • Hey Sony comment #7 is spam….

    Plus I would not pay any more money for a game that I originally paid $60 for just to get “early” access and “Special” modes and costumes. If the original game and gameplay is not enough then create another game sequel and sell me that.

  • And I forgot when you buy the DLC individually will those weapons and vehicles play back in the “regular” game?

  • BOut to get this ISH right now!!! Get my jump on NEWBS NOW!!!

  • So is there a discount for people who already have B2K? It’s a slap in the face to all LE owners if not.

  • Paid, downloaded….can’t get into any of the new CQ maps -_-

    Others are having same problem! New assignments are being tracked, Battlelog shows I’m Premium member, but anytime I try getting into a CQ map server, I get dropped with a EA connection error and put into the main menu screen..another DICE let down…after a good EA press conference got me excited enuff to drop another $50 on this game…….

  • FIRST OFF they need to give a discount if you already have the b2k dlc already purchase. then i would be fine with it. seeing each dlc is 15 bucks a pop. so if they took the the price of btk (already own) off it would be 35 bucks!!!!! then i would not mind it

  • Finally some proper timed exclusive DLC for PS3!

  • Downloaded and installed the closequarters pack. It doesn’t recognize the new maps and now, I can’t even get into a closequarters game. $50 bucks just to have my Famas fixed doesn’t cut it. Please repair this blunder immediately, EA.

  • Reverie_Reality

    They don’t need to discount the premium package, and they aren’t going to. You’re still getting $60 in expansions for $50, as well as the other things exclusive to the premium package. This is basically their way of letting those who know they’re going to get all the expansions buy them ahead of time for $10 off, and get some extra stuff in the process.

  • Well too bad none of it works!

  • too late. no thank you.

  • People EA and DICE is working on this problen right now!

  • $80 in Australia? Woo, I love to get price gouged!

  • Why isn’t close quarters working? it doesn’t connect…all it says is lost connection to session!

  • this is so lame! $50 and not working!

  • yea it really pissed me off when i went and spent 50 dollars on some isht which is the most extra i have ever spent on dlc or total just the most i have ever spent on a game . and then just keep getting dropped or it freezing my ps . way bogus guys . and undo at least the stupid isht u did to the vehicles with the last patch or at the very least fix my dogtags . i have thousands of headshots and yet my tag says 3 or 1 or 10 . WTF??!

  • i want my money back

  • monstadreadhead

    Since I already made up my mind to buy all the dlc’s for BF3, I might as well go ahead and buy the premium package.

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