The PlayStation Recap – E3 2012 Edition

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The PlayStation Recap – E3 2012 Edition

Not much time to talk this week — we’re getting set for E3 2012! Will you be watching us live on the four-day livestream starting this Monday at 5:30 Pacific?

In the lead-up to E3, what are you playing to pass the time?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

Most-Watched Video of the Week: Battlefield 3 E3 2011 Q&A

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PSN Introduces Ultimate Editions — A huge discount on PS3 Full Game favorites including DLC, but it ends this Tuesday morning. Act quickly!
  • PlayStation Store Update — Gravity Rush demo, PS3 Ultimate Edition discounts, Mad Riders, Rayman Origins, Resistance: Burning Skies and more.
  • PlayStation at E3 2012: Watch Live, Attend the Press Conference — Two shots at experiencing E3 live, whether it’s part of our four-day livestream or actually attending the PlayStation E3 2012 press conference!
  • Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Coming to PSN This Fall — Insomniac Games unveils tantalizing first details of the next Ratchet game, which will land on PSN.
  • YouTube Coming Soon to PS Vita — A highly requested addition is finally confirmed for the end of June.
  • Introducing the Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition, Coming This Fall — See first images and details for PlayStation’s high-end wireless headset, now with higher fidelity sound and a host of new features.
  • Pure Chess Out Tomorrow for PS3 and PS Vita — A timeless game makes the jump to PSN. Who’s tried out Pure Chess?
  • Nico Nico: Social Video Service Coming Today to PS Vita — This social video sharing app will carry a beta livestream of PlayStation’s E3 2012 livestream.
  • Resistance: Burning Skies Hits PS Vita Today, Watch the Launch Trailer — The first dual-analog stick mobile shooter lands on PSN and PS Vita Game Card with a new trailer in tow.
  • Guacamelee! PS3! PS Vita! Pub Fund! Chickens! — The creators of Mutant Blobs Attack announce a new PlayStation exclusive, and it’ll scratch your Metroidvania itch.
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    • I’m playing Tomb Raider 2 on my PSP Go (Hoping to play it on Vita soon.)
      I’m watching The Simpsons on DVD

      Can’t wait for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown on PSN in 3 days. Gonna (try to) OWN everyone with Sarah Bryant.

    • Oh, i hope u guys update the PSN on Tuesday as early as possible, the 3 PM Atlantic time frame would be good since i noticed u guys did that for a few weeks in a row.

    • I’m playing ghost recon future soldier while wishing I was playing socom 2 hd . I can wish right lol.

    • Playing: Red Dead Redemption(Ps3) and R:BS (vita), and some tribes ascend
      Watching: Bobs Burgers
      Reading: Everything on the net about the Vita
      Listening: Official Playstation Blogcast, Beyond Podcast, LMFAO, Trophy Whores Podcast, Gamescoop Podcast, The Comedy Button Podcast, a others.

      Im getting ready for E3 by making sure I have my 3 screens (laptop, pc, and tv) watching the livestream, twitter feeds, and game journalist live blogs

    • Not to pester but just wondering where the PS+ preview is? We were told it would be up either Wednesday or Thursday but it hasn’t popped up yet. Are you holding off til E3?

    • I just downloaded the Infamous 2 “Ultimate Edition”, but I have to wait until my brother quits playing Wheel of Fortune on the Wii! You would think he’d get tired of solving puzzles, but NOOOOOOOO! I probably won’t have a good amount of time to really play it until at least Thursday. I’m going to try and shoot footage for my final film/photo project this weekend, then edit it during my last 2 days of my class Monday and Tuesday. I work from 2 to 8 tomorrow, and when I’m not doing this project, I’ll be immersed in E3 coverage. I’ll definitely watch Sony’s conference Monday night! Wednesday, our class will go to Cincinatti to an art museum as a celebration for finishing the course. Should have more time for games the week after E3…or I may be working more hours at my grocery store.

    • Words cannot describe how exited i am for E3! So happy E3 booth will be back in home too :)

    • Finally I am done playing Starhawk for a while. I have been busting my A*s off trying to get the platinum and last night right around 10 pm I finally got that dang Starhawk platinum. Now I have 7 platinum’s and wish I had over 20 lol. I don’t read anything book wise anymore but I do read the blog all the time does that count as reading something non book wise? lol. Oh and watching countless stuff on Netflix and gearing up for the Dover race on fox this Sunday in Nascar. I love nascar and hints why I love and prefer racing games and one of my platinum’s is Nascar 2011. Now my platinums isn’t on this psn account its on my main slick _ t one. When you look at the name I’m commenting from now you won’t see jake crap lol.

    • Can your blog team please fix my SLICK _ T psn account so it will automatic post comments in the blog. I’m having to always use my other accounts I made on ps3 to post on here. My main account is my Plus account as well another words my PAYING account yet I never can post on the blogs with it. What is going on there? I never get a reply about it on here. I called Sony over it and they said they don’t deal with the blog. So who do I talk to or ask to fix this? I’d really love to be able to use my MAIN psn account to comment with in these blogs. I look stupid talking about my platinums and trophies and then people go look and the account I’m replying to has nothing on it and it confuses them and I get troll hate comments back bringing it up.

    • Oh and the SLICK _ T is all together I just have to space it out on here cause if I have that all together the comment never will go through but of I space my psn account out the comments go through. WHY IS THAT?

    • @dothekiller91……… I know right lol. I can’t wait either!

    • I can’t wait for E3. :D Bring it Sony~ you’ve yet to disappoint me at E3.

      Playing: Sorcery, gonna platinum it. >:D Then some EyePet & Friends. :3
      Reading: Nothing, I should read though… xP
      Watching: Futurama
      Listening: Keshia Chante ~ ‘Summer Love’

    • 5# A new ps plus will be announced at e3!

    • I’m playing: Atelier Rorona The Alchemist of Arland

      I’m watching: The Killing Season 1

      I’m reading: Halo: Cryptum

      I’m listening to: Random Music.

    • oh my god i just rented a movie off the video side of the store, i didnt know we could now stream them, we dont have to wait for the download, hopefully you guys integrate the video side with ps plus too or have a monthly subscription service

    • @Mathwim: I figured that but I’m wondering what we’re suppose to get Tuesday. It is a new month and the Sony Conference isn’t till 5:30pm.

      Morgan said in a reply to comment #9 on the store update post that the Plus preview would be up Wednesday. If they were going to keep all the new stuff a surprise for E3 that’s fine. It just sucks when he says it’ll be up Wednesday but it never shows up.

      I’m super excited for E3 and to see all the new stuff Sony announces. I really hope they had even more value to Plus.

    • Dude… where is the PS+ June preview? I’m really hoping something beyond amazing is coming up Monday during E3 due to no post about it here. That’s all I can think of on why it hasn’t showed up yet.

    • I know this will never happen but I reaaaaally hope they show how the new Ys for Vita is coming along at E3.

    • downloading some new games and playing PSP FF5 then next is Vita with some golf for the day then watch some anime.

    • bouncingsoul217

      Can’t wait for next week, I know the post said to look for the blog sign. Will it be in front of the sports arena?

    • Playstation plus ultimate bundles was amazing. I hope E3 will detail it out for what the future will look like!

    • I’m thinking about getting a vita and keeping it this time but I don’t want to get one now and they drop the price after E3 cause then I’d be super pissed. Any word on a price drop on vita at E3? Anyone hear any news on that? I already have a ipod for video recording and internet media type stuff but a vita would suit better for just gaming I guess. I need those sticks for gaming man lol. Anyways anyone know if a price drop will hit vita on Monday after E3?

    • Scratch that on second thought I won’t buy a vita cause I returned my last one cause it had a screen defect where bad lines would show going up and down during dark grey screens or the green menu screen. It bugged the fire outta me and my wife even brought it to my attention to. I google it just now to see if I was just unlucky with a bad unit and it seems wide spread as a common issue with the vita display, I’m sorry but that off color lines on dark screens just isn’t normal and bugs me. We shouldn’t see though lines at all no matter what and if it isn’t fixed then I won’t be buying a vita even if you drop it to 50 bucks. I had people on here in the blogs last week saying I was trolling and lied and that the vita has no such problem lol. I had it and I looked on youtube and people show videos of it live on camera and its what I was going through. Is this widespread on vita or is ours bad units and not all do that? If so then I’ll just stick with my non lines ipod screen.

    • I’m playing Yakuza 4.
      I’m hoping for confirmation of localization for Yakuza 5 at E3. It’s a longshot, though. : /

    • I’m playing: Uncharted 3 MP and TC’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier MP

      I’m watching: TX Rangers Games and Leverage… Love Leverage and the endings are funny.

      Yu Darvish is a pretty awesome pitcher.

    • i’m playing: disgaea 3 (psv)
      i’m reading: nothing at the moment
      i’m watching: heavens lost property
      i”m listening: gazette random albums

      E3 going be great to bad im not 21 to go.. but ill livestream it.

    • I’m Playing Ratchet and Clank 2 on my Ps2 and Sonic Adventure on my Ps3;
      I’m Watching Family Guy on FOX
      I’m Reading some Naruto Manga
      I’m Listening to some Ratchet and Clank Soundtrack

      I hope that in E3 they reveal more info in Ratchet and Clank HD Collection and I want to see Ratchet Gladiator in that collection!! (Ratchet Deadlocked)

    • Playing: Dragon’s Dogma (easily one of the best games this generation)

      Reading: Newsfeeds, BBC on-line

      Watching (-ed): Snow White and the Huntsman (ignore the more cynical reviews, the movie is lush and engaging)

      Re: E3. I’m expecting A LOT from Sony. #1, I assume that they’ve worked out that whole remote play b.s. having signed a deal with Gaikai or OnLive or whomever. Hopefully, we see the Vita turned into the multimedia, gaming powerhouse tablet competitor that it should be – e-reader, better browser, etc.. A price drop with a slew of new games and functionality would help the device immensely.

      A PS4 announcement would be good for Sony too. If they’re last to market again next gen, they might as well close up shop.

    • CommandingTiger

      Yeah, I know, I had problems with it too. The thing is that the A-9 core processor is pretty buggy and cheap. It’s tough physically, but you can get glitches.

      If anyone has any problems with theirs, do the following:

      #1 Restart the system by removing the memory card. (This won’t work if the Vita is frozen, just malfunctioning) if it doesn’t work, move to step 2.

      #2 Press and hold On/Off button. (30 seconds) then restart the Vita, if it doesn’t work, move to step 3.

      #3 Press and hold On/Off button + PS button + R button. (30 seconds) then restart, if not…

      #4 Retry step #2.

      Usually will work properly immediately after you’ve restarted it.

      And that’s how you fix your Vita.
      I hope this will help others in any way possible.

    • Im playing Disgea 3 on vita
      watching NBA playoffs
      reading ps blog & n4g
      & listening to 2Pac !!


      It’s pretty simple….Announce SOCOM HD or I’m done with SONY and gaming forever.

    • I’m playing: Uncharted 3

      I’m watching: The Office

      I’m reading: PlayStation Blog

      I’m listening to: Chris Brown

    • Can’t wait to see the conference. Playstation plus revamp and possible cloud gaming.

      How long will the conference be this year?

    • I’m Playing – Gravity Rush Demo, Amazing!!! Just got my Platinum for Resistance Burning Skies

      I’m Watching – Transformers Prime with my son

      I’m Reading – Star Wars Return of the Jedi after finishing Star Wars Fate of the Jedi Apocalypse!!!

      I’m Listening to – Scorpions Love at First Sting

      I’m HIGHLY Anticipating E3!!

    • I’m Playing: New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Little Big Planet 2, and Sonic Generations

      I’m Watching: Kirby Right Back At Ya

      I’m Reading: Catching Fire

      I’m Listening: Marshall Mathers LP

      I’m Highly Anticipating: E3 2012!

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