Foosball 2012: Single-player and Multiplayer Options

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Foosball 2012: Single-player and Multiplayer Options
Foosball 2012: Single-player and Multiplayer Options

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve taken you through the controls and cross-platform features, so this time we’re going to dive into the multiplayer and single-player modes.

Real-world table football is the most fun when you play it with friends, and that’s something we definitely took into account when developing Foosball 2012. Up to four players can play locally at the same time, whether that’s two for each team or other combinations like 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. AI or 2 vs. 1 and so forth. It’s also possible for some of the players to play with PlayStation Move and others with DualShock 3.

Online multiplayer is also present, of course. You can play alone, or join up with a friend locally and take on the world together. Every victory nets you experience points and boosts your global ranking, so be sure to check the leaderboards to see whether your friends are above or below you.

If you do prefer single player, the game’s World Tour mode lets you face off against 29 A.I. controller opponents. World Tour mode is where you can unlock all of the game’s tables, balls, and foosmen customisations, as well as the national flags and team banners that you can select to represent you. There are nine different table types, six ball types and each will affect the gameplay in a specific way. Keep an eye out for some of the crazier options like hotdog foosmen, or a snowball. ;-)

Foosball 2012 will be released soon on the PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS Vita and buying the game on one platform means that you get the other version for free.

For more information about the game, visit our official site, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for watching our Developer Diary videos. I’m looking forward to meeting you all online while playing Foosball 2012!

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3 Author Replies

  • Thanks again Jakub.

    Loving this more with each post.

    Great that both PS3 and Vita are getting it and I’m also happy that you’re mentioning it has Dualshock and Move ability.

  • Very cool. Excited to grab this when it releases!

    One point that I wanted clarification on:

    “Online multiplayer is also present, of course. You can play alone, or join up with a friend locally and take on the world together.”

    I would assume this means for the PS3 version you would need a friend to be the second player on the PS3 to then play online together. What about the Vita? Is there anyway to possibly jump online, send an invite to a friend on your friend list, have them join and then enter matchmaking together to play against another person or two other people on the other team?

    Thank you!

    • Nope, that is not possible on Vita at the moment. But it is an interesting idea. We will definitely consider it for some future update!

  • my husband is a huge foosball player… he’s even gone to the Vegas event and he regularly plays with a world class player – is this closer to a sim or a just video game take on the sport? Are the tables realistic… Bonzini, Tornado? Are the shots realistic… pull shots, snake shots, bank shots, push kicks, etc. Also do actual real rules apply (no spinning the rods… and is it even possible to spin the rod?)
    Does it teach shots, rules, etc for the actual game?

    • Hi Elsa. The tables will definitely seem familiar. Pull Shots, Snake shots, Bank shots, Pin shots. You can do it all in Foosball 2012. Spinning is not allowed and you cannot spin.
      Sim or “just a game”… If you play with PlayStation Move, it is pretty close to playing real foosball. We had some really good players to test the game and they could pull a lot of their tricks after just a few minutes of getting used to the game. Playing with DualShock has a more “arcadey” feeling to it, but it still feels a lot like foosball.
      Overall, I wouldn’t call it a “sim”. But everyone who loves real foosball will definitely enjoy this ;-)

  • Can you turn off the ball trail? If not, I probably wont buy it…

    • The trail depends on the ball, but there is a small trail behind every one of them. It does not seem so good in a trailer, but it gives every shot a very visceral feel when you play it.

  • Thanks for the response! I may get this game for my husband to try out!

  • i realy dont get why ppl dont like the ball trail effect. i think it makes the game look more awsomeeeee and not to nerdy. haha im getting this child hood memory game.

  • Kudos for the cross-platform purchase & play, local AND online play, Move support, under $9.99 pricepoint and demos for both Vita and PS3.

    Attention other developers: THIS is how you do it.

    We’re talkin’ foosball, people!

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