Experience the 2012 E3 Show Live in PlayStation Home

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Experience the 2012 E3 Show Live in PlayStation Home

It’s that time of the year: Next week, hordes of gamers will descend upon the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 2012 E3 Expo, and if you don’t have your plane tickets booked, hotel room reserved, and show passes in-hand, chances are you are half a pint of ice cream deep into a deep, dark depression, resigned to a fate where you will once again be left scouring sites for a glance into the biggest games event in North America.

Don’t despair, my friends – the PlayStation team has your back.

PlayStation Home and get your daily fix with our virtual E3 experience. Begin by watching the PlayStation E3 Press Conference LIVE in our special E3 Theater on Monday, June 4th at 6:00pm Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern (that’s 7:00pm MDT and 8:00pm CDT, BTW). Then on Tuesday, June 5th at 12:00pm Pacific/3:00pm Eastern, we will open the doors to the virtual E3 booth and let millions of players into a gaming event unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

Embark upon a quest hosted by Christina Lee where you will check out the newest PlayStation games, unlocking tons of exclusive content from the top titles that we will be showing on the floor. Collect them all to gain access to the VIP area, where you can get hands-on with an unreleased game and get access to even more PlayStation content. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your couch – the 2012 virtual E3 experience in PlayStation Home is 100% free to all PlayStation gamers and delivered to you from the comfort of your PS3.

See you there!

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  • Even after working my butt off for several years, I have just accepted that I will die, never being able to go to E3. lol

    Oh, and that my internet will never be fast enough to stream the show either. >.<

    Enjoy the show guys! I'm excited to hear all the awesome news.

    • The streaming video throttles the quality automagically based on your available detected bandwidth. There’s so much awesomesauce in this year’s virtual E3 booth, you just can’t miss out. Come on in next week!


  • lilyofthevalee2

    How long will the E3 booth be open? Will it only be open for the 3 days of E3 or will it be open until the following update?

  • StealthReborn--

    The real E3 is on my bucket list. =)

    • Lemme tell you, it’s a whirlwind experience of excitement—something akin to heaven for gamers in my humble opinion. Make it happen one year!

  • can’t wait for E3 to return to Home, will the E3 space be an open cross region space like it was last year?

  • Hypnotic_Inertia

    I hope it won’t be a fiasco like last time. The theater lagged badly on the E3 press conference. The rewards bug caused most PS3 to freeze up and denied many people their rewards. Someone needs to remind the Home managers about last year’s errors and lags in the theater and E3 space.

    • You can bet we’ve been preparing for the tidal wave of traffic again. Join us next week, and let’s have the best E3 yet.

  • Hellfire Games has a BIG announcement lined up for the Virtual E3 2012 booth next week — stay tuned!

    • Yes, yes they do! I can’t say what quite yet, but keep your eyes out on next week’s Home blog post. WOOT!

  • E3 ill be in playstation home for sure like always sony please shock the world on june 4th ps34life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yep, it will be. Matt’s a bit tied up right now, and I wanted to get this reply out to folks since it will likely be a common question. (in case you were wondering why I’m doing replies on one of his blog posts)

    But yes, it will be.

  • Shinra_Soldier7

    Tons of free content? awesome!!!E3 is known for possibly the best rewards in Home. How good are they this year?!

  • Shinra_Soldier7

    I like to hear that Novus Cooldown! I can’t wait to hear about the announcement!

  • Its great to see playstation good comercials again in north america . Like those in EU and UK with playstation.

  • In spite of a few technical issues last year in Home during the E3 event, I had a blast. It was like being in a party.

    • This year, everyone will be able to download the virtual E3 booth a little early to minimize the time to get in there when it opens, but like the real E3, it will remain locked until the clock strikes 12 (noon Pacific).

      Then let the games begin!

  • I CANNOT WAIT! Had a blast last year and looking foward to doing it again!

  • Hah – This is a funny joke. I remember trying to watch it in Home last year only to find that the lag made it absolutely impossible.

  • woot… can’t wait… :)
    Wait…did he just drop the Vita?…

  • E3 is always a great event! Sony’s E3 promotions on Home are always worth checking out! Thanks for the effort folks, this should be fun..

  • cant remember what years it was — but i liked the big outside stage for watching the E3 confrence in home– had no problem with lag

  • Got my psn card & vita ready. XD

    I was wondering if you download the E3 videos on the PSN Store & then watch it on HOME,
    will it stream better?

    • Because Home video streaming is not from the same origin as the PS Store downloads, it won’t affect your experience. What I would do is enjoy the live video stream in Home, then if you like, download the offerings on the PS Store to keep for later.

  • Play an unreleased game? Is this the secret cloud based gaming we are getting. cloud based gaming in home would be the craziest and coolest thing ever.

  • I hope to be able to watch EA’s conference so i can see the unveil trailer for Need For Speed Most Wanted from Criterion!

  • When will the psn disclosed the contents plus the month of June?

  • I’m just gonna watch it on the PC. PS Home crashes too often and I’d be beyond angry if Home crashed while I was watching the presser. I will visit the E3 space though.

  • (ERROR, could not get hyped about this news…)


  • Dang, Gotta download PS Home Again and buy a new outfit to put on to the E3 *sigh*

  • Wish my dog did that..

  • i have always enjoyed E3 in Home , looking forward to this years Event . @ jpbslayer that was ’09 , the year of the no place like Home shirts and the fish hat (: cya there !

  • Love E3 in Home! Glad it won’t be region-locked! Will the rewards be just like last year? Watch a trailer and we get a reward?

    • You gotta’ wait and see! I can confirm there will be TONS of cool goodies to collect. Look for an update in next week’s blog post.

  • PsychoSploosh69

    Are they still gonna have the free downloads of all the coverage of the event during the week? I really wanna check it all out in HD just like last year. So freakin’ excited!

  • This has been one of my favorite things about E3 the past couple of years. Looking forward to this almost as much as the game announcements.

  • I am going to watch E3 from my Vita as I watch my cardinals play. So I will be multitasking, hopefully my internet is fast enough to stream it on there. Last year I watched it in Home, I had no problems.

  • Need to stay tuned for this!!!!! XD

  • Can’t wait

  • @Cade Peterson I’ll be looking forward to the virtual E3 booth this year like usual. I just watched Konami’s Pre-E3 showing last night and I am ridiculously psyched for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. One of these days, I’m gonna bump into you and the crew at the real E3. By that time, I’ll be an actual game designer. Until then, its back to Maya 2012 and all of the other awesome languages and programming tools I have been learning at school. I’m sure you all have something epic brewing up for this week. Keep the awesome content coming. And as always, keep up the good work.

  • Sweet last years E3 event on home was awesome, chimera cooling pack, sweet tooth head, exclusive peep it was great. Looking forward to this years event especially the Novus Prime announcement. Hopefully we’ll get more Dust 514 info too. Maybe some Vita Call of Duty and Killzone news as well.

  • Gonna miss E3 this year……sad face!

    Not gonna see that vivid pink hair. Also gonna miss out on the cool coupon chocked full of Home goodies (maybe that was just a last year thing)

    In any event E3 was AWESOME yet GRUELING and at the same time overwhelmingly beautiful!

  • Great commercial made my day.. hahaha “WOOT”

  • It didn’t work last year.

  • So are the press conferences the places where they reveal the new games, like with the world premiers?

  • So are the press conferences that are on Monday, and Tuesday morning the places where they reveal the new games, like with the world premiers? if so, what do the other 3 days show?

  • oh and when will you be putting the Sony E3 videos on PSN like you do every year?

  • Cant wait for e3 hope there going to enough space in the PS Home to handle us

  • I can’t believe it’s that time of the year!!! Woot! Woot! Bring tha pucking rockus!! :P

  • I went to E3 last year thanks to Sony after winning a PS Blog contest! It was an amazing experience that every gamer needs to experience at least once in their lifetime. I am going to school to become a gaming journalist so hopefully a lot more E3’s will be in my future. For now, at least I can enjoy them from home (pun intended).

  • WOOT!..cant wait..this is going to be crazee fun in home and online…love it!

  • Ok, aside from not being able to actually go to E3, this is the next best thing. Rewards, a live streamed event, and PS3 swag galore has salivating right now. I am so incredibly pumped for this week, you have no idea. And I do hope that you guys are ready for all the traffic, cause there is gonna be a lot of it. :) Sony for life. XD

  • e3 is like the best event they would show in pshome thanks I hope it be good rewards in e3 too :)

  • I wish there was a version for the Vita because that’s all I have right now

  • umm can we get more friends on the PSN other then Just 100 and ik i wont get a reply back want to throw that out their and if u guys going to release some info about the ps4 thats would be great

  • Wow, it’s already time for E3 2012? This is the awesomest thing i’ve ever heard…Home always has the best rewards saved for the E3 booth…You can look back at the couch and ps3 controller table and rug. They look just like regular rewards to those new to home…but, back then, they were the greatest rewards out there, oh yeah, the chriss angel stuff too….wow, E3 always has the best rewards..i’ve been waiting on this for a while….the last couple of weeks have dragged by slow as HELLO…..but, finally…it’s time…since i’m always on home anyway…i can’t wait to see what you guys are giving us this year..and access to games as well..man, oh man…oh man…o sh*t…i can’t wait…just hurry up with it already!!!!!

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