Dress Up as PlayStation All-Stars for a Chance at E3 Access

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Dress Up as PlayStation All-Stars for a Chance at E3 Access

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

E3 2012 is just days away, and we’ve got one more way for you to get in. It won’t be easy, but it’s definitely going to be fun.

With the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale featuring the biggest names in PlayStation history clashing in battle, we’re celebrating with an E3 cosplay contest outside the Los Angeles Convention Center. This Tuesday, June 5th at 12:00pm, come dressed as your favorite PlayStation All-Stars character for a chance to win a three-day pass into E3. You could also win a PS Vita or even a trip to San Diego Comic-Con 2012!

You need to be 18 years old to participate and be ready for us to capture you on video for broadcast on the PlayStation Network during our live E3 coverage.

So come dressed as your favorite All-Star (or any of the PlayStation characters – we love them all!) and make sure to arrive at the corner of Figueroa and Pico before 12:00pm this Tuesday to be part of the Day 1 fun of E3 2012.

What: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Cosplay Challenge (i.e. a chance to get into E3!)
Where: The corner of Figueroa & Pico in downtown Los Angeles (by the Convention Center South Hall Entrance)
When: 12:00 Pacific Time, Tuesday, June 5th
Who are the All-Stars?: Kratos, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, PaRappa, Colonel Radec

We look forward to see you there. If you can’t make it, look for the results during our livestream coverage from E3 next week!

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  • So, no Solid Snake???? ;-)

  • I mean to dress as him, even though he may or may not be announced to be in that game?

  • So if Kevin Butler came without a costume, he’d be able to get in?

  • Should be hilarious and a very clever promotion.

    So, all the babies crying earlier because they weren’t 21 yet and it was so unfair, put up or shut up!

  • Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale psvita with cross platform play please, thank you.

  • What if we’re already going and want to cosplay anyways? Swag for E3 attendees willing to dress up?

  • @ 3, if they don’t use Kevin Butler, and have him ride onto the stage triumphantly in a kart, they should fire their entire PR staff. E3 is the time and place for showmanship, not boring corporateship.

  • @6, well, if your costume is on that list & is good enough, you’ve just earned another ticket. Hopefully you can pass on to a friend. But again, you need to win- no prize unless the judges choose you.

  • Can I dress up as Eric Laden?

  • Cant wait to play this game…

  • “Dress up as Playstation All-Stars, get into E3”

    :D – AWESOME!

    grabbing my fat suit, pink dress, and slice of cake!

    “arrive at the corner of Figueroa and Pico…”

    :( – DENIED!

    • I have a feeling there might be fewer Fat Princesses that show up, so by doing so you might up your chances to win! And srsly, who doesn’t like cake?

  • I think it’s awesome you guys let a few of us into E3. However it’s kind of a dower to everyone who isn’t local. It would be awesome if you did something a few months out for people willing to book flights and hotels to go.

  • Wow I’m jealous!

  • “You could also win a PS Vita or even a trip to San Diego Comic-Con 2012!”

    Mind if I talk more about All stars on the VITA? No, well how about Comic Con. “Con”, now that is what I would call a situation where All Stars would miss the VITA! Miss, you know if the All Stars game will land on the VITA? Who am I? I’ll tell you who I’m not, a man who will not stand for secrets. Say, just whisper on my ears something secret about All Stars and VITA. I wont tell. . . . Oh, just be sure to make it a yes or no confirmation about All Stars heading to the VITA.

    /Groucho Marx face

  • Disgaea-Overlord

    SOOooOOoooo any word on third party allstars like Sora from Kingdom Hearts 1? Or Valkyrie Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII-2? Even my friends who dont play KH or FF are hoping for them :D

  • im dressin up as the invisable man.cause you wont see me there. i hope they do a contest like this around pittsburgh one day.

  • I am so pumped for PlayStation All-Stars and can’t wait to see the full roster of characters that will be available in the final product.
    I totally agree with #15. It would be beyond awesome to see Sora in that game or any other Kingdom Hearts characters. 3rd party characters could easily add something to the game and make it all the more better.

  • AH! i wanna be there bad but i have work that day -_- would love to see all the cosplay patrons and would love to see some pics or videos on the blog!

  • AWW, so that means my girlfriend won’t be able to dress like Aerith?

    • “So come dressed as your favorite All-Star (or any of the PlayStation characters – we love them all!) ” — I think you’ll be ok :)

  • Dart or Rose from Legend of Dragoon :D

  • Any possibility of the full roster revealed in E3?

  • so, just any sony character, or just what was listed?

  • How many 3 day passes are you guys giving away?

  • Y’all are so lucky I’m not in LA; I’ve got Fat Princess on lock. https://blog.playstation.com/2010/04/16/who-is-the-biggest-fat-princess-fan/

  • Well, I’m working on a Cole McGrath outfit, but there’s two problems with that:
    1. It’s not close enough to being finnished.
    2. I don’t live near Los Angeles nor do I have the means to get there.

    So, yeah… :P

  • Everything is in LA or CA.. I know thats where Sony is but hey.. why can’t they come to Chicago, IL. or to the Central part of the US.. I know the cost of living is more expensive than any othe State.. SO PLZ GET ME OUT OF HERE!! LOL I’m too broke to move bcuz of it. Jeeze..

  • Why couldn’t I have known about this like last week, the shipping dates for a Sweet Tooth mask is over a week. I could have easily come as Sweet Tooth lol

  • “So come dressed as your favorite All-Star (or any of the PlayStation characters – we love them all!)”

    I hate to safely assume this but does this mean exclusive playstation characters, or could it also be games that are on multi platform. Like such as street fighter, mortal kombat or anything from mvc3? Do you think it would fly or is that a huge stretch in what they are looking for.

  • any chance any year u can do a worldwide contest, there ishard loving fans (me included) who live in south america , and here we dont have anithing even close to it :( my dearest dream is to fly over there and meet u guys . im close to my 20 and had followed u since way back ps1 :) i have been dreming of attending e3 since i was 12 , or at least to take a trip and swing by any of ur studios to see people doing the two most desired jobs in my life :) first proggramers , then game directors :) so please think about the posibility of doing any contest next year , i can haply save mony and pay of passage and hotel if i were to win :)

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