Nico Nico: Social Video Service Coming Today to PS Vita

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Nico Nico: Social Video Service Coming Today to PS Vita

Hey PlayStation fans! Nico Nico is a social video networking service that allows you to view and overlay time stamped comments on live or uploaded videos. I’m excited to announce that a PS Vita dedicated Nico Nico application will be available on PlayStation Store starting today. With more than 27 million subscribers worldwide, Nico Nico consistently ranks within the top 15 most-viewed sites in Japan, so we’re looking forward to expanding the Nico Nico community by bringing this app to PS Vita owners in North America.

Nico Nico for PS VitaNico Nico for PS Vita

Nico Nico: Social Video Service Coming Today to PS Vita

With June 4th just around the corner, you’ll want to keep up with all of the exciting news and games that will be unveiled at this year’s PlayStation E3 2012 press conference. Nico Nico will be the only service that enables you to watch a beta livestream of the PlayStation press conference directly on your PS Vita. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to watch all of the latest and greatest from PlayStation at E3 on the go than on your 5” OLED screen.

Future updates to the app will allow you to broadcast directly from your PS Vita, as well as upload and view your own videos. Stay tuned for more updates on PlayStation apps right here on PlayStation Blog.

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  • Crazy perhaps I should get rid of my motorola razor and upgrade I hear hand held devices are the wave of the future

  • Nice now we just need youtube and HTML 5 and the vita will be perfect ^^

    ps.And also Monster Hunter and the vita will be a perfect dream $_$

  • The video sold me on it.

    I don’t know what it is.

    But, I will download it.

  • youtube app…nope, niconico

  • I’m not familiar with niconico but I’m interested in giving it a try. Any chance we will see the Hulu, Vudu, MLB, NHL video aps coming to Vita?

  • European release ?

  • okey very nice update the psstore now!

  • I never knew there was an nico nico had an english version, been running the JP app for months now.

  • the only good is that you watch e3 via vita other than that no thanks

  • I like the name :D then again I’ve always wanted to go to japan

  • wow, grammar fail….

  • Does this app only have videos in Japanese, or English too?

  • This is cool, but really could we get something to be able to watch youtube videos on our vita? We can not even view the videos on the on our vita, i use my vita for everything anymore. This is such a drag not being able to view stuff.

    Could we have some kind of insight to the situation of Browser & Video playback on the Vita please?!!

  • Most won’t even know what this is about LOL. And Ridley, the ENG has been out for a while

  • so is this basically like a youtube app just called niconico? and im guessing its not free right? because they say “With more than 27 million subscribers worldwide” subscribers meaning paying right? -___-

  • This is really cool!

    Apps like this are awesome and work perfectly for the Vita!

  • It’s funny that you are scared of enabling flash/html5 support for the vita because we might get access to flash/html5-based games, and somehow you don’t trust your own lineup enough to let the consumer choose.


  • wwwwwwwww lol

    Never would have guessed this was getting localised, it’s a pretty nice looking app and the live game broadcasting feature could be HUGE.

  • Niconico is a great app. It’s very popular in Japan and its recently making its way to the US. You can also check the browser version of niconico at (i hope i’m not spamming) But its a really good app i had it for a while and i use it a lot anyways so its useful for me. Think of it as this…TwitchTV and Youtube mashed together. You can watch people cast or you can watch videos. Trust me you will definitely like it! That’s a WeHugPandas guarantee!

  • SPuello, i subsccribe to alot of youtube channels, doesnt mean we pay lol. subscribe just means to sign up

  • btw get used to replacing your lol’s with “wwwwwwww”(n_n *)

  • @The_Bunn

    It’s funny that you invent a reason for lack of full HTML5 support and then go on as if it’s been proven true. YOU look like the unreasonable party.

  • Nico Nico is free, but they do have a monthly premium service

  • If you want to learn how to watch YouTube videos on Vita go to the Vita page on IGN. It tells you how. I did it and it works great. Basically it allows you rights to download via the video player.

  • @Shin-Ra
    So you are saying that the PSVita does not have the horsepower to run those applications? Which is it? Also, I believe Sony can defend itself, but hey, good, here’s a free points card (not)

  • It’s really hard to get excited when I visit video websites everyday …and I’ve never heard of this one.

  • Its nice that the Vita is getting more and more apps and games ofc!
    But as i look at the trailer it shows alot of “japan” things and doesnt really apply to me.
    And again this is America so ill see if we here in EU will get something like it or maybe we will see a Youtuve app soon?? “wink wink” :D

    Love Phil

  • Sony’s so weird. No HTML5 support in its browser, but you provide Nico Nico to North America. Makes no sense. Well, speaking for all the Japanophiles here, thanks! This is awesome news.

  • Lol @ the people who still dont know that youtube is already on the Vita

  • Xcaligamer1 yeah but knowing SONY there definition of SUBSCRIBE means PAY i mean look at netflix hulu MLB.TV NHL app, i mean yeah its not sony but still u gotta pay for that. so knowing sony its just another video service u gotta pay for montly -___-

  • :D Saw Hatsune Miku in the video. I am a big fan of miku. I really wish they would bring an English version of a hatsune miku game to America. That would be totally awesome. Anyway the app looks very kool, I will have to check it out. :)

  • @dilbig5
    Exploiting html code to be able to download video file from a server is hardly “making youtube available”

  • and this is what? o_O and why should I DL it?

  • So does this mean the Vita is not getting a YouTube app? Please give us ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a $250 system and I need to know! I love how everybody on this site got quite after the Vita released, and they are leaving us in the dark!! Also I would an Instagram App also.

  • @ 25, yes you know the YouTube trick, but you need to do 5 steps for it to work. Why not make a simple streamlined app like Apple???????? Or other devices?????????

  • sorry I meant to say @24, another thing we can’t do and I have been begging for them to do is add an EDIT button on this site!!

  • Very cool, now please make a youtube app, or add HTML5 video format, like it says in the app section for the vita.

  • @The_Bunn

    You can watch the videos yes? Then its available.


    Its more like 1 or 2 steps lmao. I didn’t know that Apple and other devices were dedicated gaming devices….hmmmmm why would they have youtube if people just wanna play games?

  • You guys at Sony better change the web browser string because it says FULL HTML5 support and we have nothing to full where is the firmware you promised along side skype!!!

  • The Nico Nico app is up on the PS Store via Search! Downloading it now from my Vita! Gravity Rush isn’t yet though.

  • live broadcating…hmmm…im making a show in july when i get a vita then

  • @dilbig5
    I can rip videos from over the air TV and watch them on my vita. Hey guys! Over the air TV is available on the vita! They should put that in the box!

  • @The_Bunn

    Sure. The Vita downloader is specifically for the Vita though. You can download and convert any video to put on the Vita, PS3, or any device with video playback -_-

  • This app was already in Japan, so it’s not surprising that it’d come out quicker than a brand new application for YouTube. I’m quite surprised we got the app at all to be honest, but I’m glad we did. You can download it now if you manually search for it.

    Hopefully this means that a YouTube app will follow sometime in the future.

  • Awesome!
    Love Nico Nico Douga, and have already used the Japanese version of this app. It’s excellent, especially for us Vocaloid or anime junkies.

  • Love NicoNico Douga. This app is a great surprise. Never thought we’d see it in the West!

  • This app is already up, just search for it. Gravity Rush demo is also live! :)

  • This was a big surprise. Never thought NicoNico would come to NA.

  • Well. I was hoping for YouTube. Nope, we get “NicoNico”?
    Never heard of NicoNico ever before.
    I’l give it a look, though.

  • What?

    and why not ps3?


    Where is my youtube youtube and hulu plus hulu plus app?


    html5? I understand that you dont want to run flash (actually i don’t) but iOS doesn’t run flash and still has a dedicated youtube app.

    How about amazon instant video for my vita?

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