MLB 12 The Show: Taco Bell Unlocks Home Run Derby Online Mode

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MLB 12 The Show: Taco Bell Unlocks Home Run Derby Online Mode

MLB 12 The Show Taco Bell Mobile App

With the MLB season now in full swing, I have great news for baseball fans. Starting May 28th, you can head to your local Taco Bell, grab a Big Hitter $5 Buck Box, and download the Taco Bell mobile app to play the mini MLB Home Run Derby game. Then, for a limited time you can challenge your friends via Facebook Connect to see who the heaviest hitter is and after you battle it out, you’ll unlock the Home Run Derby Online mode for MLB 12 The Show on PS3.

And if you want to get the upper hand against your friends, bring your camera enabled smartphone to participating Taco Bell restaurants for more ways to play. Just pick up a Big Hitter $5 Buck Box to unlock cool features like the ability to play as MLB 12 The Show cover athlete Adrian Gonzalez. You can also search in-store to scan other MLB 12 The Show branded items to help you rack up extra points. Win or lose, Home Run Derby Online for MLB 12 is yours, just for playing via Facebook Connect – but you have to go to Taco Bell before July 9th if you want to get it first.

MLB 12 The Show Box Art (PS3 & Vita)

What is Home Run Derby Online, you ask? It’s an entirely new way to compete with other players on PSN. You can play against one or seven other users online (two to eight players simultaneously) for a chance to be crowned the Home Run Derby champion and earn extra XP. Users can enter into a “Random Match” against the community or “Play with Friends.” All players will see and be able to swing at pitches at the same time and watch each hit, which is represented by multi-colored hit ribbons that stretch from home plate to wherever the ball lands. The on-screen, in-game, real-time leaderboard lets you know who the leader is and where you stand so you’re always aware of how you’re doing against the competition. Pretty cool, right?

Also, be sure to check out MLB 12’s latest Challenge of the Week and related prize. This week, you can compete for a chance for a signed Limited Edition Josh Hamilton game cover. For more on MLB 12 The Show, visit our official site.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • it would have been better if they was giving something out for HOME. thats what people are looking fpor more stuff for HOME not games.

  • can you still participate if the only time you go to taco bell is at 2am through the drive thru ?

  • No thanks! I nearly ate myself to an early grave trying to win a Vita the last time.

  • Can we play this on our Vita?

    I only ask because if I eat tacobell I know I won’t be anywhere near my tv for a few hours..


    Right…right, most people buy their PS3/Vita for Home. Get out of here

  • So I have to go through all that PITA process to unlock a game mode you advertised as part of the original game? No thanks. Sloppy play SCEA.

  • There a way to do this without Facebook? Because I refuse to sign up for Facebook.

  • For game developers to tie games to you have to sign up with facebook is not cool.Not everyone likes the social network.

  • @

    This is a baseball sim/game, people usually pay 60 bucks for it.
    So i can see how exciting it would be to buy a 5 buck box at taco bell and get a code for a digital baseball bat or hometown jersey for home.. people who play games want things for games, thats what most gamers want. avid/chronic home users want home stuff and thats respectable but please dont speak for me or any other gamer, especially after many of us own this game on the ps3 / vita and have different opinions on what is “better”..

    To me home stuff is useless unless you use it, so it would be just as ignorant to tell those who do use home that “dlc for retail/digital download games is what we want from home service”

    Its what you want, Not what i want.. Not now not ever.. I use ps3 to game, i dont tell you how to use yours but dont speak for “us”, speak for you.

  • Sony interupted my blog browsing for a soda advertisement :(

    Why do they love Taco Bell so much? All of their fast-food promotions revolve around it. Throw some love to a hamburger joint for once. Summer is the perfect time for burgers & baseball after all!

    “So i can see how exciting it would be to buy a 5 buck box at taco bell and get a code for a digital baseball bat or hometown jersey for home”
    Yeah, but remember when just buying a game or even playing a demo of one unlocked Home stuff? That era didn’t last particularly long. :|

  • How about for us people who are nowhere near a taco bell. I haven’t seen one in Montreal in awhile.

  • @
    + tusunami

    This is so true, im sorry about the double post but yours had popped up right after i posted..

    If they think paying retail isnt good enough to have this mode then i would say paying 5 bucks for a box of tacos isnt a good enough reason to support such nonsense.. It basically send you to a network which then will want permission to access all sorts of stuff, taco bell must have to get a “like” and then they spam your wall with nonsense and have access to your page..

    Isnt this something sony would rather put a cap on than open gates upon? Our privacy and not having to buy/own an exclusive to share information in order to gain full access to all its features?

    I understand its a “choice” but its ultimately a choice of doing it and having the feature/mode or not doing and not having or getting it later or maybe even paying for it..

    either way the taco bell vita give away turned out to be a hoax, a highly publicized one and right back to taco bell.. it was bad publicity and the cure wont be found by having them involved in any future events, period.

  • I agree with the above posters who are against the facebook tie-in.

    Is it irony that Taco Bell promotions tend to inflame and backfire?

  • @ megamixer ,i was speaking … did you read my entire post?lol.. That was not my point but you quoted it as if this is what i desired,lol..

  • You’re going to make me go to Taco Bell to get Home Run Derby online mode unlocked! Something that could have been included in the game to begin with? What hogwash that is! What if you despise eating taco smell?

  • This is the example of a selling out………..

  • Taco Bell is nasty last time I ate there it was like eating a Taco with nothing in it. they should be ashamed of there products

  • No thanks……I dont use Facebook. and im tired of the taco bell code thing. Im sure ill buy like 4 and all the codes wont work or the codes will be the same and taco bell never responds. ……………


  • Sorry. I’d say this marketing campaign needs a re-think.

  • is thd Vita included in this? If now I’ll pass!?!?!

  • I’m assuming this “app” is for the Vita?! way to support the gameless portable. this is turning into the PSP all over again.

  • @9, solid post. Sony is a business trying to cater to specific consumers. It can’t please everyone. Many users scream “no thanks, this sucks.” Well, leave a suggestion instead of criticing those whom are interested- come on people.

  • Add me to the list of people not happy about this. I preordered and payed $60 for a game that had online homerun derby listed as a feature. Now months later I’m being forced to pay $5 for diarea and be forced to join Facebook to play a feature I already payed for?

    Sony, shame on you. I love The Show,buy the new one every year to support the devs, and hyoe it to all my friends but this kind of thing really makes me rethink my purchasing decisions for next year.

  • Can someone please clarify for me… so theres no way you can buy the $5 buck box at taco bell and enter the “code” on the ps3 itself? you HAVE to download the mobile app on your phone? I dont have a high tech fancy phone so this would be of no use to me unless I can enter the code on the ps3 or the game itself.

  • I take it that there’s no MLB ’12 demo ?

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