Introducing Snapshot, Coming to PS Vita and PS3 This Fall

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Introducing Snapshot, Coming to PS Vita and PS3 This Fall
Introducing Snapshot, Coming to PS Vita and PS3 This Fall

I’m proud to announce that Snapshot, our 2D puzzle platformer, is coming to PS Vita and PS3 (with cross-platform saves) this fall. In Snapshot, you control a robot named Pic. Pic carries a high-tech camera that can “capture” and remove objects and parts of the environment. You can then paste the picture back into the world causing all the objects to come tumbling back out. If you’re looking for a new puzzle game with a twist, keep reading!

The game begins with Pic powering on for the first time in a dusty abandoned laboratory. Uncertain about his purpose and why he was built, he wanders into the forest that surrounds the laboratory. This is where you’ll first start to use your camera to take photographs of objects. The first chapter of the game will hit you with a series of puzzles involving moving objects around within the levels, and it’s easier than you think. If you want to reposition a box, simply snap a photo to capture it, then paste the picture back into the world and watch the box fall back out of it.

Snapshot for PS Vita and PS3

Snapshot for PS Vita and PS3Snapshot for PS Vita and PS3

As you progress through Snapshot you’ll use the camera in new and interesting ways, like taking photographs of light and using it to interact with physics. Your camera even captures an object’s momentum. This, combined with the ability to rotate photographs as you paste them, leads to more complex and interesting gameplay. For example, if a snowball is falling when you snap a photo, the snowball will hurl upwards if you paste that photograph back into the world upside-down. You can even use this to take photographs of enemy projectiles and aim them right back at them!

Snapshot is the first game developed by our small indie studio, Retro Affect. The sounds of Snapshot are created by the amazing Jordan Fehr, and the incredible music is composed by Wil Whitlark. Leave any comments or questions you may have in the comments below and I hope to bring you more Snapshot related news both here and at our official site as we get closer to our PSN launch later this year!

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  • This looks fun, i love my platformers… cant wait to try/buy for my 3G 32gb vita

  • wow this looks like a buy for me. something very unique and cool. i love games that are going to challenge me in a different way. will you have any co-op play u could make some pretty interesting puzzles with two camera’s.

    • We’re currently not planning on having co-op play in this version of Snapshot. We thought about adding some form of multiplayer, but eventually decided that it would better to save it for possible future iterations of the game.

  • I’m digging it. I’d like to know more.

  • Wow, this looks awesome! Definitely going to pick it up when it comes out. :D

  • Looks good–love the Kingdom Hearts-esque sound effects ;-)

    • Thanks! The sound effects were made by Jordan Fehr, who has created sounds for a bunch of awesome games, including Super Meat Boy.

      The background audio was created by WiL Whitlark, who is new to the gaming scene. We think the music he’s been providing sounds amazing.

  • polo155 on May 29th, 2012 at 10:28 am said:

    This looks fun, i love my platformers… cant wait to try/buy for my 3G 32gb vita

    haha it’s just a 3g/wifi ps vita you buy the memory cards separate. so when u bought it u didnt get a 32 gb card.

  • Looks really fun.

  • it does look fun, for a sec there, i thought we could incorporate our own photos.

  • ps3 ps vita seperate purchases? 2for1 is good but i understand its a biz too, i make music so i know how it is. just curious.

    • Right now the plan is for the PS Vita and PS3 versions to be separate purchases. However, we haven’t decided what the price will be yet. Because we are supporting shared saved games, we hope that players with a PS3 and a PS Vita who want the game on both systems don’t have to break the bank to do so.

  • Wow, this game actually looks amazing! Really love the way looks and how unique the game. Definitely gonna buy when it comes out!

  • This looks insanely awesome! It just became a most wanted for me, along with Soundshapes and Gravity Rush.

  • but i still have it outfitted like that bud :)

  • Clever mechanics!

    Move support for PS3 version?

    • That’s the plan! We want to support the Move controller on the PS3 and touch screen controls on the Vita.

  • Looks nice and unique!!

  • Impressive!!!

  • I think this is love *_*

  • Saw the title and expected to see something similar to reality fighters, instead I was blown away with a really great looking platformer! Definitely picking this up for Vita looks great!!

  • Looks right up my alley. Will buy at a reasonable price. ^_^

    Also, wasn’t there a pc version of this in development at one point?

    • The PC version is under development as well, so you’ll have your choice on what platform you’d like to play it on. There will be a few benefits to the PS Vita and PS3 versions, like touch screen and Move controller support as well as shared saved games between the two systems. However, if a mouse and keyboard is more your style then the PC option will be there as well.

  • This game looks Awesome!!!! Finally have a good game to play on my vita.

  • Looks fun! I would suggest that for us that have both systems PS3 and Vita, an scheme of buy 1 and get the other one at 80% discount, or since it’s the same game give it free, a lot of people will buy just one version but if you give an affordable price for both it would be a nice perk.

  • I played this at PAX Prime in 2011 and freakin loved it. I’m so glad to see it coming to the Vita! With this, Retro City Rampage, Sound Shapes, and that Viking Game all coming to Vita, I’m becoming more and more happy with my purchase!

  • This looks wicked awesome!!! Can’t wait to get a VITA :D

  • Now this is a excellent way to use the Ps Vita’s camera touche!!!!!!!!!!!

  • since this game is made with sony, could you put pic in all stars battle royal. it would be fun to take a picture of my opponent and then drop him from a very high place. or just annoy my brother and just keep his character.

  • We need bigger memory cards to keep up with all this games Sony. The 32gb is becoming too small. SMH!

  • Yes! I’ve been looking forward to this game! So glad it’s hitting a console. Looks fun-really great mechanic-and I can hardly wait to play it.

  • Another quirky little title for the VITA. Nice.

  • Any chance the soundtrack will get a release on PSN? (or even just through the PC)

    I’m liking what I hear.

    • This is something we definitely want to do. We’re not sure how the soundtrack will be distributed yet, but its a common request.

  • This is one of the most innovative ideas for a puzzle/platformer I’ve seen, freeze framing an object and it’s properties (i.e. momentum) for future use.Color me impressed! Add in some variety, an elegant control scheme, and a cute storyline and this could really be a system seller. Bravo!

  • This game looks very interesting and unique! Definitely gonna get it for my vita!

  • Hey I’m pretty sure i saw this at PAX 2011, not sure if it was Boston or Prime, but as I remember it was being played with xbox controllers and seemed to be going that way. Am I right?
    Glad to see this will now be on my PS3 and Vita. The game looked good then, I’m sure it only got better.

    • We’ve shown the game at Pax East 2011, Pax Prime 2011, as well as just a few months ago at Pax East 2012. The version you saw was running on PC with usb controllers plugged into it.

  • Looks fun. I’d like to see more PSVita exclusives though, even tough this is Vita/PS3. Idk how they expect a system to take off if it’s filled with ports of other games, didn’t they learn with the PSP..

    Will be buying this on my Vita, looks like a $9.99-14.99 game so yeah.

  • This is a simply brilliant concept. Will be day 1 on Vita.

  • Very neat idea for a game. Will be keeping my eye on it

  • WOA! this looks great! Nice job! very unique! PS exclusive? say yes!

  • Cute!

  • Hi, is this coming to Europe as well? Looks great!

  • Judging from the video it should have been a PSN “mini” game, not a separate Vita/PS3.
    I guess people at Sony don’t care any more about loyal consumers who have all three consoles by dropping PSP support for no real reason.

  • Cool! With this and Gravity Rush and LBPV coming out, I’m so glad I own a Vita! :D

  • Why not include a code or something when we purchase it on one platform to get a discount on it on the other?

  • I’m buying this

  • Nice! It’s always good to have platforming titles available on the market.
    Just out of curiosity but there are a few things I would love to know:
    – Is the game going to be running at 60fps or 30 and is it going to be the same for the Vita version?
    – What is the native resolution of the PS3 version?
    – Is the game going to support 24-bit uncompressed audio?
    – Is there going to be any theme, avatar, or soundtrack available to purchase?
    – Do you guys have any plan for (premium or free) DLC in the future?

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