This Week in PlayStation Home: Lockwood Showcase Update + New Items from Granzella and Konami

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This Week in PlayStation Home: Lockwood Showcase Update + New Items from Granzella and Konami

Wednesday, May 30th delivers another update to PlayStation Home. Lockwood freshens up their Showcase with a Fool Throttle Fantasy update, Konami releases new Anime Outfits, and Granzella brings you School Uniforms. There’s much more to share about this update, so let’s get started.

Lockwood Publishing releases their Fantasy Update to the Fool Throttle line this week. As part of Lockwood’s epic Fantasy Update, the Showcase has had a Fool Throttle makeover. However, before Locky could complete work on the Showcase, Brinsop the Evil Dragon descended and started wreaking havoc! Locky managed to trap him behind bars, but Brinsop could escape at any moment and he’s already trying to raise a brood of evil dragon hatchlings to take over PlayStation Home. Head to the Showcase and join the fight!


x7 members should swing by the club this Wednesday to check out exclusive items like the Raver Bundles and more clothing from Billabong.


Konami brings the cute this week with their Anime Outfits – including hats, hairstyles and outfits.


Granzella is also adding to their collection this week by bringing in School Uniform pieces, and three colors of Mountain Prairie Dresses. Check ‘em out!

20120606_SCEA_Student Uniform
20120530_SCEA_Highland Style One-Piece

Some of you might have already discovered Codeglue’s new U Love Green clothing line. Those of you that haven’t come across these new styles yet should look for them in the PlayStation Home Mall this week.

U-LOVE-GREEN_CODEGLUE_2012-05_promo-picture_dress (1)

There’s plenty more in the update, so be sure to visit the PlayStation Home Mall and see what you can find that suits your style best. Then you should head on over to Midway, because the Cash Carnival keeps rolling along. This Wednesday will mark Week 3 of the Carnival, and the prize is a silver Sony Cyber-shot 16.2-Megapixel Digital Camera. You don’t want to miss out on a chance to win!

See you all in Home!

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6 Author Replies

  • sweet

  • Wow, lame update, aside from the Showcase. Wonder when we’ll actually see something worth blogging about???

  • can we get an F13 shirt as a reward serious.

  • Ok, is the Granzella apt, fossil update, furniture, coconut crab, and new digging tools that EU got last week also going to be available?

    If not I absolutely refuse to buy a thing on Home until the full Granzella update from EU last week is made available here I didn’t last week either. There is absolutely no reason why we didn’t get the full update this week. The clothes are nice, but not even close to enough and I’m sick of waiting, especially since it’s already been translated.

  • @crazy_cracker1 Better yet, an F13 companion that chases you around. If it catches you, you’re disconnected.

  • These items and the new game are all nice to have! Interesting. Can’t wait to see them. I have some thoughts for Home. First off, I would like to see another Novus Prime update with a new mission and a new boss to defeat. And second, I would like to go on more new Conspiracy missions, acquire more gadgets, avoid new traps, defeat new enemies, and earn more rewards.

    Question 1: Who is responsible for developing Mercia, which is coming soon?

    Question 2: Is Conspiracy temporarily unavailable? What happened to it?

    Please answer, if you can.

  • @Tarazuma I would’ve thought it was obvious to everybody, but I’ll explain: the NA Home team doesn’t care what we think, feel or know. As long as enough of us continue to act like sheep, they’re oblivious to the voices of discord.

  • yes more anime anime hair styles & costumes, can we you say the price on these items?

  • I have a couple of questions.

    1. Last week No Man’s Land Closed Beta ended up in the cross bar. Will x7 members be able to get in a week before the public or do x7 members have to wait like everyone else?

    2. A patent for game disruptive ads was found out about. Will these be coming to Home? If so will they disrupt multi player games? And can they be avoided by being a PS Plus Member?

    3. Is there anyway to track my Blog Share Ideas? I submitted my 1st weeks ago after making sure it wasn’t a duplicate. But have yet to hear whether or not it has been approved or disapproved. I would like to Blog Share more of my ideas after checking to see if they’re duplicates. But if I’m being ignored for the sake of being ignored than I don’t see the point.

    Aside from that I’m looking forward to Fool Throttle…. And maybe the new Anime outfits provided they aren’t in high school…. I’m too old to be looking at avatars that look 17 or younger.

  • Im sure next week will be an E3 update so I have tyo ask is there any news about it? Like what rewards or if there will be anything new besides E3 in next weeks update?

  • Hey guys can you bring back the Killzone 3 jet pack prop? I was in hard times last year when it was offered and had to sell my PS3 so I wasn’t able to obtain it on the day it was offered. :(

  • whatever happened to that RPG like game that was supposed to show up on Home?

  • Well stardeth I knew that, but this is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I’m tired of them delaying stuff from other regions so they can peddle their own x7 garbage and promote that stupid Midway 3 contest. That Granzella stuff EU got was amazing and I have been waiting for it to come here, and people have been asking for the Hideaway apt to be released here since last year. This kind of garbage consumer relations and regional self promotion has reached it’s breaking point for me. I refuse to buy what they choose to shove in my face instead of giving people a large variety of things to choose from each week.

    I was ready to spend 40 on the Granzella stuff alone + other items, but now I’m not spending a cent. Congrats NA Home team, you are losing one of your biggest spending customers due to your insistence on delaying things from other regions and releasing them at slow, painful intervals. I have no patience for this anymore and will take my buisness elsewhere until you are back on the ball again

  • Very good update with the fashion focus.
    With Konami and Granzella and Lockwood adding a new wave of themed items.

    Its good to see the request from serious home users for ages about anime themed content is finally being taken seriously.

    After all for the real home users its obvious that for years its been asked for an expanded line of anime and asian developer items… after all thats what the users have asked for and we’re getting it.

    Anyway its already been proven NA team doesnt have a full say in whats released in the NA Home. For people trying to troll they need to follow the discussions about this topic as its been shown UK does alot of the decisions and licensing agreements control the remainder.

    Sad when the trolls resort to using blog updates to try to harvest new sheep to follow them

  • @11 the jet pack code is expired and that was a pre order bonus from Amazon from ordering it on home when the killzone space first came out

  • Other than this fantasy update, are any developers planning on creating some more fantasy/medieval armors for avatars?

  • I have a few things to ask.
    1. Is the E3 booth and theater returning next week, June 6th?
    2. When will No Man’s Land come out of Beta and released to the public?
    3. Any news on updates to Yetis Vs. Hunters?

    • There will be more news on the E3 front soon enough. NML Beta will still run a while longer, though. And I have no news on Yetis vs. Hunters at this time.

  • To Tarazuma

    Sorry but i had to smile at your comment. I’m from EU servers and i can say without a doubt that the USA is way ahead with content updates. Maybe we got Granzella private hideaway first but trust me, it very very rare for the EU psh to get anything first. For example, only in the last few weeks have we started to get the Mansion spaces. How long have these been in NA? We still don’t have a great deal of apartments and clothing that NA has had for a long time now. In fact EU psh is lucky to get the things NA has , 6 months later then them. There are things in NA psh that EU will never get due to stupid localizing of content, oh and some of the countries laws frowning upon certain things too.
    So before you ranting about getting something a week later than EU .. please think about the poor EU customers that see the NA blogs and updates each week and know they can only dream about the content NA gets, or at the very least 6 months later.

  • I can sympathize with the lackluster content EU gets as well beth. Personally I think all regions should have the same updates at the same time. There really is no excuse for things being delayed/not coming to ANY region. I’m only so upset about this specifically because Granzella fossil digging is probably my favorite thing in Home so far, and I’d trade an entire months of NA updates just for what EU got last week.

  • Hey now Kitty there’s a time and place for name calling and just because someones opinion differentiates from yours doesnt mean you have a right to walk all over them. It makes you seem like the TROLL. Face it, they put little to no effort into this update and people have a right to be unhappy about it.

  • Is there any news if we’ll be getting the extra fossil tools or Granzella’s South Beach Apartment?
    I’m really looking forward to these, thankyou.

  • I hear ya Tarazuma i think so too. EU customers have long complained about not getting half the content NA gets. Yes the fossil digging is fun, but its only a week later, not 6+ months like we have to endure. Hope you enjoy the new Private Hideaway space, its a nice apt :)

  • I just want to be able to enjoy Home without my system freezing or having to redownload all my games because the freezes have corrupted my hard drive. I have spent a lot of cash in Home. It would be nice if I could actually go in and enjoy the items that I paid for. I just froze in the hub doing nothing. I know it isn’t just me because a lot of others have had the same issues. Is this problem not correctable, if so please let me know so I can save myself the heartache.

  • Any word on the private apartment for Granzella Island? The EU got that update last week. I also believe they got a fossil update as well.

    Let us know if you can! :)

  • @ioanina sorry but Conspiracy was removed a while back due to technical issues. not sure if they plan to fix it and bring it back, but it seems unlikely.

    when will you STOP force spawning us in the HUB? also please allow the help system to be turned off permanently. it gets tiresome turning it off everytime I have to log onto Home. I get it’s to help new users but those who don’t need it shouldn’t have to turn it off everytime they log in.

  • Got a Billabong question: why does it say “Exclusively Available at the E3 Store” ?
    Does that mean we’re geting a E3 store at the Hub, Navigator, Mall, or what?

  • ioanina/#6

    Mercia is developed by Lockwood Publishing

  • bouncingsoul217

    anybody hear anything about e3 meet up yet? thought I heard it would be announced by the end of last week.

  • Awesome update very nice!!! By any chance do you know how much the fool throttle and the anime costume costs?

  • All of this is nice i’ll admit but i have a question, i know Xbox got some Sonic 4 clothing and companions for there avatars ummmm… when are we ever gonna get some that stuff please respond if givin a chance. thank you

  • Looking forward to the fantasy update and E3.

    I have to say I will be disappointed if we don’t get the Granzella Hideaway and extra digging tools soon. I am trying to save my money for that stuff.

    It would also be nice if the Tester 3 theater would give out the rewards. I thought it was just a few people that weren’t receiving them, but it turns out the theater isn’t given the rewards to anybody. The Quests are only active until the 30th and I was told the quests aren’t required anymore to receive rewards, but I’ve watched the marathon numerous times both with and without quests active and still nothing. The theater also has been skipping episodes. I fear the Tester 3 marathon may be removed on Wednesday, so it would be nice if the rewards were put in a shop kiosk in the theater for everyone who didn’t get rewarded to pick up.

    • Lunar,

      Fire of fa PM on the forums to Joystick_Warrior. He should be able to answer some of those tech support questions.

  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    Can someone tell me where the AWESOME update is at , i dont see it, this one looks exactly like the one last week, and the week before , Lame ……..
    Maybe its people that dont know what Awesome implicates…oh well

  • we need more summer clothing and when will we be able to adjust our bust?

  • Nothing much to my liking but good update nonetheless. I am much more eager to know of what plans are for the E3 event, I enjoyed last year’s E3.

  • I’m also curious about the Granzella South Island Personal space. Keep seeing people “in the house”….but there’s no real access yet. :(


    Is PlayStation Home still in “Beta” phase? I remember a couple years ago it was already big and still called PlayStation Home Beta or Open Beta. I realize they changed the name but they never really said the beta was over and advertised it as the full game.

  • Strider-Hiryu_79

    When will the full range of Granzella watercraft vehicles be available? The full range from JP is awesome but we don’t get much in NA/US home.

    Any word on when Midway 3 will be updated/fixed to address the freezing(of games). My Miz Fortune free game timer freezes every so often as well as the various games inside of Midway 3. Midway 1 and 2 are unaffected by this issue and run like a charm for the most part. Aside from the userID’s game disrupting by clogging up the midway 2 bite me game for whatever reason.

    Back to midway 3 I have already tried clearing the cache and downloading re-installing PS Home numerous times and have already verified with fellow home peers and randoms inside of midway 3 and they are also experiencing this issue. So I KNOW this is not just an issue with my account/PS3. The only workaround is to leave midway 3 and rejoin it so the games become available again only for the same issue to happen again and again.

    Just asking when will midway 3 be fixed. Because I will not invest any $$$ in tickets until it is fixed. Even the 42 tickets I have on me right now won’t go into it because of this issue.

  • @ioanina

    “Question 2: Is Conspiracy temporarily unavailable? What happened to it?”
    Please answer, if you can.

    The Game “Conspiracy” was pulled from Home sometime ago due to issues with rewards & such, Refunds were offered to those that had purchased the Conspiracy All-Access pass from the Store.

  • with E3 coming and the trouble home has had with D and F 13 errors the past five weeks, sony is wize not to offer personal spaces at this time …sony needs to restore faith that ppl will be able to access them before3 offerring them, and truly i agree with the blogger from europe region that NA ps home has by far the most of everything in this region on home.

  • no e3 thing in home or is it next week

  • where is ericafollie?? i miss her ;P

  • Can’t wait till tomorrow’s fantasy update!

  • it would be nice if we got marvel costumes in stead dumb marvel tee shirt marvel costumes with separate pieces not one piece crud

  • angeljasminecs22

    cool i want my avatar to look pretty

  • When will NA be getting the new game for Southern island thats in JPN Home does anyone have any idea

  • Paul

    Not sure if you are the person to talk to but can we get Playstation HOME for the vita ?

  • May 31 2012 5:15 in the afternoon, and so far i gotten 2 Freezes and 3 Network Errors D something something .
    Is anybody trying to fix these problems or is it a lost cause ?

    and can you please read this :
    why is it that the new beds does not have the LAY DOWN feauture, also whats the point of getting a personal space that has LOUNGE CHAIRS if you cant even lay down , if you people are soooooo creative , after all , you are the ” creative team ” what is the problem in making these 2 happen ?

    Also, i been saying this since 2009 , since someone decided to be lazy and not separate HAND ITEMS , such as wings, weapons , etc……Jewerly should have its own Slot, hand weapons should have a different Separate Slot, wings , the same and so on . Dont tell me that in order to do that, the whole system core has to be change…..
    I mean , i heard every excuse in the book so …..hope you can do something about all these .

  • Ok I have a good question would it be any e3 voucher code for pshome today and in july 4th indenpendent day will be any event for this pshome core update in July 4 ? and imagin this I don’t know if can make this believe but a lot of people want to tell you this do you thing you can give pan card codes for free in the via message box in the ps3 for the years we been in psn even when the ps3 was release I mean I don’t know it crazy but they want to know an you make that believe for me I think it a little bit crazy but it true i mean how much money buying games online or in GameStop maybe a lot but the reason Sony created the ps3isto allow gamers to see what Sony made the ps3 awesome for people who loves Xbox the same thing what good things in Xbox live I know both company make mistake but they can fix it because why their smart or something they creating more new things to see if you like it because Sony want y’all to be happy for the hard work they did and we should give them a celebration I don’t know maybe in July 4 we give them a celebration to thank you Sony and Microsoft for putting a good effort.

  • psn codes i ment lol oh yeah add me if you have any battlefield 3 download from pstore so we can start as a clan join $wAg clan im available for somedays

  • I’m getting annoyed at PSH right now. I’ve been unable to get online so I can check out the new stuff for the update yesterday, because my PS3 just freezes when I try to boot it up. It gets halfway through the first loading screen (right when you boot up Home), then just freezes. And when I turn off my PS3, it keeps making me wait for it to check my HDD since stuff apparently MIGHT be corrupted. It’s been doing this to me since Wednesday night, and I’m somewhat mad about this.

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