Pure Chess Out Tomorrow for PS3 and PS Vita

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Pure Chess Out Tomorrow for PS3 and PS Vita

Pure Chess for PS3 and PS Vita

Enough with shooting people in the face. Instead, how about a game that requires mental agility, smart reactions and tactical planning while also bringing you an air of sophistication? That is exactly what we set out to achieve with Pure Chess, which brings the beauty and intellectual depth of one of the world’s oldest, and greatest games to PS Vita and PS3 tomorrow.

If you’ve never played chess before, Pure Chess will teach you everything you need to know from basics to advanced techniques. If you think of yourself as a bit of a chess master, match your wits against our AI. There are 10 difficulty levels to choose from, and a chess Grandmaster verified the top levels.

Pure Chess for PS3Pure Chess for PS3

It’s great fun trying to improve your skills against the finely tuned AI, but winning against your friends and family is even sweeter! So for those of you who feel like flexing your chess prowess against others, you can take on another player in a local two-player game or challenge your PSN friends to an asynchronous Play by Mail game. This means you don’t need to set aside a big chunk of time for a whole game. You can take your move, send it to your friend and then get on with your day. This is actually how I prefer to play on my PS Vita, as I really like being able to jump in and out of games when I’ve got a spare minute here and there.

Pure Chess for PS VitaPure Chess for PS Vita

From the outset, we wanted to make Pure Chess look amazing. It’s a game that deserves to be appreciated in elegant surroundings so we’ve made three beautiful locations for you to play in. Our artists take real pride in everything they make, from the stunning backgrounds to the finely crafted piece sets. I’m sure you’ll agree, chess has never looked so good! The team has also been hard at work creating some amazing DLC that will enhance your collection.

Pure Chess is coming to PS3 and PS Vita on May 29th. Check out our official website or give us a shout on Twitter! If you have any questions or comments regarding Pure Chess then please leave them in the comments and we’ll try to respond to them.


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    • P.S. We’re having some trouble with certain images on the Blog (ones on the home page mostly), so please pardon our dust :) We should have them fixed soon.

  • Any chance of a checkers game? I suck, and don’t know how to play chess :(

    • Don’t worry about not knowing how to play chess. There is a detailed tutorial that teaches everything from all the basics up to advanced tactics.

  • Price? Also, can two friends play across PS3 and PSV? If you buy one version, do you also get the other? Looks great.

  • i love chess just wish yall put a price on things erlyer then when thy hit the store so i can put funds in my wallet and as StargamerX ask will we get PS3 and PSV copys with one perchus (dont like to buy things twice so if i half to chose i will get on PSV) and can you cross play (are ther any games you can cross play) guess if you can remot play that would salve it all LOL (when will remote play be working as advertised on tv i was under the asumtion yall had it figered out this time arouns (hackers have it working on psp and psv why cant you)

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    BORING! Bring checkers with it and then were talking oh and battleship to. Otherwise just having chess is so NERD! lol

  • YES! YES! CHESS! HOORAY!!! Can’t wait to get this one. :-)

  • StealthReborn--

    Will we be getting the park DLC for free tomorrow like EU got?

  • @2 I agree, I feel Chess would be too complicated for me to learn, i am more of a checkers person, i remember when i was younger, i managed to play checkers using chess pieces, but i doubt that will be such a feature in this game.

    Also, by the way, what is the price for everyone that plans on or is thinking about purchasing it?

  • whatisdelicious

    How much is it? It’s weird that it’s coming out tomorrow and there’s still not a price.

  • So someone can make a chess game (which mind u i might buy if the price is right)

    BUT no one will make a REAL SPADES GAMES on PSN?????


  • IGN’s Colin Moriarty want’s this so bad. He talked about it on Beyond and I can definitely say you have at least one copy sold already.

  • @7 @\2 Having played Chess over the years, its not that hard to learn to play. Just hard to master, thus I always end up getting checkmated by someone else. If you can’t get out of checkmate, then you lose. If your pawn makes it to the opposite side of the board, you can acquire one of your captured chess pieces. Queen is the only chess piece that can move in all 8 directions. King can do the same, except one space at a time.

    Checkers is a good game, but gets boring after awhile. Chinese Checkers, on the other hand, does not.

  • I feel sorry for those people who don’t know how to play Chess! God! It’s a great game, and it’s not complicated at all if you take five minutes to learn. King moves one, Queen does whatever she wants, Pawns are useless, Bishops move diagonally only, Rooks straight lines, and Knights jump three ahead and one to the side.

    BOOM CHESS TUTORIAL COMPLETE! You received a Trophy!

    Other than that, I would really like to know the price, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

  • @12

    I thought Knights were like 2 up and 1 over, or 2 over and 1 up. Been since high school since i played tho…

  • You VooFoo guys make some exceptionally beautiful games. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play chess, so I hope this has a good tutorial.

    • Thanks for the compliment. We try really hard to make all our games look as stunning as possible.
      Yep, there is a tutorial which will teach you everything you need to know.

  • yourworldonfire

    Harry Potter Wizards Chess should be DLC, I would buy it if that happened :)

  • Wow, I’m leaving on a multi-continent wedding/honeymoon journey with my fiancée on Saturday and would love to be able to play local games with her while on our multiple long flights or various train rides, as we both own PS Vitas, does this gorgeous chess title support local play between Vitas? If so, you’ve got two sales guaranteed with us, please say yes.

  • This sounds great, is it available via PSN as well What’s the price? and is there PvP real time online or just local PvP and online is the move by move mail thingy ma jig? Thank you.

  • You safely ignore #12’s “tutorial”. It’s absolutely incorrect.

    The Queen cannot do whatever she wants. She can move horizontally or diagonally. Pawns are not useless (far from). Knights cannot move ahead 3 (only 2).

  • trophies?

    • Of course!
      We’ve included a good mix of trophies for you to test your chess skills against. You’ll be challenged by them as you get better at the game too.

  • Will be grabbing this for Vita as long as it’s under $10.

  • If you buy the Vita version will you get the PS3 version for free? and vice versa?

  • UK got the game for £4.99 last month. So around $6. Lets hope its $5 in US :)

  • Why didn’t you guys answer the most obvious questions to answer?

    1. What is the price? Duh it comes out tomorrow. $$$???
    2. Will it be cross play?
    3. Buy 1 get both versions?

  • If ever there were a brilliant way to present 3rd party DLC for a game this would be it. Imagine Uncharted Chess pieces! Or Metal Gear.. Resistance… Kratos!!! And a set themed after Assassins Creed!

  • GAH! i just bought a UK PSN card off ebay because the PSN store there has it ! now i’m out $35 to buy a 5 pound game that’s gonna be here tomorrow ): oh well , guess i’ll spend the rest on EU Home (:

  • So how much is this game going for? Would be great if it was free like Motorstorm RC and with plenty of DLC.

  • I can’t even believe that you guys are seriously going to wait until it’s released to tell us the price. Ridiculous.

  • I didn’t know how much I wanted a chess game for vita until just now.

  • Definitely buying this!! This Vita/PS3 buy once, play anywhere model is brilliant. It will prevent me from buying the 360 versions of these games! Sony is the best! Actually, 360 probably won’t even get this game, not sure their fanbase is intelligent enough.

  • @Sid

    So, Chess is not causing system maintenance then? That’s a load off my mind.

  • Free for PS+?

    Release Junes PS+ content already!! Thats what I am really looking forward too :)

  • As they said before it’s NOT a buy 1 get the other free offer.

  • Also if the EU version is anything to go by then this will have trophies. But not a Platinum.

  • @2 chess is extremely easy to learn just hard to master.. i figured out how to play chess in 5 mins just from playing chessmaster back in the 90s… now im by no means GOOD at it but ta least i know how to move every piece/how every piece moves

    well i always said if PS3 got an online multiplayer chess game id buy it.. well looks like Pure Chess shall be mine.. by the way is it possible to have normal non “play by mail” matches online? like if me and i friend had hours to sit there in front of the screen and play (and wait) until the game ended?

  • @33
    The EU version doesn’t so I’m assuming there’s no online head to head matches.

  • Day one buy! I love chess! Looks great!

  • All over this!

  • Those are beautiful graphics!

  • 2 questions.

    is there a regular simpler – over the board – view ?
    It comes with online matchmaking or only with friends invites?

  • #28

    I haven’t seen anything anywhere that suggests that this like Hustle Kings in that you buy it once and get it for both platforms. In fact, in the EU, it is NOT a buy-once-get-twice game like Hustle Kings or Motorstorm RC.

    Then again, the EU got the PS3 version *before* the Vita version, rather than both on the same day.

    According to apparent confirmation from the publisher to PS3attitude.com, they are *not* selling it as what they refer to as a “cross purchase,” but they have apparently been given a quoted price from the publisher of $7.99 for the PS3 version and $7.99 for the Vita version.

    According to other sites (such as UK’s Pocket Gamer), there is NOT a standard local or online multiplayer mode, just asynchronous. Barring any updates to the title, there is no “real time” multiplayer for the Vita version.

  • Does the PS Vita have touch screen controls to move the pieces?

  • No “buy one, get both” deal = no sale.

  • Chess, gotta love it. But I have to agree to Klart^, this is not worth it if you have to buy both of them separately.

  • Can you link with PSV and PS3? There is only 2 games that can link so far that I know of. If this can I will get it.

    And can it link PSVs? If my brother gets it as well can we play against each other? Online link, not local.

  • I also agree with the others above me. As you have to buy both PSV and PS3 separately then its a no sale for me too.

    Oh well, your loss. :)

  • Tam Finlay: Are all of the same chess piece types available on Vita as on PS3, either unlockable or otherwise?

    • Yep. There are no piece sets that are exclusive to either PS3 or Vita. When we release piece sets they will be available for both.

  • Can’t wait, The addition of sending moves to friends and waiting for their move is pretty brilliant.

    Two missed opportunities is online play and cross game saving.

    Another feature that would have been nice, but probably underused is turning the vita into a time clock for chess matches.

    not only would it be great for ps3 matches but for actual real life chess games where the vita would sit on the side of the board serving as a touch controlled clock. Probably not a most wanted feature but a welcomed one by chess enthusiast I am sure.

  • First thing I’ve seen in the PSN store in months that’s really worth buying. Too bad it doesn’t (yet?) include real-time head to head play over PSN.

    Finally, something not targeted to 14-year-old kids.

  • Sweet. I’ve always wanted a Chess game on ps3 (aside from on HOME and of course the minis).

    Thank you for putting together what seems to be a fine game.

    Good Luck with sales.

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