PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

Reviews: We has them. Gravity Rush, Starhawk and Sorcery have all been weighed and measured – find the verdicts below. Resistance: Burning Skies isn’t far behind. The PlayStation Vita’s first dual stick FPS is out this week, so look for more on the web shortly. And then? Just E3. Oh man, it’s going to be a busy week.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 21, 2012)

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  • Great list. Thanks Jeff.

    When are we going to play some Starhawk co-op?

  • Yakuza 5 is going to be EPIC in every sense of the word! 5 Cities of Japan in New Yakuza Engine with 5 characters to play with and so many games to to play.I will be spending 100’s of hours in this game.
    GTA 5 ? what?

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Do I need to make a phone call to sony as to WHY I get treated different on my main psn account where my comments no matter short or long never post right away and always seem to need looked at before they post but I can sign into all my other non paying psn accounts and the comments post straight through with no issues. That crap is why I am moody on here weekly. Look at how your blog team us treating me and I get no reply’s so I guess I need to file a complaint against the blog team treating me with discrimination cause this crap isn’t cool at all man. You guys know I’m asking you why and you ignore my comments. Not Cool at all Sony blog team.

  • No 4am review? :) Please allow me:

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Anyways aside from that, please let the starhawk team know that they need to patch the game fast. It is always hard locking up on me daily online during a match at least once a day. That needs patched along with the sound going in and out on the vehicles to. The most being that jeep type rigg with a machine gun on it. I jump in that and 98% of the time the sound to the engine of it goes completely out and sometimes the tank sound does the same thing. I have to jump out the tank and jump back in to get the sound of the tank back or else its a moving silence but everything else around going on you can hear just fine its a weird glitch that needs patching. Oh and have them put a stop to the spawn camping noobs its ruining the game.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    A way for starhawk to fix that stupid spawn camping with tanks crap is to let us spawn anywhere on the map up to 50% of the map at all times, just not on the enemy compound side and that will solve this stupid camp crap with tanks. Right now the only way to play and get kills is to tank camp otherwise you are a sitting duck in anything else and will never get a kill or enjoy yourself. The goal every game in starhawk is to be the team that can get tanks and spawn camp and kill them as they come down and bust out the capsules. Doing tha I get 30 to 0 in kill death ratio cause its the only good way to play online to get a kill. If you are on the recieving end of spawn camping you mise well leave the match you are screwed cause you have no where else to spawn.

  • Loving Sorcery so far, I hope Sony continues to put this kind of support behind a move game and provide deep and enriching game play on par with traditional games as well as continuing to strengthen it’s quality.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    If the developers don’t want to let people spawn anywhere other than the compound than at least set a time limit on the enemy if they are in the enemies compound red area. Make it like 10 seconds you can be in the compound and if you are in it past the 10 seconds its a automatic DEATH for you and its awards as a kill to the enemy team. Otherwise just figure out a dam* way to stop the stupid spawm camping. Its the only way we all are forced to play the game to get kills or its be killed in that same way.

  • Hey Jeff any news on an youtube app coming to ps vita or adobe flash

  • @ EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Why don’t you use the Starhawk official forums?

  • @4 The blog team doesn’t treat anyone with discrimination. If you’re having problems posting with your other account then contact Sony and find out why. The blog team doesn’t have all the answers for everything and they answer what they can when they can. Lashing out at them, or anyone for that matter is quite immature.

    Call Sony, it’s as easy as that.

  • So its been almost a year.

    Are we ever going to get the Ratchet and Clank dual pack in the US? We got the others but not that one.

  • Can’t wait to re-purchase both RE: Chronicles games for PS3, i have had a PS Move for a couple of months now unopened just for these 2 games, i just have to buy a PS Eye from for $25.

    I’ve also heard about Jet Set Radio coming to the VIta! I’ll admit, I’ve NEVER played that series but it reminds me so much of the good old Tony Hawk games which i have enjoyed (and eagerly look forward to the new revival one next month)

    Also Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown next week, YEAH BABY! I am so gonna (try to) kick the kanoodles (first word to pop into my head) out everyone with my main, Sarah Bryant.

  • Do u think u can pass onto whomever if possible to release some virtua fighter avatars in anticapation of VF5:FS?

  • Nice for IGN posting that youtube downloader thing. Maybe now people will shut up about not being able to watch it.

  • And yes, it does work. I already tried it

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    @ you idiots saying call sony lmao. Have you called the idiots before cause I have and I know more about sony products and how they work than any of them tools they hire on the phone. You are put on hold more than you talk and get no where. Its a waste of dam* time. Them idiots never know nothing and I really wonder how they even got a job to work for sony in the first place.

  • Here is some news: the SOCOM 4 server has locked out ‘standard suppression’ mode since May 21st and no one from Sony will address the issue. You’re not supporting your customers….

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Who buys Socom 4 anyways lol. Go get Starhawk and have fun with many modes and servers without restrictions.

  • @3
    You aren’t the only one with the problem with your main account not getting its posts up straight through. Mines has been like that for two years and I can’t find anyone who can fix it. I’m pretty sure one of the blog posters can do something about it but none of them will fix it.

    This is so lame.

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