The Smallest Sly Ever – See Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Sneaking on PS Vita

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The Smallest Sly Ever – See Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Sneaking on PS Vita

You’ve probably seen the news: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time doesn’t just mark Sly Cooper’s first full-length adventure on the PS3 – it’ll be his first appearance on PlayStation Vita as well. We invited Thieves in Time’s Lead Designer Matt Kraemer and Sanzaru CEO Glen Egan into the studio for a deep conversation about bringing Sly, Murray, Carmelita, and the gang to PS3 and PS Vita in yesterday’s edition of the PlayStation Blogcast (click here to listen). But maybe you just wanna see what Sly looks like on PS Vita. We understand.

So here’s a video of Egan demoing some of the PS Vita-specific features you’ll find when Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time drops this Fall:

The Smallest Sly Ever – See Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Sneaking on PS Vita

We’ll show you more of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on our PlayStation E3 Livestream, starting Monday, June 4th at 5:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm Eastern.

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  • Thanks Jeff.

    Looks really nice on the Vita !

  • Totally sensationalistic bro

  • Looks great on the Vita! Going to be tough deciding which version to get (and “no”, I’m not getting both).

    So glad to see the Vita getting such a high-profile release; now we just need 3rd parties to start following suit.

  • Buy one get both? Or some sort of insane discount when I get the PS3 version?

  • Also, saying the gameplay is like “the PS3 version you know and love” makes no sense. We’re all assuming it play’s like Sucker Punch’s Sly games, but as the game isn’t released yet, we don’t have a version to KNOW, much less LOVE yet. (though I’m certain we’re going to.) :)

  • Gonna miss the 60fps, I need more money to get both too! :(

  • Will the Playstation E3 livestream be archived someplace? I have a summer leadership program that week and won’t be able to see any livestreams.

  • @ g-weeper_6

    They usually upload it to the PS Store.

  • Now, is it the ACTUAL resolution of the Vita.. or upscaled like all of the current games we have. BTW, it does look fantastic!

  • OMG! Yes I am so buying this for the Vita. It looks Awesome!

  • @7 – g-sweeper_6.

    You can go to the Playstation Store and under the Media category.

    For the past few years, Sony has been posting the daily E3 events there.

  • Wow, the announcement of vita games within the last 2 months or so is amazing:
    -Sly 4
    -Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed
    -Jet Set Radio
    -Plus more

    I’m sure they’ll be plenty more announced at E3. :)

  • Sorry to bug u about this again and again,
    but any updates on PSone Classics for Vita?
    I know u guys are working very hard on it and we appreciate it.

  • One more thing: Will the trophies be more challenging because Sly 1 and Sly 2 (and i think also Sly 3 since i’m in the middle of it) are pretty easy.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      We talked about Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time’s Trophies in this week’s PlayStation Blogcast. Download it!.

  • ok got a few questions for ya but i dont know if you will know the answers, but here goes:
    1) when will sanzaru announce the competition winners
    2) How many levels will there be in SC:TiT? i guess 10 (and theres also the prelude level)
    3)will there be collectors edition?
    4) will there be a comic to show the story between sly 3 & 4? they did them for the 1st & 2nd games, and then a comic between 2 & 3.
    well thats all for now

  • Sanzaru are doing an amazing job on the new sly cooper keep up the great work guys! Sly looks amazing on both Vita and PS3 can’t wait to get both day 1. Hopefully they have a deal like MLB 12: The Show, buy both save 20 bucks or something would be cool.

  • looks really cool on the vita will it run at 60 fps like the ps3.

  • Can’t wait to buy my VITA soon!!!

  • Great, I just can’t wait to see what Sony has for us on E3 I’m properly hyped!! , the blog is on fire with great announcements!! Thank you!

  • Please save some Vita surprises for E3!

  • @lisatsunami

    I hear what you’re saying. Surprises are nice but if they should be releasing small information about games before E3 so it just doesn’t flood over and increase the chances of someone missing coverage about a new game.

  • This is the kind of game I’d play in a Vita, but not on PS3, I hope that makes sense. I think the whole touch-motion control system works better for it, and all the interactions just pop out more vividly in the palm of your hand.

  • Looks really nice, i would like both but i would probably have to get the PS3 version if they don’t come in a deal together.

  • Ugh… not another port. Why can’t you spend that time and money on making more awesome exclusives like Gravity Rush instead?

  • Why not have both? It’s not like Sanzaru would’ve been working on a new Vita exclusive if they weren’t doing this port.

  • Woops… last comment was directed @24

  • It was a pleasant surprise to hear that this game was in development for the Vita. So far, it looks like it’s coming along nicely!

    The concept of using the gyroscope tilting to guide projectiles reminds me of certain portions of Heavenly Sword that also did this. I liked those segments in Heavenly Sword, and I’d probably like it in this game as well.

  • I don’t mind this being a port… I don’t have a ps3 so this’ll give me a chance to play it.

  • Looks great on the PS Vita and although I want to see brand new games on the PS Vita and not ports… I wouldn’t mind this one.

  • Playing through the Sly Collection. It is so very good. I am really excited to see what you all do with the different time periods. Thanks for making it for both. It a really nice option.

  • This is just awesome.The Vita is getting a steady stream of good news. I still have my pspGo and like many others , im waiting for the psOne/ps2 playability to be added to make the switch. I play waaaaaaaaay to many psOne titles still. I think the biggest hurdle for the Vita’s success still may be the pricing of the games. Hope this is in line with $20 – $25. Escape Plan is still one of the best selling Vita games and that stems from it being a great new IP, but also its perfect price point of $15. well as always, Keep On Gamin.

  • Hi there, I wanted to Know if the GAME is going to be more difficult than the others, because Sly 1-3 where way too easy!!! Why not put an Difficulty Setting :D ???


    If I buy a copy of the game on my Playstation will I have to go out and buy a copy of the Vita version too? Or will it come with a code or something?

  • WHAT????????SLY 4 IN PS-VITA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am really impressed with both versions of Thieves in Time and I’d like to congratulate Sanzaru and Sony for this great game. I’ve been looking for a new Sly Cooper game for years. I believe many players want to know how Sony pretends for the players to enjoy both versions of this game. I believe you should consider what Valve did with Portal 2. You buy Portal 2 for PlayStation 3 and get the PC copy for free. I have both PlayStation 3 and Vita consoles and I believe the master move here would be to give the Vita version (both physical and download) a free download copy for the PlayStation 3 version, but not the opposite… (to be continued)

  • …Here is a little catch: only the download version for PlayStation 3 would have a little delay at its launch based on the physical version. Doing this you would promote Vita a lot, for players would not wait for such a delay (let’s say, a small delay; maybe a week later or so). The best deal would be getting Vita’s version rather than PlayStation 3’s and, with it, people would be stimulated to buy a Vita to make worth the investment of the game. Also Sanzaru should think about using the Vita as a PlayStation 3 controller so the players would enjoy both versions with all the motion and touch controls that seem to be awesome; people would have both versions, so it would be totally functional from day one. Honestly, this is the best marketing idea I could think for it to be the greatest success possible. Best regards for the whole team.

  • I don’t know whether this is the right place to do this, but I want to urge Sanzaru and Sony to consider a new way to distribute these types of ports. I probably won’t buy both games if they’re full priced, which is a bummer because I’d love to be able to, but I just can’t.

    However, I would totally buy it if it was like Valve’s Portal 2 wherein I got the other version for free. I absolutely loved that deal. Even a bundled version with a discount would appeal to me. I love my Vita, but its starting to gather a bit of dust while waiting for Gravity Rush and having more to look forward to without the existential crisis of ‘which system to I buy for’ would definitely appeal to me as a gamer :)

  • Very nice that sly is coming to the vita, i’m gonna buy the PS3 version though.

  • Is so sad that the Vita isn’t selling well. So much potential! You guys better announce lots of system seller at E3! Or else Vita will………

  • @35/36: People would just sell the other copy. The feature to save and continue is for those who WANT both versions. They’ve never been forcing this on anyone, and I’m tired of people whining like they expect every single person to buy both just because it’s on both.

    Some people prefer some games to be portable, some would rather sit down and sink into it on a big screen. Some want both. Like myself. I’ll buy both, because a) I can afford to and b) because I want to. And I would do this regardless of the save stuff. As I have before.

    The fact that Sony realizes there are those out there who buy a game twice, is evident of the fact they understand gamers. And by allowing saves to transfer, they’re doing nothing to discourage anyone from buying it on their preferred platform. Just giving those who would buy it twice regardless, a handy feature catered to their habits.

  • Can’t wait to try it at PAX.

  • They should not give out the vita version for free to the people that bought the ps3 version. It is important for them to make money so they can continue there great work. However they should think of adding a discount coupon even if its only $10 off for people that (pre ordered) there game on Ps3. A discount would definitely Put peoples minds to ease when picking up both versions. And If they dont like that ideal. Perhaps few future dlc’s for free for the people that bought both versions. People will be more likely to buy both if theres a advantage to it. It would be a pre order only discount. And sense people will not get the discount if they did not pre order The company would still be making a nice amount of money and keeping there fans happy.

  • Looks great! Although I’m still a bit saddened that we’ve only some very brief chunks of gameplay video for Sly 4 so far, even with that segment on GTTV. I expect Thieves in Time coverage to start blowing up at E3, hopefully. I wanna see more videos! :)

    Still, thanks for keeping the coverage trickling down. I guess the next wave will come in a week or so when we find out about the Treasure Design contest entries…

  • @GangstaTroy; you’re right that they shouldn’t give it away for Free. However, more than a discount, Sony should consider bundling Cross-platform games like Sly 4. Release the PS3 SKU, the Vita SKU, and then a PS3/Vita bundle. Maybe make the PS3 version $50, the Vita version $40 and a bundle with both $60? I dunno. But Sony should do something. Just like they should’ve made a Move Bundle with Sorcery, which they didn’t. So I don’t expect them to offer ANYTHING – a bundle or a discount – for the Vita version of Sly if you buy the PS3 version of Thieves in Time. *sigh*

  • b12060090063698

    When will the contest winners be announced?

  • Could you tell us anything about the controls?

  • please make black ops 2 bundle with a ps3 please!

  • The REAL vita question is when wil there be ps3 remote play? This question continues to be overlooked. I love my vita, as a stand alone system it is great. Unfortunatly it is not worth the price tag “as is”. I believe it would be if the remote play feature worked as promised. I downloaded the video again from the psn, the adver. about cross platform play and remote play, and it does not say some games or feature to come, it says ps3 games on the vita! I personaly am not asking to take my vita on the road and get on my ps3, but I would like to go in a different room or let my family watch something and continue to play my current game. I have read several articles stating that a future firmware has been confirmed to allow full remote play function. Is this true? If so why havent you, sony, released something on this? Im sure that this would be a great selling point, esp. since the word has got out that you mislead people in this. I really would like to know if this is happening or should I just count this one out?

  • Awesome. More games for my Vita.

  • anyone else reminded of a similar phrase being used for Peace Walker “Metal gear solid sneaks onto PSP!” not that it matters its another game for my vita thus i am gratefull just thought it was ironic i was hoping Peace Walker would be loaded onto the vita i loved that game (and all the other MGS psp titles)

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