Foosball 2012: Check Out PS3-to-PS Vita Cross-platform Play

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Foosball 2012: Check Out PS3-to-PS Vita Cross-platform Play
Foosball 2012: Check Out PS3-to-PS Vita Cross-platform Play

I’m back to share more details about Foosball 2012! Specifically, to introduce the cross-platform functionalities between PS3 and PS Vita. We didn’t want to have a game that has a version for PS3 and a separate version for PS Vita. We wanted an experience where you don’t need to worry about which device you are currently using, because you get exactly the same game — including your current progress, unlocks, and DLC — every time you play, regardless of whether you are currently on PS3 or PS Vita.

First of all, when you buy Foosball 2012, you’ll get it for both the PS3 and PS Vita for a price of a single PSN game. The same applies for additional content that you will be able to buy. Purchase the game once and you can use it on both the PS3 and PS Vita.

Secondly, when you play the game, your saves are automatically uploaded to a cloud storage within PSN and synchronized between PS3 and PS Vita. Whenever you start the game, the progress you made on any platform, including the online multiplayer statistics and Trophies, is right there and automatically synchronized.

Finally, PS3 players and PS Vita players can play online matches against each other! And even if you own only one of the devices, you will still be able to play against the people who play on the other device. So it’s pretty safe to say that there will always be someone to play with!

Foosball 2012 will be released soon on the PlayStation Store. For more details about the game visit the official web page, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

In our final developer diary video next week, I will share details about the game’s various single-player and multiplayer play modes. See you soon!

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  • Foosball is the devil!

    But seriously, this looks awesome

  • 2ND! this looks like an awesome game

  • Thanks Jakub.

    Looks really interesting.

    Have to keep an eye out for more on this one.

    Loving that you can play it on either PS3 or Vita as well.

  • Good to see the Vita getting more support, hope E3 will convince people to buy one.

  • ALL PSN games need to be doing this “one price, works everywhere” stuff! Awesome.

  • Move, Vita, and cross-play support all in one title. This game is definitely on my list. When can we get news of a release date, E3?

    • We will have a final release date for you around the E3, or soon after. Anyway, it will be sometime at the break of June / July.

  • So many new vita games being announced. Hopefully we’ll see some more at E3.

  • looks cool, I want to try a demo

  • could you have someone play on your account on ps3 against u on your vita kinda like split screen but not because you have two screens.

    • Yes, it is possible. You will need to to be connected to PSN on both devices, it won’t work as “ad hoc”, but I guess that shouldn’t be a problem.
      That’s is quite an interesting take on “split screen”. We should have thought of it as a “feature” of the game ;-)

      But, anyway, up to four people can play on one PS3 locally, so you don’t need Vita to play with “local friends”

  • YES. YES. YES. A thousand times YES. THIS is what I’ve been saying you should be doing with the vita since it was still the NGP! Take PSN games and make them PSN/Vita games, you get a ton more content for the vita, and people will want to use buy MORE of them! I have like 75 PSN games since the PS3’s launch most of which I havent found time to play, make them compatible with the vita and I might even buy more because I will be able to “Keep Playing” for real on the vita because of this! can you imagine if the vita were compatible with all PSN games from day one? not a single complaint about wanting more games could ever be heard and people would want to buy the biggest memory cards they could because they wouldnt have to save money for games and the system at the same time and they’d still come back for quality Vita only titles when they DO have the money!

  • What is the pricepoint going to be?

    • We will announce the price point together with the final release date, but I can already promise, that it will be less than $9.99 ;-)

  • More cross play yes, we need more!!!!!!!

  • im notttt a fan of soccer at allllllll, but i am a fan of this soccer game table. brings back memories as ah kid. plus this looks fun and addicting. will buy long as its 9.99 or lower.

  • @10 PSN games on Vita make so much sense, I’ve been saying it all along. But what if someone bought the console and only played the games he/she already owned? Sony needs software sales, not only hardware.

    On the other hand I agree completely that every PSN game FROM NOW ON should have a Vita version. I’m glad so many developers are going that way, because it’s clearly the right one.

  • Hey Jakub, thanks for the info. Just to be clear, are you saying that there is only one set of trophies shared between both consoles. Or are you getting the trophies twice once they sync up? I am hoping that you only get one trophy because that would truly be one game playable on two platforms. That’s what I want ALL PSN games to do.

    • There are two trophy sets. If you get a trophy on PS3, you will also get a trophy on PS Vita. So, you’ll have it twice. This is the way trophies work at the moment.
      But on the other hand, you’ll at least get two trophy packs for a single price ;-)

  • You don’t need PS+ for the save cloud feature??

    • This feature works in a different way than PS+ cloud save feature. You don’t need to be PS+ member to be able to use it. It is free for everyone.

  • Thank you Jakub from supporting the vita!!

  • I’m DEFINITELY buying this on day of release and I’m already dieing to play, my question though is, will it have a platinum trophy? and how much dlc are we talking about also will you have real soccer team colors and different tables?

    • There is no Platinum trophy, unfortunately, as this is a PSN-scope game which usually are not allowed to have a platinum. There will be 1 golden, 4 silver and 7 bronze trophies.

      The game contains 9 tables and several foosmen customizations. There won’t be real team colors, but you will be able to pick a national flag or a team badge that will represent you.

      You will be able to purchase new stages for the game’s “World Tour” mode that also come with rewards like new tables, balls, foosmen customizations, etc. And if there is enough players playing Foosball 2012 and enjoying it, we will continue adding more content like new tables, World Tour stages, or even game modes ;-)

  • oh well. It’s still a must buy for me and i hope it gets a good following and maybe some online tournaments which would be cool, thanks for the reply :)

  • @Jakub, did you say double the trophies? That really perked my Elven ears up! I’ve been falling behind since I’ve been away playing Skyrim with voice command on “another” network so a chance to rack up some trophies, yee haw!

    Anyway, what’s with the flurry of Vita announcements in the last week? I thought all the crybabies here told me 100 times a day that there is no Vita support? What are you saving up for E3?!!!!

  • I want to says thanks for using crossplay in the way that Sony intended, instead of making a few bucks from those who would buy it on two platforms. I will certainly consider this strongly when it comes out.

  • Thanks for the response, Jakub. I was pretty sure that was how it was going to work, because that just seems to be the only way to do it so far for some reason. It doesn’t change how cool I think your game looks! I’m just speaking in generalities when I say it would be nice if Sony would make it possible to have the very same game (1 trophy list) playable on both consoles. I understand why there has to be two trophy lists for games when they sell both games separately (some people might just have one version). But if one purchase nets you both versions, why can’t it just for all intensive purposes be one game? Is it technically impossible?

    Again, thanks for the post I am excited for your game.

    • Technically speaking, it is still two games. You cannot just take a PS3 game and make it run on Vita. We have made the PS3 version of Foosball 2012 and PS Vita version of Foosball 2012 and then implemented the cross-play feature and cloud save for synchronization between PS3 and PS Vita to erase the gap between these two games and make them behave like one game.
      It is possible that in the future, every PSN game will have a PS3 and PS Vita versions with similar cross-play features like Foosball 2012, but I don’t see it as likely. It always requires a lot of work from the developer to implement it.
      So, you should definitely appreciate the developers, who take the time to do this ;-)

  • sup Jakub, deff cant wait for this!… need vita beta tester lmk!

  • Fantástic! This is the way. Purchase on ps3 and table for free on the VITA, or vice versa… No one will
    Buy the Game two times… After all, is the same game, but with MUCH more appeal.

    This is what us that have the VITA want. Congratulations. I’ll purchase.

  • how about youtube app for ps vita?

  • This is a very cool and positive way to do games for PS3/Vita on PSN. I can’t help thinking this will cause some confusion though. Sony needs to implement a bundle strategy across the board for third parties as well. PSN games that are the same exact game on both should be one price. Retail games that are the same development port should get bundled for one price(at a discount like MLB the Show).

    Vita owners want this console games on the go( for 1 price) and unique portable games.

    • Whether there will be the buy-one-get-one-free offer always depends on the developer or publisher. We are a 3rd party as well, as Foosball 2012 is self-published by Grip Games. The fact that we will offer the PS3 and PS Vita versions for one price was our decision and every other developer/ publisher who publishes the same game for PS3 and PS Vita can do the same thing.
      If you see a game on the PSN that has both PS3 and PS Vita versions and you need to pay for both, you only need to do that because the publisher of the game decided so.

  • Bring on more Vita titles!

  • Nice :3

  • Im sorry, but less then 30 comments tells you how people really feel about foosball. Here Ps go with there Bs throwing weak games at us like this, to make the little people feel better about having a vita. Hell, im more happy about more minis being able to be played on the vita. so WEAK!!! FOOsball??? just when i thought you guys couldnt do worse then TOM.

  • @29: Variety is the spice of life. Maybe you should try it sometime.

    And you realize that many games are in development at the same time right? Because… there are many different developers out there… it’s not like these guys are in charge of providing every single PS Vita game ever created and instead of making something YOU view as “worthy” they’re making this.

    Come back down to reality.

  • Less than 10 dollars!? Sold!!!! I would go 15, easily.

  • I definitely like the sound of implenting everything to make the 2 versions behave like 1 game. And I hope a lot more PSN games follow your lead!

    However, if this becomes the standard for PSN (which I really hope it does) I’ll still hold on to hope that Sony thinks of something down the line that addresses double trophies, half of which will feel undeserved to me. (Probably not though I can’t see too many people complaining about double trophies).

    If minis had trophies, would we earn them twice by playing through on the PS3 and then on Vita?

    • Minis are different, because there is only one version of a minis game, that is native to PSP, and that runs within an emulator on PS3 and Vita.
      So, if minis ever had trophies (they won’t), it would be just one trophy set.

  • Can anyone please answer my questions when will we (PS Vita) owners be able to play our ps3 games because i dont see any efforts by Sony to make this happen and if this feature isnt avaliable like they say then SONY LIED TO US :(

  • Love classic foosball, definitely gonna get this

  • “Purchase the game once and you can use it on both the PS3 and PS Vita.”

    This is something I have been wanting on every game to come in the future that is related to cross play. I really wish MGS HD Collection for PS3 would be free on PS Vita as well but its a shame we have to buy two separate games for two separate platforms. But MGS HD Collection is an exception & it will be the only game I am willing to pay for both platforms. I don’t own a PS Vita yet, I am waiting for a price cut because its not worth paying $250 for. As much as I love the PSV & am loyal to SONY games only, I just don’t think PSV is enough to satisfy me at $250/$300. It doesn’t have 720p & 8MP for both front & rear camera, doesn’t have internal memory with at least 32GB/64GB or so, is only limited to one PSN account per memory card, there is only 32GB for memory card & its at least $100 bucks, & there is so much more reasons why I wouldn’t get it at this time for $250. I love the PSV but its just not for me right now for such a high price. If it came out 2 or 3 years ago as it should’ve then I would’ve probably bought it. As much as I would like to get this game & PSV, I am just gonna wait it out until the time is right.

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