Sorcery Casts A Spell On Gamers Everywhere Today

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Sorcery Casts A Spell On Gamers Everywhere Today

Well, it’s been a long time coming but today it’s finally here — Sorcery! PlayStation Move is a magic wand at last!

Sorcery Casts A Spell On Gamers Everywhere Today

Sorcery is the first of its kind – a full-fledged action adventure created natively for the PlayStation Move motion controller. All of us at The Workshop feel tremendously privileged that we could bring this game to life.

Many of you have been following us since our first announcement back at E3 2010 and we have worked tirelessly since then to meet the expectations that arose from our on-stage presentation. It was a massive effort, and I cannot say enough about of the men and women who gave themselves so completely to the task. I also have to thank PlayStation for their profound commitment and willingness to believe in the vision, even when the road ahead was uncertain.

We all believe the result is truly something special – a timeless adventure and a genuinely new and immersive gaming experience. A real game that serious gamers can sink their teeth into, yet one that casual players can thoroughly enjoy as well, and a welcome addition to any PS Move owner’s library. If you don’t own a PS Move yet, Sorcery is a great reason to give one a try.

In honor of today’s release, take a look at our Sorcery launch trailer above. And for more info on Sorcery, visit the official website.

Sorcery: US box art for PS3

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  • Great! I’m ready! Thanks Peter!

  • a magical adventure with the MOVE and no JUMP BUTTON..SMH..all this wait i hope its worth it..i wont pick this game up right away because i wont have alot of time to fully enjoy the game .but i will pick this game up in the summer –

  • Thanks for the post Peter.

    Going to pick mine up after work today.

  • Will have my copy this evening. Hoping for good things . . .

  • mastorofpuppetz

    69 Metacritic average, 6 hours long, Sony’s move support is really disappointing., Not getting this, unfortunately sony still has no killer apps for move.

  • mastorofpuppetz

    Sony has the best motion controls yet never advertise it nor support it correctly.

  • @ mastorofpuppetz of course use Metacritic average instead of actually reading any of actual positive reviews. Typical modern gamer ignorance.

  • @ mastorofpuppetz . And by support it you mean do like Nintendo and barely use the motion control option for anything useful or like Microsoft churn a ton of below average games that barely work? That kind of support?

  • P-R-I-N__C-E-S-S

    Will this also be a psn digital release or not? If not then no sale. You guys at sony need to think of us digital people to. Not just ONLY release on bluray disc. I buy DIGITAL ONLY NOW!

  • I put an hour into it after I picked it up last night at midnight. I’m liking it so far.

  • I have been waiting for Sorcery for years. Will download from store tonight.

    Oh, &@ Cosmis, I don’t think Mastro meant exactly that. He knows the wii is crap & kinect has only 1 good game if you’re into dancing

    The Move is the most accurate but there aren’t enough games is what he probably means, which is true but it’s more true that every time a Move or Vita game/app comes out, the people who say they never have any turn into the people who condemn the new stuff & say they won’t buy it anyway.

    It’s small wonder then why so few comments get answered by the blog team. Would you want to talk to all these repetitive, knee-jerk complainers when you’re not allowed to tell them to shove it?

  • The UPS man should be handing me my pre-order any second now! @mastorofpuppetz different critics look for different things. One thing that’s universal in all the reviews I’ve read and watched: they all say it’s a lot of fun. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a fast paced FPS, or for a deep RPG, or sometimes just to relax and play a game that will be reliably fun and charming- that’s why I’m excited about Sorcery.

  • I picked my copy up last night at the midnight release for Ghost Recon :) This game is a hundred times better than Ghost Recon! I’m loving it. Really precise controls, exciting and actually really fun. I’m having a GREAT time playing this game. Excellent work guys. Please make more games that utilize the Move to this effect, and more!

  • This game looks really interesting and theres a good chance I will get it. But I cant tell if this game uses two move controllers or one. Another question is why are reviewers or critics so harsh on sony games? They act like the games have to life changing or something lol.

  • I’ve had mine on preorder since it was announced. Can’t wait to play it!

  • i will buy it only if it comes with ps plus discount

  • Yes! I cant wait. This game is in the mail on its way to me right now.

  • Great game gave it a 9/10

  • @5; lolyou, I’m so glad I’m not a “gamer” like you!

  • Do you need the secondary navigation controller thing?

  • The game looks amazing. I hope it works well with the PS Move.

  • I have it sitting in a lunch box next to me…taunting me…waiting for me to leave work… the point is I have it!


    i got it, love it! and hate that im at work right now and not playing it. despite it being 6 hours short im sure ill beat it in 10 knowing me, lol ..its still only 39.99 so there’s value to that comment, and average gamers will take longer then 6 hours to beat this, it aint a cake walk.

    keep in mind that most of those scores are off other review sites no one use and its an average of multiple scores, so its not a definitave score.

  • Harry Potter meets Move

  • Played for an hour+A bit, the wrist flick to get some english on the up bolts has a steep learning curve to it, but I got it! I’d still be playing but I have to be up at 5:45am…Very Enjoyable game, good job!

  • Gonna get it next week

  • I’ve played the first 15 minutes of the game so far. It’s great. I wish I had a manual to read because I’m already stuck!!! I need to find a wiki…..

    Anyway, to answer the parroted criticisms of people who complain without actually knowing anything (“those who can, do; those who haven’t a clue, criticize”):

    There is a jump but it’s context specific. I jumped off a balcony. Otherwise, no need to jump. There was no jumping in Amalur and most other games I’ve played other than Skyrim. So dumb complaint, but that’s common here.

    I use both the Nav and the Move controller. If you can’t get the Nav to work at first, reset the controller number via the XMB option. Without doing that the game was only picking up the dualshock for traversal.

    And, there already was a Harry Potter with Move. Deathly Hallows Part 2. It sucked. And no jumping in that either.

  • I wanted to buy this until I seen fairy dust sprinkled everywhere in it.

  • I can’t express how excited I am for this. Going to be getting a digital copy from the psn when I get home. Keep the digital day-and-date copies coming! I’ll be over the moon if you release “Playstation All-stars Battle Royale” and “The Last of Us” day-and-date as well!!! (^_^)

  • A MIILLION KUDOS to Sorcery’s development team! I can’t express how much I’ve fallen in love with Sorcery’s solid controls, world, music and characters in just five hours. Given Sorcery’s price, I was worried that Sorcery would be over very shortly, but I have a feeling this is mostly to get people playing this amazing game.

    Taking Sorcery’s ages 10+ audience, adults should know better than to expect too heavy a drama, but Sorcery’s writers have come up with likable characters and a beautiful world. I had a little gasp of visual pleasure as Finn learned iced magic.

    Anyways, 5 hours in and I can’t wait to keep playing tomorrow. This is the first I’ve been so excited to the point where I felt like I need to write something on forums, but I want to let anyone hesitant about the purchase know that in terms of fun value, Sorcery is probably worth even more than the $39.99! Just make sure to calibrate your controller carefully (!) and your arcane bolts will not fail you.

  • Boyfriend is up now, so I can finally start Sorcery. :3 I picked it up yesterday, but was too tired to play at the time.

  • mastorofpuppetz

    @8 you mean like all the below average games and tacked on move for games like killzone. There is a reason move is not selling near as well as the competition, name 1 great game designed for move and move alone? Not tacked on shoe horned gimmicks.

  • mastorofpuppetz

    @7 I was gaming in the 80’s on MSdos, and metacritic is a good gauge of overall value of a game, the game is short thats a fact, and it is shallow, it’s not just the scores the actual texts of the reviews is underwhelming. This game and move get NO advertising and thus will fail to sell well like most sony’s games. Sony doesn’t market or support move and many of their exclusives properly.

  • Played last night about 4 hours.

    Loving the game, but today paying for it with a sore wrist….ha ha.

  • @33 What the hell does Sony marketing have to do with quality of the game? The game is also 39.99 so the fact it is 2/3 the price of regular games a 5-6 hour campaign is forgiven in my book. The Design of Move incorporated into games like Killzone is greater than any core game designed for the competition. I agree with marketing could be better but knocking a game for play time while not giving it credit for price is ridiculous.

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