GT Academy 2012 Update: How and When to Unlock Prizes

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GT Academy 2012 Update: How and When to Unlock Prizes

Welcome to week four of this year’s GT Academy competition! By now you’ve probably learned the basic fundamentals of the racing line, variable high-speed cornering, continuous elevation changes, and multi-radius acceleration, all while trying to maintain the highest grip possible to maximize corner exit speed.

If you achieved a Gold Trophy in all five events within a round, you will unlock the GT Academy-spec Nissan used in the trials of that round. Prizes will be distributed one week after the online competition of GT Academy ends, which is on or after July 4th, 2012. Here are the four cars you can unlock in Rounds 1 through 4:

GT Academy 2012: Nissan Leaf G (GT Academy Version) '11_73FrontGT Academy 2012: Nissan SILVIA spec-R AERO (GT Academy Version) '02_73Front

GT Academy 2012: Nissan SKYLINE GT-R VüEspec II (GT Academy Version) '94_73FrontGT Academy 2012: Nissan 370Z (Z34) (GT Academy Version)_73Front

  • Round 1 – Nissan Leaf (GT Academy) ’11
  • Round 2 – Nissan Silvia spec-R AERO (GT Academy) ‘02
  • Round 3 – Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec II (GT Academy) ‘94
  • Round 4 – Nissan 370Z (GT Academy) ‘08

*** Each of the subsequent vehicle prizing will be unveiled as Round 5 and 6 are unlocked on May 28th and Round 7 and 8 on June 11th

Drivers who clear all eight rounds of the competition with a Bronze Trophy or better will receive the special “GT Academy 2012” racing gear – the head-turning GT Academy racing suit

GT Academy 2012: OfficialOutfit3GT Academy 2012: OfficialOutfit2

You can claim your prizes (including the GT Academy racing suit) on or after July 4th, 2012. To add these items to your collection, start up Gran Turismo 5 or Gran Turismo 5 XL, select “GT Mode” on the main menu, select “Community and Gift”, and your earned prizes will be shown on the right side of the screen. For a detailed description, please head to the official site here.

For now, be sure to learn as much as you can for each of the events as the final Round 8, Event 5 race is only a few short weeks away. Good luck!

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  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Oh I’ve got gold on every one of them so far. My times are always within the top 1,000 to 5,000 in my region of hundreds of thousands in the USA that are racing in my region everyday. I guess that’s overall fast lmao. I’m enjoying this and competing with my friends times on my main account not this account I’m commenting from now but anyways thanks for putting this all together for us its so much fun for a HUGE racing fan as myself. Most of my platinum’s on my MAIN psn account are racing games so you best bet I play this a ton everyday. Please pass the word on to the main guy with GT5 to put GT5 on psn as a digital download. I prefer digital and not disc. I don’t care if its 40 gb’s I still have fast internet and would download it in a day tops. Worth every hour of wait. Please put it on psn THANKS!

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    OMG I’m digging that racing suit. Black is HOT and even though they say black isn’t a color well Black is the BEST non color to me lol. I prefer everything in my house to be black if I can get all black stuff. Good thing Sony products are mostly BLACK lol. Thanks again for this competition! Its so much fun and challenging at times to. My kids sit down when I fire it up and just watch for hour marathons when I get in the mood to play it long enough. My 4 year old Son points at the ghost car from my last fastest time and says beat it daddy beat it LMAO. He knows that is the replay of my car from hearing me tell my wife what that means and why it ghost through my car trying to beat it so he is like dads crew chief giving orders when I play to beat my own times lol Good times indeed!

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    WOW now I know why I don’t see much of racing stuff on the psn store. Not many racing fans out there in sony land I guess and that’s SAD. Its the type of gaming I’m best at and prefer. RPG’s are ok but Racing takes #1 on my list for gaming. I wish GT5, Nascar 09, Nascar 2011 and all the current Dirt games would ALL go digital on PSN and I would buy them all over again in a heart beat. Not hardly any comments but mine showing up on this post so far. Come on racing fans GET IN HERE and comment get the word out I’m not the only racing fan on a ps3 alive LMAO!

  • GT5 is the best!

  • Cool!

  • Ok why is my slick _ t account blocked from posting on the ps blogs but every other account I use can post just fine. That account is my plus account to and I can’t EVER post on here with it.

  • Awesome. Been enjoying every aspect of GT Academy so far. Looking forward to the next set of events! Despite Diablo 3 just coming out, I actually played more GT5 this week. Think watching lead up and coverage of the 24h Nürburgring gave me the itch. lol

  • I like the continued support for GT5,I’ll have to check this out quickly!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That sucks, that’s 2 days after I leave for Basic Training. Looks like I won’t have those for a while.

  • PLEASE more DLC, I need a Pontiac Firebird! How about the 2003 Trans Am Concept 421ci that never was released.

  • OMG!!! I can actually log in and post from my PS3 browser again!!! They must have gotten (all) my emails, lol.

    I’m loving the new GT Academy, and the new GT5 update that came out last night. The in-race sounds have really been improved all around, though I wish you didn’t “turn the gain” back down for your own engine on the bumper-cam and in-car views. You had that perfect last update. All other adjustments are perfect. Nice tweak to the lighting as well.

    Mr. Chan, would you be willing to confirm or deny, here and now whether or not we’ll be unlocking the Twin Ring Motegi track for GT5 when we beat week 8? I REALLY hope it’s true, because I was always let down that NASCAR was one of GT5’s new selling points, yet there are no NASCAR tracks in the game besides Daytona and Indy (Sazuka East and Fuli too if you count the old Japan Races). And the Motegi oval would be a great track for NASCAR. It’s like Darlington. My fingers are crossed.

  • Hmmm… another boring update for me =\ Are there gonna be any future rpgs for the ps2 classics? I would love to have a tales game like tales of the abyss on it :P I’d buy that in a heart beat. *HINT* [; but i guess tales of graces will have to do.

  • xD wrong area

  • What if i download GT Acadmey from US store and my game was region 2 ( EU ) do ill get the prize or what ?

  • It’s not too late to win any of these prizes yet is it?

  • More info please. What about Twin Ring Motegi? We already know that’s coming, but will it unlock at the end of the Academy or is it DLC? More about the current update would be nice too, the size seems a little too big for just bugfixes and adjustments. I love it when GT5 updates, but posting the actual complete changelogs would be even more awesome. I don’t understand why PD don’t do this.

    About the racing suit; is it a special outfit or can I wear it with other helmets?

  • Just to be clear so I don’t come off as greedy. All PD does imo is give to their fans. I don’t care if Motegi is given to us through GTAcademy or if it’s paid DLC. I’d be happy to pay for it. I just want to know if it’s coming or not. I just want more tracks for GT5. Especially if it’s going to be a couple more years till GT6. I’d much rather spend money on DLC expanding GT5 than spend money for any other sim-type racer on the market until a new GT.

    Again, Kudos to PD on the new GT5 update. I’ve been playing since my last post and just keep noticing more upgrades to the sound. The new collision sfx are great. It almost sounds like sheet metal deforming. Tons of improved engine sounds as well. I can’t get over the support for this game. 1 and a half years after launch and you guys are still adding new stuff.

    How much longer are you guys going to support GT5 before devoting all efforts to GT6? If you’re thinking of features for new updates, I have 2. Unlock all the rims to put on standard cars, more variety there would be great. And to incorperate the car’s body into the in-car for standards, just like on GTPSP. If you could just see the body it really wouldn’t matter that there’s no interior detail.

  • havn’t check out this yet if these updates are for Canadians, I am sure they are but what really sucks Canadians can’t compete in the GT Academy. I have always been a GT fan from the begining and since I seen this
    competition I am begining to lose my interest in GT but every now and then I still play the game.

  • 3 are you serioues lot race fan out there my self one of them you friends no where to look.

  • When will Polyphony Digital hire a community manager?

    GT5 was a big disappointment because they did not interact with their community during development at all and made some really poor design decisions. They then had to fix everything after release and are still fixing it. They also bit off more than they can chew because they are understaffed and did not get help from other Sony studios or outsource like the Forza devs do. With GT6 in development they are making the same mistake.

  • This was a great idea on the part of PD and SONY, I’ve enjoyed playing it thus far. Gran Turismo has come a long way since it’s debut. It really lives up to it’s alias as “The Real Driving Simulator”.

    The idea of becoming a real race car driver is great and all, but the “prize” is essentially stepping away from the game altogether. I think the prize should be relative to the competition. (i.e. the “video game” Gran Turismo 5) Of course, you can relate the reward of racing competitively in real life, to Gran Turismo. However, Gran Turismo is virtual, so in essence, the prize is a translation from virtual to reality. What happened to actual gaming related rewards? I mean the prize could be, the top 5 GT Academy (in general) become a GT team (name they all agree on) and race in GT gaming tournaments.

  • ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY

    so is the suit just for the game or in real life cuz either way im crappin my pants right now because i have gold trophies in all events so far and everyday im working on getting more score higher XD

  • ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY

    sorry for the language but…. PlayStation and Sony your the [DELETED] BOMB XD

    thanks go out to….


    also thank you for starhawk i just got it today for my early b-day gift from my dad and i was freaking out like a little girl and im almost 20 now :P playstation brings out the kid in all of us imo :)

    thanks again SCE XD

  • Hi

    I’m from Cape Town, South Africa.

    I’ve tried to log in on the Playstation Network……a number of times.

    Unfortunately there is no download for GT Academy.

    What’s happening around the world in GT Academy is epic….and I would appreciate it if I could be a part of it all.

    It sounds really awesome. Seems like I’m missing out on a pretty good deal.

    Why can I not join ?

    It seems rather unfair that only certain countries can enter into the competition.

    I have the “BLACK EDITION”, since launch date, paid a pretty penny for it. Yet I am not able to tap into the resources “provided”.

    It’s like “LOOK, BUT DON’T TOUCH”.

    Will there EVER be an “EQUAL OPPORTUNITY” for US PPL from SOUTH AFRICA ?

    Guys…..come on……I JUST WANNA HAVE SOME FUN.

    All the best to those that have entered, and MAY THE BEST MAN / WOMAN WIN.

  • @GAMBIT_24
    I know how you feel man
    Just create a US account and go to the store in Demos section and will find it there, download it and install it then go back to you main account and ENJOY it :)

  • So you have to get gold in everything to unlock the cars , right?

  • will there be any playstation home related content (race suits, etc.) connected to the academy this year? there was support in the past so i’m curious. thanks in advance :)

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