Novus Prime Update + New Developer Bigyama Premieres in Home

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Novus Prime Update + New Developer Bigyama Premieres in Home

This Wednesday, May 23rd is brimming with excitement. We welcome a new developer Bigyama to the fold, Novus Prime releases some new game-enhancing weapons, the x7 Nightclub updates, Lockwood brings new Delirious Squid items, and Konami releases a new collection of dazzling auras.

Novus Prime Update + New Developer Bigyama Premieres in Home

Novus Prime gets four new game-enhancing virtual items this week with the Alpha Squadron Arsenal. Deck out your pilot’s jacket with the menacing Twin Pulse Cannons for an added XP bonus and fill your hands with the stylish new Disruption Shot Pistols, complete with animated barrels and permanent in-game Nebulon boost!


Blend into your surroundings and boost your XP by 5% with the holographic Avatar Projection System outfit, and harness the destructive power of the Handheld Arc Drill to increase your Nebulon gains even further. Head over to the Novus Prime space station to get your hands on the Alpha Squadron Arsenal today!


Look forward to a new game in the Lockwood Publishing Showcase next week as part of Lockwood’s epic Fantasy Update. Brinsop the Evil Dragon descended and started wreaking havoc – Brave warriors will be rewarded!


Prepare your friends for action by sending a fantastical pet their way – Rachis the fire breathing Cockatrice and Gribbler the Dragon are available from the Lockwood Gift Machine one week early! Visit the Gift Machine now and get sending.

In the future world of Forthstar, humanity has traveled to the stars. But, in the last few decades, the situation has begun to unravel: Central government exists in name only and feudal states are at constant war. The rim of explored space is where only the hardiest can survive as Gunslingers and Dropship pilots. Gunslingers are outlaws and warriors who sell their skills to the highest bidder, while Dropship pilots help get goods and people into and out of the danger zones as war spreads.

Novus Prime Update + New Developer Bigyama Premieres in Home

The exclusive x7 nightclub gets another members-only bundle this week as well as a collection of Fire Opal clothing for men and an Amethyst collection for the ladies. Head there and be the first to dazzle your friends and torture your frenemies with your unique taste in fashion.

Delirious Squid stretches its tentacles once more with a range of bright tees and quirky accessories. Who wouldn’t want to look as if they have a bear trying to swallow their head? Boring people, that’s who! Crazy-cute pretty much sums up the theme of the ladies’ tees, hats and peeptoe shoes. The guys’ range is more rugged, but includes some familiar freaky faces. MC Squid and Squiddy Bones have draped themselves all over each item. Go backpacking in Delirious Squid world – these bags and boots are all you need!

Novus Prime Update + New Developer Bigyama Premieres in Home

Konami brings you their newest line of Auras. Check out some of their unique auras like the plasma shields, rainbow glow and glow dust. Check out Konami’s take on some classics such as hellfire, lightning storm and snowstorm. Unleash the power within!


This week in the Community Theater, HomeCast busts out the east coast Jersey accent to cover “stuff and stuff,” complete with a cameo by the Demon Warhorse. Among the “stuff” covered: the many new changes introduced with Home 1.65, as well as Super Madhouse, the new Bigyama items, the Casino’s update and more.

Codeglue brings a touch of the East here to the West with some elegant new furniture. Let the minimalist styling of hand carved, dark woods put your mind at ease while you enjoy the rest of nature around you.


Another exciting premier this week, Wrangler brand clothing launches their first ever virtual items with a collection of 10 pieces in PlayStation Home, including dark denim jeans for men and women. These will be available in both the VEEMEE and Threads stores in the Mall. With 10 new items available at launch and many more to follow, Wrangler will continue to bring their latest designs to the Home community in the months ahead.



Last but certainly not least, this past Friday the Home Community Volunteer program turned three! On behalf of the PlayStation Digital Platforms Community team, we wish to thank all HCVs past and present. You have added so much to the culture of the Home community, offering a bit of guidance to the newbs, and a friendly face to masses and healthy dose of friendly competition to the leader boards. May you continue this journey with us for years to come.


See you in Home!

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7 Author Replies

  • Nice!

    I see that Codeglue has a new furniture release. Was there also supposed to be the debut of a new female line of clothing from them as well. I’d love to know if it’s part of the update.

    • Yes, you are very correct there. Codeglue is releasing a special new line of items from the u love green collection, only for the ladies of Home.

  • This looks like a great update! Will CodeGlue be releasing a new clothing line this week? I heard they were really nice and designed by a Home user.

    • Yes, they were designed in real life by a Home user, and now they are coming Home! Find them in the Mall starting Wednesday.

  • How much will Forthstar bundle\outfits go for?

    • The new Forthstar collection is price out individually from $0.99 to $1.99 or you can pick up the Ultimate Bundle for $4.99.

      Welcome Home Bigyama!

  • Any news you can spill for E3?
    anything at all….

    • Not quiet yet, but you know we’re cooking something amazing up for you. E3 is the event of all gamer events!

  • This update looks awesome so far! So is Fourthstar really coming lol? And will the F13 error finally go away I can go to my harbor studio but I can’t go to my other appartments for some reason but some of my friends can. Also that dragon looks pretty cute as well xD

  • Welcome Home, BIGYAMA! Also, I love the Delirious Squid gear, it’s the closest to Ed Hardy we have I believe, which is awesome.

    Being an HCV is a lot of fun, glad to be apart of the team, Cade. Gotta’ help them noobies! :)

  • Big thanks to the HCVs for all their hard work in PS Home, particularly during our Alpha Squadron Arsenal preview event over the weekend! You guys are awesome.

  • Looks like a decent update! Any insight on X7 free content this week? Also, how much are the Wrangler clothes?

    I miss seeing virtual item showcases here too btw.

    • Yup, x7 gets more awesomesauce—early-access to a collection of Fire Opal clothing for men and an Amethyst collection for the ladies, and another exclusive bundle.

      The Wrangler items are going for $0.99 to $1.99 each. Enjoy!

      The Virtual Item Showcases can still be seen in Home, often spotted on the big screen in the Hub. Check it out there. Do you miss Magnus that much? (I’ll let him know) ;-)

  • East Coast–JERSEY?!?!–

    That’s a Boston accent, Mr. Peterson. You need to get off the west coast and sample some more East Coast locales.

    • Clearly, I need to visit Boston and learn the nuances of the local accent. ;-)
      (Ok, I just want any excuse to visit Boston for the first time. It’s supposed to be amazing.)

  • #7 Novus-Cooldown – Thanks for coming, we had a blast! ^__^

  • no new personal spaces again i see. any news about getting a hand on the errors that happen all the time yet and any word on when we will get more stuff from granzella like spaces and the edo glowing swords.

  • Is anyone going to answer these questions i wonder………………….. -_-

  • Nice to see the pets being released this week from Lockwood, I’ll def. be buying those.

    Why the heck is Novus releasing more upgrades when there’s no new levels and prizes from the game? Makes no sense.

    Overall a lackluster update IMO, but I welcome Bigyama, and I look forward to big things next week! Looking forward to more apt/club bundles.

  • Loving the new auras. Can’t wait to give my avatar a nice health glow. Or hellish glow as the case may be.

  • ? and I have asked in the forums no response will loco island play land ever get finished or is that a dead issue and thanks

  • All these updates mean nothing , when you can not even stay in Home for more than 5 mins , thanx to the F13 ERRORS that noone has an explanation for, all you people do is give the same old excuse, “Post it at the Forums “, like if the Forum is gonna fix Home, because obviously noone is doing anything to fix all the ERRORS or we wouldnt be talking about this 5 weeks after they started to appear .
    I dont understand why you have us Spawning at the Hub , it is the worse place, to arrive, just to get out of there takes many tries, due to the errors.
    Fix Home !

  • Agrees with Ericka <.<

  • Tarazuma: lots of reasons!

    1. Our fans have been requesting weapon-style avatar items for quite some time, and we always try to make sure our items come with in-game bonuses for even more value.

    2. Big game updates (like level cap increases with new rewards) take a LOT of time and effort to develop, test, and get out to the public, and our small team has been hard at work on some top secret projects which you’ll be hearing about in the near future.

    3. There are a ton of Novus Prime players still working their way up the ranks to Commander, and we get daily requests for more items to help them level up even faster.

    Rest assured, however, that we’ve got more plans for Novus Prime updates coming up! In the meantime, enjoy the new batch of Alpha Squadron Arsenal items if they tickle your fancy. Hope you were able to make it to the event on Saturday!

  • Hello Cade,I’m glad to be a HCV,It has been and awesome experience,Its awesome to help out in any shape are form.Cant wait for the update.

  • And on a side note, can you please Separate Hand items, hand items shouldnt be together with WINGS and so on , they each should have their own cathegory, thats why we get people MERGING costumes and therefore Freezing or Lagging Home , all this, thanx to the lazy way of arrenging Hand items .

    It took Granzella about 4 months for an update to Edo in Japan, so pretty much assume it’s going to to take about the same amount more or less for our region to get it.

    I do like the updates for this week, but the unstable errors has really ruin my experience recently. If they can fix the errors, I can sacrifice a month’s worth of no updates. Make it the number 1 priority and get it done already…Alot of my friends have been on home less and less each week.

  • I too miss the Virtual Item Showcases.

  • Thanks for the response and info Novus Cooldown, it makes sense now.

    If Novus Prime updates with new levels and rewards, I will definitely be buying the new upgrades :)

  • I too will agree with Erik. While ill admit i dont use Home every single day when i try to go on it i try to have as much fun, but its impossible when there are errors not even minutes of being on Home. I honestly hope something is being done about fixing it. And dont get me wrong i like these updates i look forward to them, but again its hard when you cant play long enough to actually go to the right place. Especially when little to no information of them actually working on them is being express.

    And i dont mean full blown detail, something like a yes we are working, or showing progress as to the things being fix. Heck i would have thought since the game goes on Maintenance every morning these types of problems wouldnt exist, or at least accord far less often.

    At the blog post at hand it seems nice. i especially like Auras and Fantasy update.

  • In reply to erickafollie
    I was not aware anyone else was experiencing the error F13, I felt I was the only one, it tends to happen most frequently when I try going into my personal space, the apartment. I hope it is fixed soon.

    I like the update, thank you for the notice Cade Peterson, I have been trying to get back into Home by visiting more frequently. I just stopped due to lack of friends not visiting often anymore, ended up on my own, not great experience.

  • Not to beat a dead horse but will there be a Max Payne 2 drop? Having both the Red Factions was an awesome idea so I hope it continues with the Payne series *fingers crossed*

  • Phantom_Outlaws

    awesome update…but not spending a dime on anything until F13 or whatever other errors stop spamming my tv screen.

    very weird though that last week the errors were very minimal during the update period (enough time for people to spend a few bucks) then by the weekend, the errors came back in full force.

    no biggie, i’ll just have to chill with the Xbox 360 until Sony /Home devs decides to stabilize the servers….

    but awesome update nonetheless.

  • Once again Konami still ignores Asia :(

    For years we hope to enjoy their content in Asia PS Home but they are selfish. Don’t say it’s a ‘business issue’ because it is not!

  • KingDarkness666

    What is all this crap about when I sign on I can’t due to yet another typical psn code (8002A546)
    From on here it says all my friends are gone. I can’t send a mssg to myself from another acct because it says it can’t be sent. But yet my privacy setting are not even on. And then I can’t even call into sony and talk to a actual HUMAN-BEING because I gotta listen to all this pointless non-sense about the vita. These are the times that make me want to just get a xbox360. You’d think a multi-billion doller company would have the latest information to help there costumor with over 3000 trophies and having spent over 600$ through the online services.

  • And to think when Ps Home 1st started & where it’s at now it’s come along way.I love the ever expanding content in Ps Home keeping it fresh!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bigyama, we proudly express our greatest pleasure to welcome you into developing Home’s content and the PS Home family! I’ll bet there’s something big planned for Bigyama in the very near future! Looking forward to it!

    I’m not one to guess, but is there something coming for version 1.70? Just asking.

    Are there any more Novus Prime expansion adventures on the way?

    And when is the Hall of Fame going to be around? I’ve been waiting to see my earned trophies in 3D form since I first heard about it!

  • Once again Sony fails,a total lack of communication between sony and it’s users.The Texas hold Em poker room was down for the best part of the whole weekend,and not one message to home users of when it would be back up and running,i run a small buisness (Franchisee) and if i treated my customers this way i don’t think i would have many customers left.You need to treat people better than the way you currently do.

  • Jacked-Assassin

    Definitely a wrong move on Sony not having No Man’s Land Closed Beta an x7 exclusive.

    I hope whoever got in was a bunch of whiny nut bars who will never spend a penny on PS Home.

    Because if anyone is willing to give lots of negative feedback on a beta its bound to be someone who wants everything for free.

    I’ll just stick to the $0.99 cent bundles in x7 for now.

  • So hopefully Cade Peterson or someone from SONY reads this. I have found a glitch in the Midway contest where you can get free entries without spending tickets or sending in postcards. I don’t want to go into details on here but its pretty much breaking the contest.

  • to the posters asking legitimate questions, spoiler alert: nobody in management gives a single care and you will never get it answered. user with 3 years experience talking here personally knowing posters in the comments here, and smh at the way EVERY situation in home (games, purchases, user interaction, customer service) has been handled for a very long time. what used to hold so much promise has been abused and dredged into a rusty money printing machine for sony. not mad btw just being honest we all know its the sad truth deep down :) (save your cash)

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