ModNation Racers: Full Game and DLC Sale on Now!

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ModNation Racers: Full Game and DLC Sale on Now!

ModNation Monday Header Anniv

A ModNation haiku…
finally it’s here
fantastic dlc sale
modnation racers


That’s right. Check this out…

  • PS3 Career Theme Extension Packs (Arctic, Big City, Far East) DLC regularly $9.99 each, now only $4.99 each
  • PS3 Mini-Theme Sets (Alien, Medieval, Pirate, Western) DLC regularly $6.99 each, now only $3.49 each
  • PS3 Props Packs (Carnival, Construction, Moon Colony, Prehistoric, Stunt, Water World) DLC regularly – $4.99 each, now only $1.99 each
  • PS3 Parts Packs (Gladiator, Haunted, Junkyard) DLC regularly $4.99 each, now only $1.99 each
  • ModNation Racers Dynamic Theme regularly $2.99, now free!
  • ModNation Racers for PS3 (Full Game) PSN Plus Store – regularly $29.99, now only $14.99.

This offer runs from May 22nd 2012 – May 29th 2012

Special Limited-Edition DLC: Stowaway Mod & Kart Giveaway


The Special Limited Edition Stowaway Mod & Kart for PS3 is not available for sale and will only be given away in small numbers over the remaining days of the Two-Year Anniversary Celebration. Check this blog and our Facebook page this week for random voucher codes drops. Now’s your chance to stow him away into YOUR collection!

Track Creation Challenge: “Home Sweeeet Home”
Players will need to simulate the city where they live. Our favorite tracks will make their way into PS3 Top Tracks or Hot Lap for a week of notoriety (San Diego Studio Faves for Vita). Sign up HERE!


The “Moddys”: Our Favorite Karts
Two weeks in to the popular “Moddys” Celebration 2.0. We searched through thousands upon thousands of Mods, Karts, and Tracks to present you with some of our favorite amazing, scary, and wacky creations.

This week we bring you… our favorite Karts!

The categories include:

  • Found Down By The River (Favorite Vans)
  • P-51 / P-52; Whatever It Takes (Favorite War Planes)
  • Ugh. This Guy Is My Neighbor (Favorite “Beater” Karts)
  • How Many Karts Could A Kart Creator Kart If A Kart Creator Could Kart Karts? (Favorite Wooden Karts)
  • Alright, Who Karted? (Favorite Smelly Looking Karts) *
  • You From Jersey? (Favorite Orange-ish Karts)
  • Eep Opp Ork (Favorite Alien-Themed Karts)
  • These Seats Are So Sticky (Our Favorite Taxi Karts)
  • Double Would Have Been Better (Our Favorite Rainbow Karts)
  • It’s Not All About You (Our Favorite Princess Karts)
  • You Two-Faced So‘n So!” (Favorite Karts With Images On Both Sides)

Please take the time to view these creations HERE

ModNation Racers For PS3

Project Cinema
Again the ModNation community delivers big time! Members of the track creating community came together to build tracks based on their favorite cinema experiences. You must take a look at these amazing creations. You will have the opportunity to race these epics in Top Tracks over the next few weeks. Great job everyone. Truly amazeballs!


Check HERE for more details on this great community driven event.

ModNation Racers Two-Year Anniversary Collectable Wallpaper
ModNation Anniversary wallpapers in various designer colors. Visit our Facebook page to get yours now!


Anniv. Celebration Fun Race Nights in May
Join ModNationSD for a night of fun races all throughout the month of May from 4:30 – 5:30 pm PST! If you would like to race, send a friend request to ModNationSD and I will add you for the night!

Top Tracks: Faves of ripper171 and drew_sux
Two community members chose their favorite Top Tracks for this week. Thanks for the lineup!


ModNation Racers Hot Lap Tracks: *MOD* PRISON PLANET by KING_MEPHISTO


Monday: Camping in the woods by VintageOctopus
Tuesday: The Four Kingdom Rally by OnePoppa
Thursday: The Arctic Ruins by MagicalHamster
Sunday: The Ark by ath_racing

ModNation Monday blog Location Change

For the next few weeks the ModNation Monday blog will be hosted solely in the ModNation forums. The PlayStation blog team has been more than generous in offering us such a long run in this valuable e-real estate. Thanks to all the ModNation Monday blog supporters! The blog will be located HERE.

Happy Anniversary ModNation-ites!,
PS3: ModNationSD
Vita: ModNationSDVita

* Thanks to PSN ID: Pacmania1967 for the great category suggestion.

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19 Author Replies

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Might have to grab this up tomorrow. Great that its 15 bucks and digital. So sick of disc only game releases. Starhawk I’m talking to YOU lol. I had this game on disc LONG ago and sold it off but now I will buy it again for my kids and I since we have 2 ps3’s in the house and will be able to battle each other online off both ps3’s FUN FUN lol.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Oh and sorry for the 1 star or block rating I was scrolling across them heading to vote a 5 but the dam* thing clicked on the one rating. Never again will I scroll across from 1 lol. Now I can’t change that voting oh well. My mistake and I’m letting ya guys know I was really meaning to vote a 5.

  • know what would be cool advenger outfits

  • Starting tomorrow instead of “Now!” would have been a better choice. I know it get updated with store publish, but now seems to indicate, well now.

  • @EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S
    Starhawk’s been out almost two weeks now and how long was MNR before it went digital? Longer than that I bet.

  • DLC sale= amazeballs!


    I presume Europe will get the sale too?

    Already have all the DLC but I can see a lot of E.U MNR fans not being happy if SCEE doesn’t offer the same discounts.

  • dancinglights800

    Me gusta DLC sale, i’ll buy far east, gladiator, Alien, and medieval, WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Me gusta that tu gusta (you would think living 20 minutes from the Mexican border I would know better Spanish) *facepalm*

  • Plus discount? :)

    If you don’t own a copy and you like a certain ‘karting’ experience from another vendor then this is a must buy!

    Been a huge fan of MNR for a while now, shame it didn’t do as well as It really should have. Looking forward to LBP Karting.

    For $15 I will be finally getting my digital copy for that 20 minute gap here and there for a quick race or 3. I also bought all the DLC apart from the parts, props and mini themes as I wasn’t into creating tracks as I was into mods and racing the original tracks online. I was secretly hoping (I am with LBP still) that a discounted bundle might be available at some point, any plans? Thanks Guy’s.

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    @ EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Not to mention most games on bluray could actually fit on a DVD :/
    …so many games are such a waste of PS3’s capabilities.

    Big thanks to Namco though – their Tekken Hybrid has that badass CGI Tekken movie (Blood Vengeance), Tekken Tag Tournament HD remake and TTT2 demo all on 1 single bluray disc. …now that’s now you do it :)

  • why no vita sales for modnation racers

  • Thanks Mark
    Great job on getting the DLC on sale. I’m in for all 3 track packs

  • Perfect, I’m going to use all my money up on this DLC sale!!!

    I’ll also keep my ayes peeled for the Stowaway Mod, I’d really like to get it and it’s kart… :)

    Just one question…

    The PS3 wallpapers that I downloaded from the FaceBook page aren’t very large and tend to get “pixelated”… are you planning on creating something bigger that would look better on Full HD displays?

  • By the way, thanks for everything, this is going to be an exciting week indeed ^w^

  • Yes! Can finally pick up Arctic and Big City career extenders…and even better, have a good reason to get back into a game I put over 150 hours into back in 2010.

  • Free theme. Thanks guys

  • You’re welcome!

  • dancinglights800

    C’moooon publish it


  • dancinglights800

    YEEEEEEEEESSSS I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dancinglights800

    will have something like… track or mod/kart parts???

  • I wish I woke up 10 minutes earlier..

  • I don’t need any of these free DLC, let the others grab like they want…. wait i’m europe *TA-DAAN
    Anyway, glad the cards are turning pretty sweet.

    And by the way, you know about the photo challenge thing that got lost? Well, there is this combo mod\kart thread that may interests.


    SEND YOUR KIDS TO THE GRILL AND GET POPCORNS, CINEMA TIME (Best project so far) and well deserved track of the week, couldn’t choose better!

  • Those codes got used up D:

  • dancinglights800

    it’s in the facebook page!!!!!!!!!

  • dancinglights800

    Only stowaway?? or some track parts… or mods, whatever

  • Around the same time? lmao?

  • Hey Mark,

    Thanks for posting our favourite “old school” track. Hope people enjoy our selection.

  • Correct for Spain?
    Only 1 download?

  • is the PSN version of this game any quicker with the loading time? I haven’t picked the game up on disk since the first week of release.

  • i would deeeply appreciate it if everyone downloaded my creations. i only need 17,000 xp for platinum!!! for the VITA


  • This is fabulous news! I have been wanting to try Modnation Racers and this is the perfect time to experience it.
    Thank you~

  • Hear that, I’ve been level 28 for months. I barely play, but I barely play in part because it’s hard to get into an online race and the XP is pretty lousy.

    If only I’d made a Mario or Iron Man mod that first week. :D

  • 15 bucks! count me in.

  • $15? I’ll think about it, how big is the file size on this thing?

  • Light-and-magic

    So what are the odds of EU getting an even sale on THIS? I make it £9.48 for all of the career DLC in America, I’m guessing it’ll be £15/£5 each in EU

  • PLEASE ANSWER ME. My Modnation Racers game for the PS3 is region 3. It sucks because I can’t download any DLCs from my US account. Now I’m planning on buying a region 1 modnation game so here’s the QUESTION:
    Will my region 3 save file of modnation work on the region 1 game?

    PS: Region 3 is for Asia so I made an Asian account but the thing is the ModNation DLCs there are not complete.

  • Hi mark

    just to let u know i just got home from my 2 jobs which one of them is in gamestop (worked Midnight for Ghost Recon FS) just picked up 2 psn card to get some stuff which i bough Mutant blobs, Escape plan and Legend of dragoon! im left with 10 bucks! which i told u i was gonna get some MNR stuff but guess what? the career extensions which was the ones i was gonna buy are still at 9.99! :( still give me chance to think which 2 im buying since there’s no bundle which includes the 3 for 9.99? ;)

    Anyways too bad i was working all day to have time to get those codes :(

    and to end my every Monday protest

    MNR:RT = No Online = No buy

  • @DarkOne_PR

    Give it up, dude, if they were going to give us online, they would’ve done it by now.

    Regardless, nice update! Kinda wish I could stop being lazy long enough to put some actual time and effort into a track :/

  • Also, what format does MNR:RT accept for tracing a picture in Draw Track mode? I want to try making some tracks using slot car racetracks, but I don’t know how to set the image to where the game can support it.

  • 656R-H2N8-HD64

  • WOOT! Thanks Mark!!!!

  • Got the second one, thanks Mark! Didn’t think I would be able to get it.

  • Now I’m just waiting for the DLC sale, tough I still need to get a PSN card or two, so it’s good to know that the sale is going to last a whole week…

    Just one question.

    What ever happened to the limited edition Froster Mod? Any plans of distributing it again like you are doing it with Stowaway?

    Thanks for everything!

  • This sucks! I’ve been here and on Facebook both days and I still missed the codes. Maybe I’ll get one eventually
    It’s 2 bad u can’t/won’t just send us codes personally; that would be nice!

  • Thanks for finally putting the DLC’s on sale, I am going to grab the three tour/extension packs!

    Out of curiosity, what would those codes you’ve been posting be redeemed for specifically? If you have one for the pirate mini-theme, send me a private message hehe

  • Can you start putting out the codes later in the day? I go to school so I can’t access facebook or the ps website. I would like a chance to get a code too. fb and ps website are blocked (I hate the school filter!!!!)

  • ok thanks mark. Gonna buy far east and artic one! big city parts are awesome but they look almost the same so it can wait.

  • Might as well get in ModNation Racers, put like 100+ Hours back in 2010, need to play again! Though it loads to slow, other than that I love the game! I need to make more of my tracks! I’ve done rough copies!

  • i’ve tried the Stowaway codes 3 times and i’m not getting the kart or mod help me out here

  • I just picked up the download for ModNation Racer with a PlayStation Plus trial (included with my system) for the discounted price earlier today. I read some comments form a gaming site (Joystiq) that said I’ll have to pay full price after my trial expires in order to keep using the game. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

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