Aliens: Colonial Marines Confirmed for February, Watch the New Trailer

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Confirmed for February, Watch the New Trailer

In 1986, James Cameron’s Aliens hit theaters, instantly becoming one of the most iconic science fiction movies in cinematic history. This movie was a huge success and was nominated for seven Academy Awards. The film that had so many great elements to it: blistering action, Marine camaraderie, creeping tension, and of course, the xenomorphs.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Confirmed for February, Watch the New Trailer

When people ask me what it is like working on a game based on Aliens, a game that is the actual sequel to the movie Aliens, it is tough to put the experience into words. First of all, “passion” is a key word in the development of this game. The team at Gearbox is very passionate not only about Aliens but storytelling and the game experience. It is so important to all of us to do this game right — the Aliens franchise deserves an awesome video game. Another key word is “intimidating,” because Aliens is a revered franchise with fans all over the world. I have been lucky enough to show Aliens: Colonial Marines to fans at PAX, E3, Gamescom, Igromir and more. And I have found that people all around the world, people of all ages, love Aliens. When fans see our demo they tell me that it’s looking great…but then warn us not to “mess it up.”

Today we have released our new trailer, which we have dubbed “Suspense.” Our earlier ACM demos and videos showed some of the action in the game but a big part of the Aliens world is also tension and suspense – the universe of Aliens is a scary place. In Aliens: Colonial Marines you get to play the part of Winter, a Marine on the ship Sephora responding to the rescue beacon that was sent out in the movie Aliens. You might remember this scene from the movie:

Ripley: How long after we’re declared overdue can we expect a rescue?
Hicks: Seventeen days.
Hudson: Seventeen days?! Hey man, I don’t wanna rain on your parade, but we’re not gonna last 17 hours!

Now, 26 years after the release of the movie Aliens, you are part of that rescue mission – returning to LV-426 17 weeks after the beacon was sent out. But during those 17 weeks, Weyland Yutani has been busy: They found the Sulaco, brought it back to LV-426 and have restarted their operations to capture and control the xenomorph. That is, as you know, easier said than done. Chaos ensues.

One of the very exciting parts of this new trailer is that we are also firmly announcing our street date: February 12th, 2013. All of us on the development team see the end of this project coming closer, and this cycle of development is always very exciting. Everyone involved with ACM wants to make an Aliens game that does justice to a vision James Cameron started so many years ago. We want to make a game that all of us can be proud of.

I hope you enjoy the trailer. We will continue to release more information about the game in times to come. In the meantime, back to work for me. I have a game to finish.

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  • I’m not much of an Aliens franchise fan myself because I’m not into that, but SEGA is quite a big fan of Aliens, is that right, Matt?

    • You bet, everyone on the team is a big fan of Aliens. It is pretty cool to be working on game based in the universe of an awesome film such as Aliens. Working with Syd Mead and FOX on telling the continuing story of the Aliens universe. Going back to LV-426 and exploring places that have only been seen in the movies. Good stuff indeed.

  • Will there be a co op campaign mode?

  • I just hope this game will ROCK! I’ve been waiting for a Aliens game to be properly done. Sega and Gearbox please don’t disappoint.

  • Cannot wait for this game! Glad to see that we finally have a release date and the game is looking good!

  • The last game i played that had something to do with aliens was Prey lol

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE in this chapter include local LAN support plus COOP campaign. AvP 1 and AvP 2 had these features and were very cool while AvP 3 hadn’t and it has been not great like the previous chapter (better story, better graphics, but very bad multiplayer). I’m dreaming about a team of human controlled marines that plays the full story. Let it be not only a dream and add local LAN and COOP campaign. The community will be VERY grateful. Thanks.

    • We do support split-screen. Everything else, we are still investigating ouroptions. Nothing more definite at this time.

  • I agree local LAN seems to be getting shunned a lot these days for online, do they not realise that some of us actually still see out friends face to face!

    Plus am I the only one who think this graphics look worse in this trailer over the early released one? the lighting and texture (of the guns especially) seems low quality in this trailer.

    Only thing I can think is the older trailer was a render or running on a couple of grands worth of high end PC.

  • this reminds me alot like dead space! i mean its kind of no surprise considering alien and the thing influnced dead space…. what game/movie influenced you guys?(other than the actual alien films)

    • Definitely the Aliens films are the biggest influence. For games we have looked L4D, Dead Space, and other shooter such as CoD. Most important to us is that this captures captures the feel of the film Aliens. Everyone on the team plays a lot of games so we end up taking inspiration from anything that captures some of the feel of Aliens.

  • does this Support 3rd person view ? i hateee First Person. looks good but no buy if its only that first person crap.

    • Only 3rd person view is when you play competitive multiplayer. Multiplayer is marines versus Xenos. And the Xenos are played from 3rd person. We opted for this as we found controlling the Xenos as they climb on walls and ceiling and go through vents and so on a lot easier from 3rd person.

  • I have to say this is looking quite good. As far as multiplayer goes, online and offline CO-OP would be cool.

  • So there is a light at the end of the tunnel? I had this game reserved for god knows how many years but it kept getting pushed back. Extremely frustrating but it looks like it has come a long ways and is well worth the wait. Man o man Iam soooo freaking excited for the game!

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    Any chance you guys at Sega could get the Yakuza series on PSN?

    I already have all three games on bluray, but because these games are so huge, it would be more convenient if i just had them on my hard drive …big long games also make me worry about overheating & disc read YLOD *__*

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know what the plans are for the Yakuza series. I have enjoyed playing the games but I’m not privy to the future on those games.

  • @5, haha. Have you’ve seen the Prey 2 trailer? One of my favorites.

    @9, I highly doubt it. I’ve read nothing about a cover system & as 3rd person shooter commonly requires one (except the Fallout series- how did they do that? 8/) I believe Aliens is a full blown twitch FPS.

    Imagine this title was ready by the Prometheus (sp) release? Wow, film + game marketing would be a nice score. But I understand that things just need more time.

  • This game does look impressive, but the question is, will people play it? I remember getting a Aliens V Predator game (I can’t remember which one) and nobody ever played online. It was a shame really because the game was pretty good too.

  • luvtoseek well i guess il just have to pass on this. to bad looks good to.

  • @15 Even though it’s FPS (my fav) an earlier blog post confirmed that xenomorphs will be controlled in third person. I’m cool with first or third, but it’s over-the-shoulder like Dead Space or SOCOM that I can’t stand. I’m unable to focus when someone is in your way the entire time, taking up a huge chunk of the screen!

  • Confirmed for February 12, 2013 and you think anyone’s buying that? This game has been in development hell for ages.

  • hmmm okay maybe il look more into it then. 3rd person is what i prefer. hade no issues with dead space.

  • Also, just so everyone knows, I’m not beating up on the developer, this so called release date is just another in a long line of marketing bull spewed forth by Gearbox and Sega.

    Back on January 26, 2012.

    “Gamers hoping to play Aliens: Colonial Marines in spring 2012 won’t have that opportunity. In a statement provided to the GameStop-owned Game Informer magazine, Sega and Gearbox Software revealed that the sci-fi first-person shooter has been delayed to fall 2012.”

    Coming spring, 2012, no check that, fall 2012, no check that, early 2013 and we even have a date now. Oh, brother, (rolls eyes). Wake me when this game comes out, if ever. Who wants to take bets on the feb 12th date?

  • AWESOME I cant wait!!!!

  • this game looks so much better then the in game footage you did a couple of months ago, the aliens look so much more realistic and more like in the movie!! thanks for the delay so you could make it look better and man does it look fantastic!! Although i did notice that first person view when looking at your hands and things like detonation device, it didn’t seem like there was much detail like scratches or anything. Are you going to try to put more detail in that area before the games done? other wise everything else looks fantastic.

    P.S cant wait to see Prometheus!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for the compliments. The game continues to keep looking (and playing) better. One of the challenges when making a game is balancing the amount of detail, number of enemies, framerate, etc… If you ask the artists, they definitely want to make sure every little item has a ton of detail. But if we did that then something else would pay the price. Don’t get me wrong, what you are seeing is still pre-alpha game play which means it isn’t locked down. I hope we continue to improve all parts of the game. But at the same time we are committed to this ship date so we need to start wrapping things up. We’ll be releasing more content in the future, and hopefully you’ll continue to see improvements.

  • Looking good.

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