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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

Not sure how the year has moved so fast, but we’re now just 2 weeks away from E3 2012. Last week, many publishers (including us) held a sneak preview of some titles that will be featured prominently at the LA Convention Center. That’s why you may have seen impressions of games like The Last of Us (links below) and announcements such as Table Top Tanks. More will be coming over the next couple of weeks as well.

A number of people have asked me via Twitter if we’ll be planning a fan meet-up in LA around E3. I’m working out the details, but we’re aiming to be able to get a select number of people into our press event on June 4th. Please stay tuned for details, likely by end of this coming week.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 14, 2012)

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  • Jeff I would LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to be at Sony’s Press event, and have a PS Blog meet up!! I am so excited, and looking forward to the opportunity to meet you again. Last year it was crazy busy at E3, and I came up to you and said Hi, and a few years back when Insomniac had that even in Hollywood (Egyptian Theater) you were there, and we were talking baseball!! I want to make sure I don’t miss another opportunity like this. I even requested time off of work, so I am ready !!! :)

  • Question about Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the PS Vita:
    Despite the games being advertised as Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater, are they the Substance and Subsistence versions? I heard they are but without some features such as skateboarding and ape escape crossover and more?

  • Also did u hear about Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown coming to PSN June 5th for $15 tons of DLC? I’m guessing you guys will do another blog about it but to announce it is coming up release?

  • It would be awesome to get to see this year’s press event in person. Been to the last two blog meet-ups and had a great time meeting other fellow Sony fans. Last year’s E3 was just not the same, watching the conference online. Personally, I think the Sony Press Conference is even more exciting than the idea of the E3 show floor. Just saying. Really hope we get a chance to get in again!!

  • I still hoping Snowblind Studios make it to E3.

    Come on Champions of Norrath!

  • when is the vita going to get 3rd party app support? now that sony has a tablet(that emulates ps

  • Will the blog be doing a live E3 broadcast like last year again ? I’m assuming it will , any chance of a link to it directly from the what’s new section of the xmb or better yet just video coming right to our ps3 consoles ?
    Last year it was good but for some reason I got kicked off the blog site a few times , maybe too much traffic ?

    anyway , nice to see a good score on that game of Thrones review , was thinking about getting the game ( loved the books and the tv series is great ) and I don’t mind the combat system being so so if the story and other aspects are done well .

  • Hey Jeff 2 questions:

    1. Is Ghost Recon Future Soldier still coming out on Tuesday on PSN?

    2. Is that PRE BUY stuff they’re doing on the EU PS Store coming to the North American PS Store?

  • Can we plan on seeing any Vita system software updates any time soon? PS has to many exclusive games by the time I buy one, their is another one I want. Plan on getting starhawk soon. Something simalr for Vita would great. Things for Vita sound like they are starting to pick up!

  • “I’m working out the details, but we’re aiming to be able to get a select number of people into our press event on June 4th.” Does this mean that there’s going to be a quiz on the blog again? I hope not. PLEASE do a Blog meetup. PLEASE! L.A. hasn’t had any Blog meetups in while, it would be nice to have an E3 meetup again this year.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    I’m the last person on earth you’d ever want near you guys lol. I’d put the constructive criticism in full force on live tv. I wouldn’t be the few you select that worship and praise the ground you stand on. I’d bring the fault and over hype you constantly do to your attention in front of news crews or a camera and post it on my youtube channel. I could see it now, SECURITY get this guy outta here he’s telling the truth on us lying and over hyping the vita and not releasing features as promised day one so security remove him from the kiss my butt and deal with getting lied to club and stay stupid in supporting us even though we don’t care to tell the truth club. Yeah I would make you guys so mad bringing everything up you have promised and over hyped and then I’d enjoy watching you guys do as you always do. AVOID the questions and change the subject to how much money your making as a company lol. We need real people at that get together to find out some answers we all need to know! Starting with the vita and its over hyping and lied about day one features and no support hardly at all.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    I would also ask where is all the new PS3 games at for psn. So many new and awesome games on PS3 and not a day in hell on psn to buy. Lets talk about games that SONY makes and has rights to yet they all never see the light of day on psn to buy. I mean COME ON ALREADY. Where is God of War 3 at for psn? GT5 for psn at? I mean com eon already this is ridiculous.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Get more RACING GAMES on psn for digital download. GT5, Nascar 09 and Nascar 2011. Come on already man! Put all the Dirt racing games on psn. Whats the freaking hold up? I hate buying disc cause your bluray lasers are UNSTABLE and never last long under normal wear and tear of gaming from them its why I ONLY buy digital now so my ps3 last longer. The only thing that could happen is my hard drive go bad and that’s a very easy fix. Just buy a NEW HARD DRIVE and replace it and BOOM you still have your same ps3. A laser goes out then you have to mail it to sony and get back a hand me down ps3 from someone else cause they NEVER send back the ps3 you sent in which is STUPID! Bluray is the biggest joke and I never really liked it anyways. DVD is still cheaper and looks just as good on ps3 up converted to HD quailty so why do we need bluray lol. The only good thing about bluray disc is they are hard to scratch but other than that NOTHING.

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