Long Live Play PSN Community Spotlight

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Long Live Play PSN Community Spotlight

Hey everyone! It’s the latest edition of PSN Community Spotlight, where it’s your chance to get your PlayStation story featured on the PlayStation.Blog. By reviewing the dedicated space on the PlayStation Community Forums, we find compelling PlayStation stories and commentary, then deliver a $50 PlayStation Store voucher code to the winner every week.

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PSN community spotlight

This week’s spotlight is from PSN member renewman1. Stealing is lame, but read on to find out how this military man found a great way to rebuild his collection.

Thievery and Optimism: A Story!
Hi there PlayStation fanboys, fangirls, and fanpets (I know you’re out there!). My name is Renewman1. I am 22 years old, a veteran of the United States Air Force, a Computer Science college student, and a PlayStation fanatic. Akilleez Might (winner of The Tester Season 3) doesn’t have nothing on me! I wanted to start writing these entries as kind of a connection to my world and how I see all things Sony. However, like all good stories and police reports, we have to start at the very beginning.

My story begins back on June 6th, 2010. I was a fresh faced Air Force member on my way from Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia going to Kunsan Air Base in Gunsan, South Korea. I was excited to be going to another country and like a good PlayStation fan, I packed my PS3 and my rather large collection of games in my checked in luggage and flew from Virginia (where I currently live now) to Seattle. Upon arrival I rechecked my luggage (never can be too careful) and resubmitted it to the baggage claim and went on my merry way. The next leg of the trip required us to fly to Anchorage, Alaska before finally making our way to South Korea.

As we were flying away from Anchorage, disaster struck. The left engine of our plane began to smoke! Fortunately, the pilot turned the plane around and we landed safely back in Anchorage. Since it was a malfunction of the turbine and needed a new part, we were grounded for the night in Alaska. Also unfortunately, we were not allowed to gather our luggage from the plane. After a restless night (I mean could you sleep with the sun beaming in your eyes at 12 midnight?), we jumped back on the plane and finished our journey to South Korea.

When I finally got to my base and settled in, I unpacked my luggage to assess my things. To my horror and amazement, a large gap of where my games and Blu-Ray movies were was missing. I thought that they had maybe shifted during flight but to no avail. Someone had come on board the airplane in Alaska and stole from my luggage. After doing some tallying of all the games and movies missing, I had hit the grand total of $1,300 worth of games and movies gone. Of course I was depressed. The culprit had managed to steal a whole bunch of brand new games and movies I had bought. Not only that, when the thief saw they could no longer fit any more boxes on them, they began to take games from cases and left the cases in my suitcase.

So as I sat there with my nearly empty collection of games I thought: “Well I don’t have any physical games, what can I play on PSN?” Apparently a whole lot! I started grabbing games I had never played before: Flower, fl0w, Everyday Shooter, just to name a few. My digital collection grew and I didn’t care anymore that my games got stolen. I never lost faith in Sony to be able deliver great content anywhere in the world online. Of course I went back and replaced all of my games and my PS3 game collection is now over 75+ games strong and that’s not including the slew of games I have on my PS3 from PSN. It definitely helped that this was right around the time PlayStation Plus was first being rolled out so I jumped on board and got even greater deals and games then I did before! When Sony says the PS3 “only does everything”, they really mean it.

Do you have more games on your HDD then actual physical games? How are the increasing options in the digital space impacting your decisions to buy games? Congrats to renewman1, who is now the recipient of a $50 voucher redeemable in the PlayStation Store! Send in your stories here, and feel free to read renewman1’s original post here.

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  • Those flights are notorious for thievery, as they assume you are carrying valuables. Too bad it happened, but great story and a worthy spotlight!


    This story and more that I’ve heard of stealing just makes me prepare for the future and when I travel with my PS3. From now on when and if I travel with my PS3, I’ll delete my bank info on it, unsave my e-mail and password and add max parental security with the code and deactivate my account so if anyone steals it one day they’ll be pissed to know that no content on it works, can’t access disc games because of code or internet browser and can’t access my account. They could format but lose everything. Also this just pushes me to buy online content once PS4 comes out. If I have enough money, have 1 disc, 1 downloaded version of those games I always play to have back up and in case I lose my physical copy. Sorry for the lost and good luck!


    ^ *loss* not “lost”. No edit option so just rectifying my grammar.

  • Great story, sucks what happened you losing your PS3 and games/bluray movies. I would be upset as well as I have purchase lots of games and DLC on PSN over the years.

  • To answer the question in the last paragraph: I got almost as many digital PSN titles as physical games but considering I got 204 retail disc-based games, I wonder how I was able to get that much PSN titles! (Thank you PS+… Lol)

  • DeadKillersRevng

    “Do you have more games on your HDD then actual physical games? (…)”
    Shouldn’t it be “than”?
    By the way nice story, I will take in mind what happened to you for future trips.

  • nice story dude its epic

  • When did doing something for a little under two years make one a veteran?

  • Great story, it’s a shame your luggage got stolen. That would’ve bothered me for quite sometime. Also, since when in the hell can you be a veteran at twenty two?! It’s absurd you can call yourself a veteran with such little time.

  • this program is waste of time and money please reallocate these resources into games.

  • It’s a nice story but I kind of rolled my eyes when I read the comment about so much to play on PSN. The lineup on PSN is weak compared to XBLA and Steam when it comes to indie titles. Sony have done a really poor job of getting good downloadable indie games on PSN.

    There are some good multi plats but so far this year the only exclusive games of worth have been Journey and Closure. Two games in six months! Datura was a critical flop. Wheels of Destruction another flop. Meanwhile XBLA has had Fez, Trials, Minecraft, Sine Mora, Anomaly:WE and Steam has had Superbrothers, Botanicula, Vessel, Dear Esther etc.

    There are a ton of good games that should be on the service, including some of those listed, but Sony doesn’t seem to do enough to hunt out and entice devs to put their games on PSN. I made a list on the forums and I hope someone from Sony takes a look and contacts the devs of those games.

  • Nice story. They pretty much bestow the title of veteran upon anyone who serves their 4 years in the military, he probably joined straight out of high school (18) so 4 years later (22) his contract ends.

  • @10,

    Not everyone that works for PlayStation is directly involved in the creation of video games. This is a social outlet – if you don’t enjoy it, you could always move on. There are those that like the community aspect of this, as is evident by those in the forums.

  • And this is why every time i take a flight with my ps3, everything is wiped before-hand. Either that or i go through extensive lengths to be able to keep it in my personal luggage.

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