Superbrothers + Jim Guthrie X Sound Shapes

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Superbrothers + Jim Guthrie X Sound Shapes

A message from a representative at Superbrothers, written in the midst of a spring thunderstorm in the hill country at the Quebec/Vermont border.


It is with immense pleasure that we are announcing our involvement with a video game project known as Sound Shapes. We are extra excited to be contributing alongside sworcery maestro Jim Guthrie. This represents the latest in a series of Superbrothers X Jim Guthrie a/v collaborations dating back to 2005’s musical film Children of the Clone and 2008’s Dot Matrix Revolution, but this will be our first a/v collaboration since 2011’s cult classic videogame Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.

superbrothers CORPOREAL

Much like Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Sound Shapes is a made-in-Toronto DIY videogame that is unusually collaborative and has a heavy emphasis on synesthetic audiovisual style. What’s more, the people making Sound Shapes are all basically our very best pals – they’re the folks with whom we play board games, drink the beers, go skating and play hockey. On every level it’s an honor and a thrill to be involved.

Sound Shapes for PS Vita: Jim Guthrie and Superbrothers

Sound Shapes for PS Vita: Jim Guthrie and SuperbrothersSound Shapes for PS Vita: Jim Guthrie and Superbrothers

The Superbrothers + Jim Guthrie collaboration will take the form of a Sound Shapes ‘album’ – a series of thematically connected & musically-linked levels known as CORPOREAL.

Sound Shapes is coming to PlayStation Vita, and it’ll be available before too long. Get psyched!!!

The collaborative process

After some initial discussion with Queasy, we chose to explore some of the concepts in prior Superbrothers films including Children of the Clone and Dot Matrix Revolution, so our levels are populated by computers, mainframes, office workers and water coolers. My mom was one of the first female computer programmers in Canada and my father worked as a mainframe computer salesman for decades, so it was nice to set aside the skeletons & space babies of sworcey and get to work on 20th century visual concepts. Meanwhile, the video game design takes the friendly platforming mechanics of Sound Shapes and stretches them in the direction of something like Impossible Mission for C-64 & Spectrum.

Sound Shapes for PS Vita: Jim Guthrie and Superbrothers

With this new collaboration the configuration is quite different. The game design, level design and sound integration are being handled by the Sound Shapes experts at Queasy. The order of operations was a little different this time around too. On S:S&S EP, many of the songs predated the project and I was able to create the world & concepts by listening to specific songs, many of them pre-existing compositions from Jim. In this case, the art assets were created without a specific soundtrack, and then it was up to Jim to craft his sounds to fit the look and concept.

Of course, the real work took place at Queasy & Capy, where a wide-ranging assortment of designers & creators – the Sound Shapes experts – put all the pieces together. Thanks so much for all your hard work folks, it has been a pleasure contributing to your efforts!

So, super excited to share this collaboration and can’t wait for you folks to check it out yourselves. If you’re going to be at E3, be sure to swing by the PlayStation booth for some hands-on time!

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  • Holly jeez this game gets better and better

  • Cant wait for this game. Also bring Sword & Sworcery to Vita.

  • Sword & Sworcery is awesome! Truly a dream collaboration. I eagerly await this games release.

  • Perfect collaboration in my opinion. Looking forward to buying this.

  • For the love of mankind, please give us a release date for this game!! I want it NOW!!!!!!!

  • I need this game as soon as possible.

  • Some awesome collaborations on this so far, Deadmau, and now Superbrothers! I don’t know how many of these you guys are going for, but if I can make a request, It would be amazing if you guys could get a Daft Punk collaboration into Sound Shapes seems like it would be a great fit between the two.

    This is one of the games that I purchased a Vita for in the first place, so I really can’t wait for this. Keep up the good work, hope we can play soon :)

  • Cannot wait for this game!

    I have a question, will it be possible to customize your character? A yellow circle isnt the most exciting thing… I should be a able to put a face and sunglasses on it or something!

  • Release it! Do it. Do it. Do it. You will do it now!

  • First Sly 4 earlier today, and now this!?! Finally the Vita is getting some more love. Can’t wait for this game tho. After playing SS a the ATL Vita hill event last February this is still my most anticipated game for the vita (more so than Gravity rush, CoD, etc.).

    @6 If i remember correctly one of the blog staff already said that the game will be out sometime in June.
    @8 If daft punk could collab on this game I would pass out

  • I <3 Capy! Might be time to get a vita…

  • Can’t wait for this game! I’m so excited to start making levels on this. Seems pretty straight forward from the demos I’ve seen. I even bought the Sony Vita headphones just for this and Lumines (which sound awesome btw eventhough they are rather small). Keep doing what your’e doing Sony and bring us more Vita, I’m starting to run out of time to play all the games I got and between this, Burning Skies, Metal Gear HD and Gravity Rush i’m gonna be broke this summer! LOL

  • Looks awesome and it would be great to get some of those Capy games on the PS Vita.

  • Nice. Jim Guthrie knows how to put together a good video game tune.

    Also, I know this wont happen but I think it would be awesome to have musicians in Sound Shapes that know how to sample and improvise music using their own voices.

    Guys like Beardyman,

    Reggie Watts,

    Dub FX,

    ^ Pretty much all of those musicians draw from different inspirations (comedy, poverty, etc) and it is pretty evident in their terrefic performances. It is worth looking into them.


  • Sounds & Shapes is a Ps vita title that I can’t wait for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • very excited for this tittle. keep up the good work…

  • awesome

  • Sword and Sworcery was $5 on Steam recently and came with the OST. Great interesting game with some enjoyable music.

  • Sword and Sworcery for Move?
    It’s a long shot, but I figured I’d plant the idea in your head.

  • When is Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP coming to PS3/Vita? Would love to see this game on PSN and think it would be a great fit, maybe with transfarring.

  • I will probably but this on day one!

  • I want this game… D;

  • cookiemonster525

    this game is looking more and more awesome

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