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PlayStation Experience on Tour Now

PlayStation Experience

I’m excited to announce that the PlayStation Experience is back on tour for 2012 and we have some awesome games and experiences planned for you, our community. For those of you new to the PlayStation Experience, every year we tour the country’s biggest concerts and festivals to show off all of our latest games and gadgets. This is your chance to meet other local PlayStation enthusiasts, compete in your favorite PlayStation titles, and most importantly, get your hands on unreleased games! I guess there are also the live performances to check out too, but who goes to music festivals for that? Especially when you can play:

…and that’s just the list of games that I can share with you! To top it all off, we will be giving away loads of PlayStation prizes everywhere we go. Trust me when I say, if you love video games and PlayStation, you will definitely want to make your way to the PlayStation Experience. Here’s a list of our confirmed stops:

Date Event Location
May 18 – May 20 Rock on the Range Columbus, OH
May 26 – May 28 Movement Detroid, MI
Jun 2 – Jun 3 Free Press Summerfest Houston, TX
Jun 14 – Jun 16 Riverbend Festival Chattanooga, TN
Jun 27 – Jul 1 Summerfest Milwaukee, WI
Jul 6 – Jul 10 All-Star Fan Fest Kansas City, MO
Jul 20 – Jul 22 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival Canton, OH
Aug 3 – Aug 12 Musikfest Bethlehem, PA
Aug 17 – Aug 19 Pure Michigan Sprint Cup Brooklyn, MI
Aug 31 – Sep 2 On the Waterfront Rockford, IL
Sep 21 – Sep 23 DeLUNA Pensacola, FL
Oct 11 – Oct 14 Albuquerque Int’l Balloon Fiesta Albuquerque, NM
Nov 2 – Nov 4 FunFunFun Fest Austin, TX

We’re constantly adding new stops to the tour, so be sure to check the PlayStation Experience page regularly for updates. You can also follow @HeyPlayStation on Twitter for live Tweets from the road as well as other event updates and weekly giveaways.

I hope to see each and every one of your game faces out on the road!

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  • will they be giving away free stuff we like free lol

  • blast i was fooled by brooklyn, made me think was nyc for a second

  • I’m sure there will be plenty of free gear like shirts, caps, snacks,& maybe even gaming posters or related items. Ahhh, nice, but where’s the NYC pitstop? ;{

  • Texas 2 Times, will def be at Fantastic Fest, but going to miss Houston as I am headed to E3 that weekend :)

  • New England getting no love :(

  • May 26 – May 28 Movement Detroid, MI

    You mean Detroit Michigan right? How do I find out where exactly you guys will be here in Detroit?

    I would like to go but what should I expect when I show up ? Other than what is listed above.

  • come to eau claire wisconsin or minneaplois mn

  • man I applied for the touring job on the web. I guess i wasn’t selected… :(

  • y’all wont b back in texas until November -_- im sure most of these titles will b out by then, can u squeeze Austin residents in earlier the November???

    tho i am curious about the titles you cant talk about yet…so there might b something playable that still wont b out during that time.


  • And nothing for North Carolina. Ah well, big stuff like this always tends to hit places where they can get the most people, at the expense of those who can’t travel.


    • Michael Steranka

      We’re super, mega excited to get these games to you guys before they even come out! Be sure to let us know what you think!

  • Well, no Playstation Experience for THIS Mainer. Try coming a little further northeast next year. At least Boston, come on!

  • Would love it if it came around New England. I like free stuff and free gameplay. But again it’s probably only near the festivals with a lot of numbers up there.

  • You guys are adding more stops? If so, please try to make your way to Atlanta, GA. I finally have the freedom to drive to these type of events by myself, so I could be pretty much any day in the summer. And thanks for even having events like this in the first place.

  • I’m glad theres a PA stop, I was afraid I’d have to travel really far to make it. I don’t even know what Musikfest is but I’ll be there! I can’t wait, there’s a really huge Playstation lineup coming! I’m really excited.

  • You guys need to come to the pacific northwest. It would be great!

  • Nothing west of Albuquerque, NM?!?!?! What about all of the West Coast Playstation gamers? I live in Alaska, so I don’t expect you to come all the way up here (maybe Anchorage)…but nothing at all on the West Coast…that just seems ridiculous!

  • Playstation All Stars looks incredibly fun!!!! I hope it has a story mode. E3 is only a couple weeks away, can’t wait to hear more.

  • Yes theyll be coming to musikfest this year!Awsome!Can’t wait to see you thier playstation!!

  • So are we going to have to pay to get into FunFunFun Fest in Austin just for the PlayStation Experience or what?

  • Really? No California? :(

    Darn, I really wanted to get my hands on LBP Karting and All-Stars.

  • please come to nashville. there’s plenty of music concerts there.

    Playstation RLZ

  • no NY :'(

  • No LA? I guess we get E3 so I can’t complain even though E3 is not open to the public. I am really hoping Jeff, and the Sony crew is putting something together for us LA people before E3!! Still happy people around the country get to try out these games before they come out. I already have Journey, and Starhawk, and I am enjoying them! I am looking forward to almost every 1st party Sony game they have announced so far!!


  • Thank you guys so much for finally coming to Kansas City! I’ve been wanting a PlayStation event here for years! I’m just about to buy some All-Star Fan Fest Tickets. They’re $30, but it’s worth it. Would there be any reason to come two separate days, or would one be long enough to play everything?

  • No Seattle love?? Why no west coast stops at all?????

  • Why no Las Vegas? This is one of the most popular cities in the world, seems like a no brainer to me, last time this tour happened there was no Vegas either :(

  • No Puerto Rico again….. sigh…. Might as well open a special PSblog PR so at least we can participate in at LEAST ONE thing the ps blog does… disappointed in the US PS blog treating us like we are not customers and fans… :(

    some of the ppl here are complaining but at least they live there in the states and can get trains and shlt but WE are fu^%$# up in here.

  • I am at Rock on the Range right now. I did NOT see LittleBigPlanet Karting, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, 4am, Journey, Madden, FIFA or NBA. I played Twisted Metal, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter vs Tekken last night.

    So what gives? Are you rotating the games daily or what? I really wanted to play LBP Kart, Battle Royal and 4am!!!

  • Oh and how do I get free stuff? I pay for tons of stuff, but I love free stuff even more! When I was in the truck, I thought the registration computers were to register for PSN? Is it to register to get hooked up with freebies? All I got was people asking me what they thought of the games I was playing.

  • Oh my gosh thanks so much for showing the much needed respect for the gulf coast. I really want to meet you guys in Pensecola Florida. This is soooo great nothing ever comes down here and I have been sooo excited to play LBPKarting and Playstation Battle Royal!

  • I see that the pensacola fl is going to be at deluna which I looked up is a concert. How am I going to find you guys? Do I have to pay for admission to the concert or can I just go straight to you guys? I don’t know where or who to ask this so if someone would help me find out where I would be very grateful. I would like to start making plans now.

  • why won’t they come to miami

  • Thank god for two Ohio stops! Can’t make it to the one in Columbus, but Canton here I come! Cannot wait to get my hands on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! (Dibs on Sly, whoever I may be playing (= )

  • No Atlanta???? Am dissapoint

  • come to coral springs, fl

  • I swear, you guys never come to the Twin Cities!! You should come to the Mall of America or something. That place is always loaded with people!!

  • Is that Detroit miss spelled?

  • Sure wish this was coming to Las Vegas. Oh well maybe next time.

  • Gee thanks for posting this on such short notice for your first trip. Missed it entirely.

  • Why you always skip Arizona!

  • KCMO!!!! really?!? Nothing ever comes here, I’m sooooo excited!!! Thanks so much bringing it here!

  • Why Do you Guys Always Skip Arizona !! come on please were Gamers too !! :( when will Arizona Become on any list??

  • Try to spread out where each location is per state next time. As for Texas, Houston and Austin are so close to each other. Try Dallas/Fort Worth next time.

  • Hell yeah!!! About time you guys come to Albuquerque

  • I’m really excited about this, but the Football Hall of Fame doesn’t have anything about it listed on their site. Is this happening there for sure July 20 – 22?

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