New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

This week, Music Unlimited features new releases from Adam Lambert, Tenacious D, and Best Coast, as well as new singles from Pantera, Santana, Beach House, and Godsmack. Also, to celebrate the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, we’ve launched the 2012 Billboard Music Awards Premium Channel, which is stacked with hits from the finalists and performers.

New to the Video Unlimited Video Store this week is the mind-bending Chronicle. Also, The Devil Inside is available in Movies, and The Grey arrives in Rent Now. The Avengers and other comic book superhero animated features are available for just five buck in this week’s Own $5 Films.

Also, don’t miss the Collections & Sales section where you’ll discover 10-Minute Previews — yep, 10 minute previews of movies for free! Get the full details on this week’s highlights here.

New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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  • new pantera singles? yeah ok

  • CommandingTiger

    May I make a suggestion about your Video Unlimited Service.
    Well, you see, there’s no reason to buy from the store.
    Check Amazon, if you are a member of prime, you get a free digital copy of your blu-ray you buy from Amazon.
    And there isn’t any limit has to how much times or platform it can be used on.

    PLUS, when I bought MI:GP on Blu-ray, it came with an ultraviolet digital version that can be used on several devices as well.

    I purchased content on the Video Unlimited only to found out it’s restricted to 1 console, can’t copy it to my Vita.
    Think about it, why would anyone would buy a digital movie that cost some hdd space when they could buy it elsewhere on multiple platforms.

  • CommandingTiger

    I am one thoses people who would rather buy their stuff legally to give the industry a chance. That’s why all my games are brand new and half of them (physical disc) are exclusive to PS3 (Over 50 Disc games, 90+ PSN, 50+ PS+).

    So Sony, you should be realistic, people own multiple devices and want their games, music and movies to be compatible on all of their devices. I’d probably want to have the Sony S1 tablet, but since the videos are limited to one, it doesn’t give me a lot of reasons to buy.

    You’ll just need to have faith in your customers, if you believe in them, they’ll believe in you.
    So, if you want people to buy some movies, you are going to need to make it compatible on multiple devices per account.

  • @CommandingTiger: Dude, i have my videoson my Vita and my PS3 i believe it goes like this:

    You can put your movies on two PSP’s, 2 PS3’s and 2 Vita’s.

    i too buy all my stuff legit: over 50+ Disk Games (was over 60 but as they come to Digital release i convert)

    Over 40 PSN/SEN Movies/TV Shows and Cartoons, ok maybe about 60

    32gb 3G PS Vita “Connected w/ Skype” with like 11 PS Vita Games not to mention PSP Games that DO run now!

    MusicUnlimited Premium Subscriber since day one on PS3 (love it on my Vita via 3G



    Playstation + (Day One)


    You know what would be nice, a Free Movie Rental Every Month for Plus Subscribers (Doesnt have to be a “New” movie.

    Theres no incentive for buying from PSN/SEN but i still do it but the Prices there i can get the Blu-Ray with so much more including BD Live so come on SEN.

    Keep up the Good Wrok though!

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