Foosball 2012 Dev Diary: PlayStation Move Motion Controls

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Foosball 2012 Dev Diary: PlayStation Move Motion Controls
Foosball 2012 Dev Diary: PlayStation Move Motion Controls

In March, we announced our upcoming PS3 and PS Vita game Foosball 2012. And now we’ve returned to PlayStation.Blog to showcase a series of short developer diaries where we introduce you to some of the game’s coolest features, like PlayStation Move support, full cross-platform compatibility between PS3 and PS Vita and also the online multiplayer mode.

Our first video demonstrates Foosball 2012 and PlayStation Move motion controllers in action, showing that you can play this game exactly the way you are used from a real table football (“foosball”) game. Thanks to the precision and zero lag of PlayStation Move, even the slightest movements of your hands can be properly translated into the game, allowing you to precisely control the shot power, positions of your foosmen, and so on.

One or two PS Move controllers can be used by one player, or you can ignore motion controls and play with the time-tested DualShock 3 controller, where the left stick controls the poles and movements of the ball and the right stick is used to shoot, allowing you to accurately aim and control the shot power.

In our next video, we will show you how PS3-to-PS Vita crossplay and game continuation will work. Foosball 2012 will be released soon on the PlayStation Store, and both the PS3 and PS Vita versions will come together for a single price. If you want to know more about Foosball 2012, visit our official website here.

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  • Very creative use of the move

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    if i wanted to play gimmicky motion games i’d buy a lame nintendo product

  • Foosball, pinball, tanks, braing training, drawing apps? I didn’t buy my Vita for this casual gaming stuff. I have my iPhone for that. I bought it for hardcore games and RPGs.

  • thanks for doing the buy 1 get both versions deal, I love to see that. I’m interested in seeing more info on the Vita version and reading some reviews about the gameplay in that version in particular.

    • You’re welcome ;-) There will be a free trial, so you’ll be able to test the gameplay yourself.

  • 3# So small devs should not be allowed to make games for the psvita?

  • will these things you’ve been making be free to vita owners? they all sound really cool and i dont want buy a bunch of stuff all at once.

  • Very cool. Seems like a really natural fit for Move.

  • #2 – shut the hell up! This is foosball, and it hasn’t even been done once in near-6 years that the Wii’s been wasting space in my home. Well, maybe it has – I stopped paying attention to Nintendo’s stuff quite some time ago.

    #3 – why would you buy a Vita for hardcore games and RPGs BEFORE there is a library of them? Did you adopt early just so you could whine about it? And just because a foosball game comes out for Vita doesn’t mean you HAVE to buy it. But since you don’t want it, nobody who does want it should be allowed to?

  • Cool! I’m looking forward to this on the PS3 with Move controllers, and being able to play on the Vita is a great addition.
    Let’s get some more details in the next post, and soon!

  • #8 Yeah, pretty much.

  • Finally a game made by hipsters. Someone upstairs is listening.

  • lose the move controls and i will buy this

    • You don’t need to play with Move if you don’t want to. Dualshock controller is supported as well. The guy in the video said that ;-)

  • Cool application of the Move controller. Seems a natural fit! Put it at an affordable price and I’m all over it!

  • @12,

    How would you not want to use Move controllers? Looks like a great use of them to me, and a fun way to play foosball.

  • yea, Fathead170, you must be straight bugging out if you dont want move support for this itle … i love this game in real life and on PS Move has to be a blast… 2 for 1 purchase.. this is a def buy for me.. pre-order at that if capeable via new pre-order via PSN if available…

    will it have save game save files and “true xgame play to play people on PS3 as well?

    Voice Chat enabled?

    Trophies? (I’m pretty sure of this by now)

    Can wait! When is the Demo for Vita available although this is mine day one!?!?:)

    • Yes, people on Vita will be able to play against people on PS3. Save data are also automatically synchronized between PS3 and PSV if you are using the same PSN account.

      Voice chat and trophies are supported too.

      And we can’t wait as well ;-) The release date is not set yet, but it will be just a few more weeks.

  • thaJakub, all good news!

  • @3: PS Vita has the ability to have it all. Stop hating. The more variety a system has, the better.

    People will never be happy. “MORE GAMES RAAARRR” *more games* “THESE SUCK*!”

    *suck meaning; doesn’t appeal to you, but you’re too derpy to know the difference.

    Go youtube Soul Sacrifice English #3 (for onscreen gameplay).

  • Anyhoosit, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Foosball game before. So there’s clearly a lack of them in the industry, so props for filling a large void! Not sure if I’ll pick it up or not, but it’s great to get more Move supported titles on PS3 and more crossplay titles too. :3

  • 4am made me pick up a move and it’s fun. I might get this game at the right price and I’m also looking forward to Sorcery. I hope there will be more games that put the Move Controller as the center focus in fun ways like 4am.

  • Oooooooooooo! I like the idea, but I’m not a fooseball fan. Any chance you’ll be doing ‘Table Hockey?’ I’m all for table hockey.

  • Ii wanna buy this game now! please!!

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