Starhawk’s Final Days of Development

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Starhawk’s Final Days of Development

Warheads! Last Tuesday, May 8th, LightBox Interactive and Santa Monica Studio released Starhawk into the wild. Getting here was a real &*#%^# at times, but it sure as hell has been a fun ride! If you’d like to peek behind the curtains look at the final days of Starhawk’s development, check out this video. We shot it a few weeks before release and it’ll give you a nice glimpse into the inner workings of a game developer in crunch mode.

Starhawk’s Final Days of Development

We’ll also be able to tell you more about some great downloadable items soon, including our first free map…Cypress. Stay tuned for details!

Starhawk for PS3: Cypress map

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  • sweet more maps

  • lol after reading the title i thought it was gpnna be an announcement of the online servers shutting down or somethin lol Im like “final days of starhawk? wtf it just came out!” lol

  • @2
    I thought the same thing lol

  • I want this game so bad but got no cash :P.. hopefully i will get the chance to get it very soon. it looks amazing

  • I am having a blast with starhawk.

  • Harv were are our Starhawk Avatars that were coming!

    I remembered I asked you if they were going to happen and you said most likely.

  • I will check

  • BETA GIFTS! If you participated in the Beta and have not received your Beta Gift please fill out this form (30 seconds, tops) and we’ll manually make sure you get it.

  • Go RICO!!!! Awesome sauce… gigity, he said tournaments

  • This I must say is the originality that i’ve been waiting for in this crowded fps genre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Nic Video – thanx again for all the hard work. Now make some Maps and DLC’s lol.

  • I Was Like Final Days WTF!?! I didn’t even get to play the full game and use my sweet beta gifts
    Can’t wait to play it Next Month.

  • Love the game, thanks for the Warhawk/Beta gifts.

    I really hope more player levels/customizations are added down the line. Compared to Warhawk the ranking and customization kinda falls short. at least give us the ability to change colors on our character like Warhawk.

    Im a level 37 and there are only a couple more ????? for the characters = major sadness

    I never reached top level in Warhawk and I am almost there in Starhawk. that just doesn’t seem right.

    Looking forward to more maps and anything else you guys have planned in the future!

  • I hope this game sells well, Sony exclusives need to sell well, I hope Sony doesn’t stop with their great line ups of exclusives in the future.

    I also wish that they would allow us to customize the colors of our characters’ attire.

  • I have to say, this game is better than I expected it to be. I was playing Zones the other day and while I have played modes similar to it, Starhawk takes it one step farther with the “build and battle” aspect of the game. I had two of the most intense matches I have ever played in my life of playing online. We had every building made and every vehicle available to us all across the map battling it out in every zone.

    It’s great knowing that the tide of battle can turn at any given point with just the drop of a vehicle or building. Best $60 I have ever spent so far. I just wish I was able to participate in the Beta for the extra items (I could have but I was way too busy during that particular time).

    But if I have to critique anything, I’d have to say that, in my opinion, the tanks are a bit over powered. They need to be dialed back just a tiny bit.

  • This game has impressed me in every facet imaginable. Can not recommend it enough!

  • where is our free month of ps plus and and our hand of the founder

  • Harvard Bonin

    “BETA GIFTS! If you participated in the Beta and have not received your Beta Gift please fill out this form (30 seconds, tops) and we’ll manually make sure you get it.”

    Tbh, I got my beta icon. These are to be given to those who actually took part. Not those who ride the shirt-tail of others and lie about being a beta tester. I hope you think about that. I hate those who don’t earn a damn thing, but want something in return.

    Finally, Starhawk has won my respect of games. Having the Twisted Metal Skin + the Beta (Founder’s Hand) is worth it.

  • Also, why no commercials? PS3 exclusives need commercials!!!

  • got my beta icon too

  • im very upset with but ONE thing about starhawk and that is that i was deprived of my Hand of the Founder. i played the hell outta that beta, i got to level 5 like 3 times and i didnt get my hand. my cousin got it and he started playing halfway through the beta. i downloaded it on fireblaze_666_g (my english account) and played on djml9 (my german account). i was reallylookin forward to braggin with my glowy hand, but thusly, i cannot. please give it to me, i loved the beta and picked up the full game on day 1. and one other annoying issue: yesterday, the game froze like 6 time and it deleted a bunch of my skills and says i didnt do a number difficult tasks necessary for other skills. and unlike the beta, i was not reimbursed my skill points.

  • just noticed the link, sry. still, the freezing and skillz loss: please address

  • just filled out the form. thank you so much for actually following up on your players and making sure we get what we expect. LBI and Santa Monica r definitely in my top 3 devs. Sry, but MediaMolecule will be my first love, always and forever. but yallz is a close second.

  • Heh, good times! I thought you guys would look more pale though

    I’m having fun with the game! I wish I had more free time though!

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    I complained about this on the last starhawk post and I will vent again as many times I need to till you guys that made starhawk listen. I have almost 100 dollars on my psn account ready to attack that game with a purchase but you guys only released the game on disc and I will not by no means will buy a disc version of games anymore. I’m a all and out psn digital guy. I sell my disc games and buy them off psn when they hit psn. I want this game so bad but my 60 is sitting on my main psn account waiting for you to take but since you guys didn’t think of us digital guys I guess your sells won’t be as good. Its amazing how sony downed our 5 activations down to 2 because the developers whined about it yet you still don’t put the games on psn the same you release the disc. They do that for vita why not ps3?

  • Best 3rd Person Shooter mechanics I have ever experienced. Servers were a little light today (AM Eastern) but hoping it was just the time of day. Single player was a little weak story-wise and the AI weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed (call your other Sony partners at Guerrilla Games next time) …BUT, the campaign is an excellent way to prepare for the Multiplayer, especially if you are not a Warhawk Vet or less experienced with TPS’s (like me). I am a lot more comfortable with flying a Hawk then I ever was in the Beta so if you get the game, play the campaign for that reason alone…it is like a super advanced tutorial.

    The multiplayer does have some balancing issues that I think could have been avoided if they had allowed us to test the party system during the Beta. Lots of complaints out there about base-raping by organized players. Hopefully it doesn’t turn too many off before they can find a clan to party up with. Great clan support and a truly team based game for sure. I hope that it takes off because I could see myself playing for a long time if that is the case.

  • Harvard Bonin, what does that last part of that form mean?

    “And if you are trying to scam some swag, be warned, we can cross-reference your name with the Starhawk BETA *AND* Warhawk player databases! These gifts are for our fans who worked with us during the Starhawk BETA only!”

    I was a player in Warhawk and I also was a player in Starhawk’s private beta – I participated a bit in the forums too.

    But this part of the form infers to me that I must have been ONLY a Starhawk BETA tester and if I was also a Warhawk player I should not be filling this form out.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Meant to say the same DAY as the disc release date in my last comment at the end. Just thought I’d correct my typo at the end leaving out DAY in it.

  • And to comment on the game – LOVE Starhawk!

    Completed Merc Single Player all the way through – good challenge and loved that last fight.

    MP, I loved it in Beta and am loving it now. (Actually I loved it a little more in beta so far as I personally felt it was better balanced, but I’m hoping to see that get cleared up as balance issues are met head-on and people start learning how to play as teams)

  • This game is great and most enjoyable with friends. Please please make a warhawk mode in this game!
    Add your idea!

  • Im somewhat in the same mindframe as evil right now. From what i read the ps4 will be doing away with used game/trade ins so untill i officially hear otherwise im not purchasing anymore disc games. I have my reasons why i believe downloadable games should be cheaper than a disc game even if both were released the same day but i wont go into that. This game is an all star so i’d be willing to pay the extra buck if it goes download within the next two months. Anything longer im either uninterested or gonna be distacted with some other game. GO DOWNLOADABLE! Also, if you decide to go downloadable i hope my unused beta gifts will be compatible. A lot of games wont take disc dlc for a downloaded version of the same game.

  • you downloadable only people are full of lolz. I can’t believe how eager you guys are to get ripped off in the future.

    Physical media is not going away with the next gen of consoles. period. exclamation point.

    Not saying the choice shouldn’t be there however if you want the DL version.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Someone once said that a day 1 ps3 release was never released on psn anytime in the same time frame and all I can tell you is… You are WRONG. If I’m not mistaken Mass Effect 3 was released the day it hit disc as well or at least it hit the next week on the store update but I could’ve swore it hit the same as the disc street date on psn for 60 bucks. So it can be done just like they do for vita now. The prices should always be no more than 50 bucks for a 60 dollar disc game. No Plastic to make the case and disc, Paper for Instruction manuals and the shipping charges to ship the disc games out to stores and yet when we get the same game digital it sells for the same price? That I agree with on the 60 fee’s for new games on psn. They should at least be 10 bucks cheaper cause going digital saves you developers a crap load of money.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Disc versions will vade out man. What you want to bet me that the ps4 WILL NOT BE PS3 backwards compatible. It happen with ps3 not being ps2 compatible. It will be a more advanced tech than ps3 and watch ps3 disc won’t work just ps4 games. They may go the vita route and start making future card like games for ps4 and also do digital. You people that want disc are the same people that never make your minds up to keep the games and trade them off or sell them. The its you same people that has caused us to be charged those online pass 10 dollar fees on used games cause developers are pissed you get it easy at a cheap price and they lose money so they try to get a tiny portion back bu making this online pass crap. Online pass crap is all because of disc owners. If you are just going to keep trading games off or selling them then just rent the games for crying out loud.

    *bow bow*

  • All I can say is you guys are a real team based off of the video, you have some good relationships in there (no homo) This takes my passion even higher.

  • pretty cool that more maps are coming
    but why didn’t LAN make it in (i cant find it)
    it doesn’t matter (expect i would have brought 2 copies)
    loved the campaign

  • Will Starhawk have the Simulview feature?

  • I love Starhawk but I haven’t been able to play co op or use MP homeworld since launch.. it says failed to connect.. any ideas??

  • the game is sooo fun! i got into my first dogfight server the other day! omg soo many hawks in the air! actually got a couple of takedowns 2! adrenaline rush on beast mode!

  • Most fun I have had playing a game in a very long time. Congrats on such an awesome game. Ya’llreally out did yourselves.

  • I Clicked on the Link to that form and was up to the last question when i realised, Uh Oh. U guys didnt put up SCEA, Not America, but Sony Computer Entertainment Australia! I was part of the Gorgeous Beta too

  • I am loving this game. I’m looking for a team player or two to join my brother and I in co-op mode. Feel free to message me.

  • years from now people will say……”woah dude! you still play CoD??! Stop playing in the sandbox bro. *hands him copy of starhawk*

  • Loving everything about Starhawk; can’t wait for some DLC and some new whips to kill people with.

  • I do enjoy starhawk quiet alot, problem? people dont seem to use mic, what happen to the community here? :( no talking for strategies, or warning, you see, I am mostly a Scout/Sniper type guy, I run, hide and go high!, i use my sniper scope to check out the place, warn players with their gamer tag. But I keep blasting warning and people dont react to them, I been MVP 4 times for playing a team, watching the Flag, Taking Zones… >.> people TEAM GAME!!!

  • Thanks for the Warhawk / Twisted Metal gifts. I love riding / flying in Eucadian and Chernovan colors and especially running around as a Sweet Tooth outcast. Way cool!

    That was a fun video. I was a Starhawk skeptic but am now truly a fan and am very much looking forward to the Cypress DLC.

  • its The Best game i have ever played yet but i dont like how you level up its just unmbers till level 50 i reched 50 in 4 days and now i feel like im losin my interest in the game i remember when i used to play warhawk it takes u to be general in 1 or 2 years which is kool and it does make u keep play the game to see what behind the ranks if u know what i mean , i wish yall could make it just like warhawk or at least add more levels ,, clothes ,, paints for guns ,, medals stuff like that , this game cant stop at this level im little bit disappointed but i hope yall hear my point thanks

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