The Last of Us Cutscene: The Sky Has Turned Grey

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The Last of Us Cutscene: The Sky Has Turned Grey

It’s been nearly six months since we announced The Last of Us and development has been a bustling beehive of activity. If you picked up the March 2012 issue of Game Informer or saw any of the online coverage, you might have read about Joel and Ellie’s visit to an abandoned city. Today, we are excited to share a very fresh, very provocative video that should answer some of your questions about what went down inside those city walls. You’ll get an idea of what it takes to be a survivor in Joel and Ellie’s heartless new world.

The Last of Us Cutscene: The Sky Has Turned Grey

Joel and Ellie won’t have an easy road ahead of them. Their path across the US will intersect with other survivors, some of whom won’t be friendly. In this scene set to the somber chords of Hank Williams, Sr., Joel and Ellie continue their journey west in a battered pickup truck. As they drive towards the next destination on their route, and hopefully a place to find critical resources, the pair encounters a group of hunters. What happens next is something you have to witness to understand. Check it out in the video above.

What you watched here is only a peek into how alone and forsaken this world has become. Be ready for things to get much worse.

If you missed any of Game Informer’s coverage of The Last of Us, be sure to dive in — we have so much more to show you and you won’t want to miss any of the backstory. Most recently, Game Director Bruce Straley and Creative Director Neil Druckmann spoke with IGN and answered some questions about the game. Be sure to read it! We can’t wait to share this genre-defining game with you.

The hounds have started to bay. Get prepared for E3 in early June and the growing news storm in the months to come!

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  • Thank you for uploading this. The IGN video player is absolutely TERRIBLE and I can’t even get it to run. This is what I have been looking for!! It looks truly astonishing.

  • There are so many great 1st party exclusives Sony is bringing out. This is for sure one I am keeping my eyes on. I already pre-ordered the game. I know Naughty Dogs makes great games!!

  • Wow, this is the last thing i expected to see pop up on Twitter before I went to bed at 2:00 in the morning, but I love it! I cannot wait to see more Naughty Dog, hopefully we’ll see a release date soon! So many good games releasing this year & next.

    P.S. – The Jak and Daxter collection is a blast! lots pf great memories for sure! I also have 2 of 3 PLATINUM trophies! haha, Naughty Dog is definitely one of my favorite developers next to Quantic Dream and DICE =P

  • By the way if anyone wants to know the song in the background it is Hank Williams Sr .- Alone and Forsaken

  • I can’t stop hitting the replay button! In Naughty Dog We Trust!

  • So far… so good! Looking forward to hopefully seeing more of it when E3 comes around.

  • As beautiful as that was, I would still love to see some actual gameplay, not just in game cut-scenes.

  • I can’t wait to go through this game. The story is going to be fantastic. I love character driven stories.

  • This game is so bought. :)


  • I agree with 7, I would love to see some game play. I suppose I’ll just have to wait till E3 though.
    Loving this game so far. =^_^=

  • The more I see of this the more I want it, I just started Max Payne 3, another ND game, this one is looking just as good, I can’t wait!

  • @ 12

    *Smacks Face* Max Payne 3 is created by Rockstar…NOT Naughty Dog…ugh…. you people I swear.

  • looks really good so far cant wait to see more.

  • I am really anticipating this game. I’m just curious with how Naughty dog will let us play this game. I really loved Uncharted and naughty dog’s ability to tell us a remarkable a story but I also feel so constrained and how linear the game was.

    I’m not saying the Uncharted games were bad I just wish that they could have given us more choices in their games. Please make it happen Naughty Dog!


  • Can I have it now?I will not tell or show it to anyone.

  • no online or couch co-op buy..definitly a rental though :p

    • We have not announced any plans about online multiplayer but there will be some kind of multiplayer aspect to the game.

  • Looks good! But so did Amy and I am Alive. I’m just gunna wait and see. :)

  • StealthReborn--

    The game looks beautiful! I hope you guys and gals show some gameplay at E3 in a couple of weeks. I’m really curious to how the combat system is going to work.

    Keep up the phenomenal job! =)

  • Looks great, your studio’s pedigree speaks for itself too, I’m very excited to about this.

  • That’s the reason I own a PLAYSTATION console.

    Thanks Sony and ND.

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    PLEASE try to add highly anticipated videos and trailers like this to PSN as soon as they go public! Gamers with taste only watch their HD trailers with high, high, HIGH BITRATES :)

    Anyway, provided Sony dont force naughty dog to shoehorn in another unwanted & idiotic multiplayer mode, while gimping the story, Last of Us could be the most important new sony title :) Ima gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best! :D

  • The Last of Us looks insatiably delectible, I cannot wait to hear more information.. and live gameplay.. and possibly an app utilizing the PS Vita as a sort of virtual backpack to see the items you carry in the game… just an idea.. Vita needs love

  • I won’t be able to sleep well until this game is released, hehehe, I’ll be waiting E3 for more.. it’s looking awesome.

  • I’m looking forward to what you show at E3. I’m a little worried however. Uncharted 3 suffered greatly from you guys overextending yourselves making two games at once. You went from making one of the best games of this console generation(Uncharted 2) to just an above average game with tons of glitches and flaws(Uncharted 3).

    I hope this game doesn’t suffer too and you get back to making games at the quality level you are capable of and not less then that so you can make more of them. Quality over quantity.

  • BiezulbubBill69

    LOOKS incredible can’t wait to play this!!!!!!!

  • When my fiancée and I saw that trailer during the VGAs late last year, we were initially incredibly stoked. It looked like a zombie-esque game, (my fiancée loves playing zombie games with me), that we could play together, and there was even a girl character for her. Then came the announcement that The Last of Us would be a single player affair only :( I’m still holding out hope that a surprise announcement will come at E3, maybe even a story-based separate co-op mode, but I’m certainly not holding my breath. I have no doubt this game will look and play amazing, I just hope for the sake of those who do pick this title up that it isn’t just a twelve hour saga of protect the little girl from the baddies.

  • @26 krae_man: Really? tons of glitches? just above average? I don’t know what were you expecting but to me U3 is one of the best games this gen, it looks awesome I can’t believe how much it improved graphically over U2, also they almost hit perfection in the way they blend gameplay with cutscenes.

  • I look forward to seeing some gameplay videos when E3 comes around. I hope this is a really indepth type of game and not a copy of other games of the past. I am trusting to hope Naughty dog.

  • Amazing trailer guys. So we will hear of a release date at E3???

    Also is this game going to have both single player and multiplayer ?


    The Character Limit of these posts isn’t enough space for me to list all the things wrong with the game.

    Personally, I liked the gameplay of 3 better then 2 because it had less shooting(I’ll take walking around as young Nate over another Gears killbox any day of the week) but It is objectively a worse game.

    The biggest issue I have is it feels like a huge chunk of the end of the game was cut for time. I refuse to believe saving the world in a cut scene was the original plan.

  • reminds me of the movie The Book Of Eli

  • So is that cutscene/video in real-time on the PS3 or is it just a pre-rendered video?
    I’m really impressed if that is all in real-time!

  • naughty dogs aka naughty gods did it again cant wait to see gameplay of this amazing game

  • Need more details…! Oh wait, E3… ;) Tell me when this is released, so I can plan my vacation.

  • @33 that was a good movie and release the game already i was at best buy in march thinking it was out lol

  • @ MP_is_for_Chumps. Please spare us your ignorance. The MP in UC was neither shoehorned in or unwanted or the story ‘gimped’ as you refer to it as. Also Sony didn’t force ND to do anything. They wanted to do a MP. They said so themselves Please do not mistake you opinion for fact and keep the ignorance down to a dull roar please

    @ krae_man. You must of played some other game. What tons of glitches are you speaking of?

  • This game looks amazing! Can’t wait to see more of it!

  • It looks great! I’m really interested in it.

  • Are there plans for a collector’s edition? I’m holding off on a pre-order for now, but if there is a CE, I will be all over it.

    I loved the Uncharted 3 CE, and wish I would have gotten Uncharted 2’s CE. Either way, this game is going to be a day one buy, and if there is a CE, then it will also be a definite buy.

  • See this is why you dont trust strangers

  • I pray that there is very little online MP in this game. Given the deterioration of the online community in the FPS arena and all the hacking/cheating that occurs. I did like the Co-op mode of U2 and U3, this would fit this game when you consider its context.

    And I really hope that the Single Player Campaign is on par or better than the Uncharted series that they are known for.

  • This is why I love playstation. Naughty dog you are just bad A$$, you have the most skilled designers I think in the business.

  • What you see is all in-game footage.

  • Graphics look awesome! Great facial animations! Can’t wait to buy this. ND please make the SP campaign at least 15 hours, if not more. Maybe some SP DLC as well. I am sick of MP in every game.

  • Brilliant .

  • AMAZINGGG looking game. this is a must buy at full price. usualy i wait for price drop but this looks promising. i realy hope it is and worth the 60$

  • Absolutely gagging for this one. This game is looking terrific. Thanks for the preview!

  • Looks good! But don’t worry. I learned my lesson from last year. I’ll wait about 4 or 5 months until it drops down to $30 or unless Black Friday has a deal on it. No day 1 games for me except Assassin’s Creed III (because of the navy fleet of spoilers that will hit the internet Day 1).

    I bought Uncharted at full price and it wasn’t worth it considering the campaign was null and the multiplayer turned hardcore after a few months.

    Won’t be buying any DLC for this game though unless a GOTY / Complete edition is announced (I bought DLC for U3, now the MP is unplayable). This might win a few GOTY awards, I guess unless Borderlands, Assassin’s Creed, and Bioshock Infinite take the slots. Let’s hope it’s not a flop like U3. Oh and don’t get me started on the marketing. It left me with a bad aftertaste with U3. So. Much. Marketing. Please. Don’t kill a game like this. Please. Oh and I’m not going to over indulge myself in the trailers like I did with U3 which ruined almost all the set pieces for me. I want to enjoy a game like this. I started reading I am Legend and it reminds me of with the empty city and all. I’m really hoping this game changes my attitude about you guys after Uncharted 3 I don’t know what to think.

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