GT Academy 2012: Get Tips From the US Champion Today

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GT Academy 2012: Get Tips From the US Champion Today

GT Academy 2012

Attention GT Academy competitors: we are now in the third week of the 2012 season, and the competition is heating up. Since May 1st, nearly 600,000 competitors have driven more than 51,000 miles and reattempted 52,000 times for their chance to become this year’s GT Academy Champion.

As you may already know, Round 3 and 4 became available this week – offering faster and more advanced technical driving challenges to prepare you for the final eighth round starting in June.

To give you a leg up on the competition, TwitchTV will be doing a live webcast with the first US GT Academy Champion Bryan Heitkotter today at 6pm Pacific Time. Be sure not to miss this as Bryan will be providing some inside tips for each of the round challenges and his predictions for this year’s winner.

GT Academy 2012Twitch TV

Here’s a quick reminder for each of the challenges from Round 1-4:

Round 1: Nissan Leaf (Current Leaderboards)

  • Simple Right-Hand Corner
  • Simple Left-Hand Corner
  • Simple Series of Corners
  • Series of Blind Corners
  • Driving with Opponents

Round 2: Nissan Silvia Spec-R Aero (Current Leaderboards)

  • Long Banked Corner
  • Hard Braking Before a Corner
  • Series of Corners on the Rome City Course
  • S Curves 1
  • High-Speed Approach to a Series of Corners

Round 3: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (Current Leaderboards)

  • Rotary Corner in the Madrid City Course
  • S Curve at Suzuka Circuit
  • Continuous Corners and Elevation Changes
  • Variations of Corners
  • Maintaining Stability in High-Speed Sections

Round 4: Nissan 370Z (GT Academy) ’08 (Current Leaderboards)

  • The Nurburgring’s “Kallenhard” Section
  • Low Speed ‘S’ Curve with Changing Radius
  • ‘S’ Curves 2
  • Suzuka Circuit’s “Spoon Curve”
  • The “Variante Ascari” and “Parabolica” at Monza

Remember, in case you haven’t started, GT Academy 2012 is available as a free downloadable through the PlayStation Store until the end of the competition on June 24th. See if you have what it takes to become the next GT Academy Champion!

More information on GT Academy is available through the official site and our Facebook page.

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  • Hey Ken, Sup!

    oh yea GT Drivers getting it done!

  • whats up with new shows on GT-TV?

    GT PS Vita coming?

  • those gt players a re very good.. I cant phathom how you guys can just choose just 1 person.. I gotback sided handled to me in gt5 online in a free game with the best of best( or it seemed any way). It was mercy game. i came in last place rather than not finish at all. i thank them for that much..:)

    Who every wins this is dam good.

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • Now that Photo has been Enhanced big time

  • this is one insane contest, Ive gotten gold in all the stages but still in like the 69000ish rank. Crazy good driving by a lot of people.

    @RINGPULL-UK, I think you just need a better TV because GT5 looks a lot like that for me. I dont know about the car interior because I dont drive with that view but the other is pretty spot on.

  • @ # 3 very well said :)

    @ # 4, No! Not really enhanced at all. That is exactly how it looks. What kind of crappy TV do you own?

  • at #6 …. he probably plays on a REAL TV?? ;) I’ve been playing..and in love with…. GT since GT1 on PS1… GT5 looks amazing but it doesn’t look THAT smooth. Anyone that has played GT5 for a few hours (or hundreds of hours like most GT fans like me…) KNOWS that the shadows are jagged and the corners are not as smooth as the pics they show us. Either way, the game still looks and RUNS amazingly (1080p at SIXTY frames per second as well), so I’m not complaining but I just wanted to sort things out ;) No reason to lie about graphics nomatter how much you love the game.. at least for most of us…

  • Anyway, best rank I’ve been able to get in this GT academy is 9 thousand… I’m having a HARD time accepting that 9 thousand…9 THOUSAND people are better than me at GT… it makes me very sad lol, I’m pretty damn good at the game too, like I said I’ve been playing it since the beginning and am VERY smooth around the corners etc… Crazy.

    Maybe I’ll be better with faster cars (can’t say the Nissan LEAF is the kind of “speed” I like ;) Will be spending more time with the new races this week to see if I can cut deeper into the leaderboards. Sometimes you gotta do 50 laps until you find the PERFECT line, all about practice.. that’s why I love GT or any competitive game!

  • And a few simple tips for people new to GT who want to improve their leaderboard times a LOT:

    1) Turn off TRACTION CONTROL in the car settings / options

    2) Manual transmission, of course, will get you there faster

    3) Do NOT blindly follow the driving line… it does NOT give you the fastest time all the time…

    4) Be very gentle with turning / the left stick. No sudden sharp turns. You want to disrupt your car from going straight as little as possible. The more you turn your car (even the slightest degree) the slower it will go..even if you have the gas pedal held down all the way.. Just like real life…

  • Here´s a guide on how to get the fastest possible start to your qualifying lap on Motegi twin rings, level 8-5 :
    You need this start to go sub 1:32s

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