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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

We’re taking a quick, pre-E3 break in San Diego, so nearly skipped this week’s What We Read. But I did stumble across some informative reviews for games like Awesomenauts (still free for PS Plus subscribers!), Starhawk, and Mortal Kombat for PS Vita, so here goes.

I can vouch for that last one personally – during last week’s PlayStation <3 Canada meet-up in Toronto, Sid and I enjoyed quite a few ad hoc matches with the locals. In true Canadian fashion, they kicked our arses, politely. Then we played for a nice chunk of the flight home as well. In my opinion, it’s the best portable fighter ever.

Last thing: did any of you catch today’s Premiership finale? One of the craziest days in sports history, anywhere in the world.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 7, 2012)

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  • Hey Jeff, can Sony bring more JRPGS to PSN Store I’ll love to buy them :)

  • Why the lack of PS3 Rpgs on PSN Store i don’t like FPS shooters ):

  • *spoilers ahead God of War*

    I can only say I was disappointed to hear that the next console release of god of war was a prequel when it has traditionally been a sequel up till now. I was further disappointed by the fact that it takes place right after the death of his family…… seems like the easy route to just throw him at the furies and be done with it. We’ve escaped from many a prison in god of war as a series, now we’re dedicating a game to a punishment already served after his families ashes were fused to his body. I’m more interested in the events after God of War 3. I’m going to pretend that this is a title to hold us off for the PS4 release of God of War 4.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I’d say wait until you see more of God of War: Ascension’s story campaign before deciding on it.

  • Its too bad I couldn’t make it to the meetup in Toronto.

    Also, I think its the british who actually use the word arses. I haven’t seen anybody in Canada use arses instead of that special word for our behinds.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Perhaps, but I wasn’t trying to speak as a Canadian there, or I’d have said ‘eh.’

  • Any news about COD for vita and if it will be the same as black ops 2 same with assassins creed? Sony’s sales haven’t been the best recently and I was wondering if their going to impact the Play Station 3, PS Vita, first party games, and future devlopment? I hope for the best of Sony and everyone’s job at Sony!

  • Speaking of rpgs in the store now that you do ps2 classics i would love to see final fantasy 10 and final fantasy 12 in the store i would be a buyer and im sure there would be a ton more buyers!

  • @6 FF10 IS coming to PS3 AND Vita as an HD version some time this year.

    As for PS2 JRPG’s, Please bring Xenosaga 1-3, i made into an idea on blog share and got well over 200 up votes.

  • Hey Jeff, have you watched that presentation of Soul Sacrifice? It’s in english now and the gameplay looks pretty slick. Combat kind of reminds me of Folklore when you play as Keats and all your attacks are sort of an extension of yourself. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one.

  • I read on the web that Rainbow Moon is in Gold status. So I take it is in Sony’s hands. Do you think we will be seeing it before the end of this month?

    I’m at least hoping for a early June release. Will make a great birthday gift for myself.

  • Will there be a E3 meet up this year if so when.

  • i brought the 1st edition vita bundle and i must say sony u let me down with not supporting it lke u should..even tho i love mortal kombat i already downloaded it for ps3 so there should b @ least 2-3 games weekly..we waste all that money and they cant even have a steady flow of games every week..i feel like giving my vita to my lil brother and get another a long time supporter of sony and brought all sony systems on the 1st day but yall really dropping the ball..the same support we show u we need that in any know if nba 2k12 and dead island coming to psn?..i love those games

  • Best Buy is now selling the Playstation 3D Display for $250.

    That end of the Man City game had to be one of, if not, the best finishes in soccer.

  • @12 what size is the t v?

  • 24in, 1080p, 240hz and 3d. Get a pair of glasses and motorstorm apocalypse,HDMI cable and the TV it’s self. I plan on getting it soon but most of the TV’s only last 1-3 months. That is the only thing that is stopping me from getting it.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I’ve been using mine for over 6 months, every day. They’re warranteed, and good quality build.

  • Jeff: “Last thing: did any of you catch today’s Premiership finale? One of the craziest days in sports history, anywhere in the world.”

    WHA??? What happened? Oh, wait, let me try and guess: City came back and beat QPR with the winning goal in the last minute of stoppage time (Last I checked, they were behind 2-1 in the 79th minute) while Man U also lost in stoppage time. Or is it something a bit more crazier than that?…….

  • Also, Jeff, are you, Sid, or Rey going to have either Slightly Mad Studios or Atari on in the next couple of weeks to talk about Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends? I’m only asking B/C I’ve already got the game pre-ordered and ready to pick up day one, but yet other than a media preview and a recent trailer, we haven’t heard much about the game, and I am wondering if you can have somebody come on and talk about it B/C, unless it get delayed AGAIN (according to what I’ve heard on YouTube, the game has already been delayed twice) it is supposed to come out at the end of this month. Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      We weren’t planning on it. We usually have 3rd party games featured that are either doing something special for PlayStation consumers (exclusive, PSN, Vita, special pre-order/DLC, etc) or that are otherwise hugely popular among our readers.

  • @14 thats a great deal but the T V is too small

  • @15

    Except for Man U winning, that’s exactly what happened.

  • once again no new vita games this sony got ps1 or ps2 games comin out like every week but no vita games?..smh

  • Hey Jeff is there any chance of Sony update Media go so we can use with the PS Vita, all my mnis and PSP games are there and I don’t want to download all the games again.

    BTW about Man City’s game this sunday I must say what Jay and Kanye said: That S*** Cray
    Ohh and did you liked West Bromwich GK? haha

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I don’t know that Media Go will ever work with PS Vita, as it’s already got a download solution on PC, but I can’t say definitively. And we owe that keeper a debt of gratitude – he made us 30 million quid!

  • So GOW:A takes plce after the death of his family? Dissapointing they took the easy way out, it would have been more interesting to have a human kratos, his transformation into Ares´ servant, some of his tasks under Ares´ orders and the slaughter of his family being actually playable. That would have been more memorable than the first game to have the entire story being a build up to his family´s death, but i asume being a mainstream Sony game doesn´t allow to take risks.

    Wating for the actual campaign footage that proves me wrong a makes me look like a fool.

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