The Making of Sorcery: The Music Behind the Myth

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The Making of Sorcery: The Music Behind the Myth
The Making of Sorcery: The Music Behind the Myth

In this installment of our “Making of Sorcery” video series, we turn our attention to the music and sound design in this upcoming PlayStation Move title. It was very important to have a Celtic inspired score for this game, but we wanted to do something a bit unusual with Celtic music, almost stretching the use of the instruments where possible in an effort to give the world of Sorcery its own unique sound. As you’ll notice, we have drums, flutes, and other instruments that give the music somewhat of a medieval feel, but at the same time we didn’t want to be limited to that.

We wanted to bring in as many other sounds as possible to create a wider palette. The result is a fusion of traditional Celtic music with more contemporary instrumentation and sound effects that boost the feeling of immersion you get by casting spells with the PS Move controller. Here’s a look, and don’t forget Sorcery will hit stores in North America on Tuesday, May 22nd!

Sorcery: US box art for PS3

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  • Thanks Brian.

    Loving these pieces you’re posting.

    Can’t wait for the game.

    Keep up the great work !

  • will there be any cut scene art or scrap book art.?

    • As far as I know, there’s no concept art bundled with the release. However, they don’t tell me everything … .

  • I need more money to buy this!!! I’ve spent too much already. :(

    I’ll definitely get it sometime down the line.

  • I am wondering… will this game be available as a digital download at the PSN? if not will it be available in México? i am wondering because well after the Starhawk fiasco (i am still waiting for the game to be released in my country… o.O WTF LigthBox!!!) i am starting to wonder if this will be out digitally.

  • Wow, you all are quintupling down on this game.
    (please don’t let this suck; please don’t let this suck)

  • @ + Czr_PDM

    indeed, I have the same problem here. No StarHawk in Brazil so far….

    Please make a digital version of SORCERY on PSN! I don’t want to miss out this one at launch date.
    I even bought the Move controller for this one.

  • Ty brain.. for taking the time out your day to answer questions.

  • Why do I have a feeling this game will FAIL? Hope I’m wrong…..I really want this game

  • Look really cool. Will the music assets on-disc be 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed? Great to see so much effort put into the sound design and recording of the music, but if its MP3/AAC on-disc, the point will be kinda moot.

    Still unsure if I’ll buy the game, but details like this are helping me warm up to the idea :)

  • Ah Sony… You’ve really got a knack for recognizing greatness and innovation. There is none other company that can find them quite like you. You’ve got the power and force to develop but, we hope that you’re taking care of ‘The Workshop.’ I haven’t seen anything from Christian since he announced the game at E3 as many years ago. I think we’re all concerned with the potential for this game and how its going to be marketed. The game release seems VERY sudden coming out of nowhere. We just hope that Sony is really putting that talent out there and making sure gamers on whatever platform are aware. We’re Sorry Sony, but we know you’re knack for finding talent and developing amazing hardware, but we’re never really all that confident in your marketing. Jack, you were in marketing, lets see that bookwork and school studies put to use. You’re great on stage and with people so, lets see you work that magic. (No pun intended)

  • You guys are doing a good job with the sound brian, and everything else as well. Please give us a demo soon after release if possible.That would be really great.

  • Wish there was Earth magic. *sigh*

    @10: How is it sudden? :/ lolsudden

  • And water… but at least we have Ice. Water is better though and (cold) wind + water = ice anyway.

  • mastorofpuppetz

    Sony makes the most/best most unique exclusives, but, for some reason PS3 gamers don’t support half of them. Many of sony’s original titles simply fail to sell and fall under the radar, I hope this isn’t the case with Sorcery. I have a feeling it will unfortunately. No one even knows what this is outside hardcore ps3 gamers.

  • I so want a psn download for this game so i don’t have to use GAS “4.89 p.g. hear in Seattle” just to get a game.

    And i still love my ps move.

  • Well It’s about time……. I bought a Move for this game. I will be getting this day 1. This and Gravity Rush are the 2 games on my radar right now. Some marketing on these gems might be good though.

  • i hope i am very very wrong, not just wrong, but smth tells me this game is going to be on the short side. Unfortunately a lot of devs are overlooking this detail in modern games

  • Played this game at the PlayStation meet up in Toronto the other week. It’s a blast!

  • Anyone knows if it will be localized to Portuguese-Brazil ?

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