Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer: Free Goliath and Raptor Packs, Operation Silencer

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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer: Free Goliath and Raptor Packs, Operation Silencer



Attention N7 forces on PS3: We have great news. After working closely with PlayStation we are now able to offer you the multiplayer Commendation Packs for Operation Goliath and Operation Raptor, which were held previously this year. As of now, PS3 users can log in and check out the in-game store for their Goliath and Raptor packs, free of charge.

Rally your squad, prepare your arsenal, and get ready to give the Reapers hell.

Cerberus defectors have verified key intel on Reaper Banshees to help provide us a vulnerability to exploit. Banshees are created from a specific kind of asari that cannot be replaced quickly, so we are diverting forces to focus on an all-out Banshee extermination effort.

This task is an onerous one, and many of you are right to dread contact with these particular foes, but rest assured that we are prepared to reinforce your battalion with reserves. The vorcha want in, and as soon as they complete combined-arms training with our technically-skilled personnel, we will let them loose.

It’s time to make our enemies scream.

  • Allied Goal: Kill 3,000,000 banshees
  • Squad Goal: Survive until a full extraction on any map against any enemy on Gold difficulty.
  • Successful completion of the Allied goal will grant all players a Victory Pack.
    Successful completion of the squad goal will grant all squadmates a Commendation Pack.


    Welcome to the next N7 Weekend Operation, Operation SILENCER, beginning this Friday, May 11 at 6:00PM PST until Monday, May 14 at 5:00PM PST, and all of our N7 forces from the PS3 platform are welcomed and encouraged to participate. Please remember to set the “Upload Gameplay Feedback” setting to “On” in the online options to be able to participate in this N7 Operation.

    *Note that due to a known issue, PS3 users will not see the promotion screen but they will be participating in Operation SILENCER and will be rewarded.

    Keep up the pressure, troopers. As you can see, N7 efforts to date have been bringing the fight right to the front door of our enemy. Our enemy is fierce, but we’ve got the might of the entire galaxy on our side.

    Good luck and see you on the battlefield.

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    • I saw a frame rate drops in the demo, is this gone?

    • I am waiting for the extended ending, hoping that it wont be more of the same “space magic”.

      Thx for your hard work.

    • @+ simple2simple

      The slowdown is still present, and the game is still very buggy.

      For this and other reasons this was the last game I picked up at launch.
      Games, with the exception of PS3 exclusives, seem to ship before they are ready, e.i., Crysis 2 PC, Skyrim PC and PS3, Diablo 3 no PvP and others.

      Now I am only buying games after they are fully patched and with all functions added.

    • I beat cerberus 3 times on gold in the the last event. Where are my packs????????????????????????

    • I love the art in that picture. I agree with #3 about games shipping before they are ready. Happens all too often now. I think Dragon’s Dogma is the next on that list. Silent Hill Downpour was the last, with how much it lags/drops frames. Totally game breaking for most people. I’d like a date on when it’ll be patched.

    • Sa-weet!!! Valiant and Crusader!! Quite fruitful packs I got. Its weird how the squad goal is actually easier than the victory goal. I still hope people run with reapers in the matches. I mean, reapers silver isn’t that bad, but on gold? Quite the headache…

    • Thanks for the Valiant. I will enjoy it tremendously.

    • @4 for the squad bonus noone on your team could be downed for the entire mission.

    • Very awesome news! I love Mass Effect 3 and this will be a lot of fun.

    • Oh, that is awesome that we’ll get the packs from the events we missed. I have something to look forward to tomorrow morning when I log on to Mass Effect 3 then. :)

      I hope to see more for the multiplayer soon. You guys have an amazing foundation (and more) for multiplayer, just need to build it up. I’m very, very impressed since it is Bioware’s first multiplayer Mass Effect game. It takes some talent to almost nail it on the first try.

    • Can’t wait, on a side note: How do you get more weapons? I always buy all 3 packs when I play and I never get any new weapons. My only rare weapons are the Geth Rifle and Geth Shotgun, all my other weapons are the N7 weapons.

    • I got a Crusader and a Valiant! :D Still trying to get an Asari Justicar >.>…Hate this random pack thing…Adept is my favourite class yet I have unlocked most of the other classes…*sigh* Time to farm creds for another pack…>.>

      (Can you rig it to give me the Justicar! :D I won’t tell anyone I promise :P)

      Either way banshees will be silenced!

    • Is this the game with the butts?

    • Mass Effect 3 has become an online shooter.

      Wow I’m disappointed with Bioware and fans of the series. They don’t care about sp anymor. Not to mention the zero Bioware support to the sp, releasing mp dlc and tons of mp boring events, but what about the sp Bioware? Did Bioware forgot that this was a sp series once? Did Bioware forgot this was suppose to be an rpg and no another generic online third person shooter? Seriously Bioware ruined this fantastic series with that stupid mp addition! Mass Effect 3 is appealing more to casuals now and not true fans of the series! Screw you Bioware!

    • @15 Yup everybody is jumping on the MP bandwagon lately, i hear even God of War is gonna take a crack at it now.

      And true, many a consumer has asked for their favorite SP game series to go MP. For me personally I am still waiting to see Fallout go MP, screw you PConly SkyrimOnline (>_<)

      but look at the track record of games that used to be SP going MP…For some weird reason they seem to do it in all the wrong ways.

      Time and time again it either goes to a single platform or becomes a copy and paste job of another succesful MP model that dosent fit the SP theme…an example of a good move from SP to MP imo is Assasins Creed's MP game.

      I get that money and time are a premium but if your gonna go MP with a SP series you have to understand you SP fanbases expectations and not just deliver a knee jerk reaction product…

      *this is not directly aimed a ME3, I havent even played the game…

    • I personally don’t do these events that Bioware creates for ME3. I usually just buy the add-on content like those for the extra players in ME2 (Zaeed and Kasumi dlc), alternate costumes for squadmates and armor attachments. I want to see more of those. The extended cut is going to be intriguing. I loved the game and its ending, but I will take any new (free) content I can get. It’s alright by me.

    • Nice! Time to pick up Mass Effect 3 and join in on some fun. Of course, the main purpose is the campaign though ;)

    • I need more story and less multiplayer but the idea is nice.

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