June’s PlayStation: The Official Magazine Issue sets its sights on Borderlands 2

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June’s PlayStation: The Official Magazine Issue sets its sights on Borderlands 2

PTOM loves shooters, but lately we’ve been yearning for games that go beyond the standard battlefield blastfest. From its unique cel-shaded look to its insane weapons customization to its RPG-esque gameplay elements, our cover-story game, Borderlands 2, looks set to deliver that “next step” experience in spades. Join us as we visit developer Gearbox Software for the inside scoop on the game that’s aiming to redefine shooter-genre expectations.


Our second game feature this month may, perhaps, be even more revolutionary. Dust 514 brings PlayStation players into the immersive world of PC MMO EVE Online. It’s a fascinating concept that has PS3 gamers doing the fighting for, and interacting with, PC gamers as they go about their machinations in their perpetual online universe.

We’ve also got early info on Lost Planet 3 and the coming-to-PS3 franchise debut of Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Our big previews include The Amazing Spider-Man and Aliens: Colonial Marines, with updates on Far Cry 3 and the ever more compelling Dishonored. Personally, I’m pretty excited about LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and its new open-world Gotham City—it’s just the shot in the arm that the franchise needs. And finally, on the portable front, we break down the next 22 PS Vita games that will shape the handheld’s future.

PS Vita also makes its presence felt in this month’s reviews with JRPG Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, MLB 12: The Show, and extreme brawler Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted, while standout PSN reviews include 2D fighter Skullgirls and survival adventure I Am Alive. And while it’s a slow month for boxed PS3 games, don’t miss our final verdicts on Yakuza: Dead Souls, Birds of Steel, and Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat.

It’s all in the June issue of PTOM, now available on newsstands.

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  • I haven’t received mine in the mail, yet. It usually comes in one time, too. Hopefully, it gets here soon.

  • I really wanted to like skullgirls but I just couldn’t make it click for some reason. Here’s hoping that boderlands and disgaea are good games.

  • can there be a digital version for ps+ subs since qore is gone…

  • @+ Xcaligamer1

    I second that!

    By the way, anyone can tell me if the Vita will ever access the comics store?

  • looking at colors and styles of the girl on the cover i almost thought she Cole’s daughter for Infamous 3, i almost cried after looking at the text and borderland 2 instead of Infamous 3 … sniff

    BTW i want Infamous 3 lol .. o_O

  • The problem with print is the news is usually old by the time the mag hits stands.

    • Believe me, we realize the challenges of covering news. Hopefully, we provide something that’s a bit different from what you experience online. Our sister website GamesRadar.com is a great source for PlayStation coverage until such time that PTOM’s able to provide info in a more timely manner.

  • hey sony why not make it digital and add it also for plus since qore is gone i think alot of people would love that also where the bloody hell is the doctor who game there twitter account has gone quiet

  • I bought the first one on PSN, because the trailer of the sequel looks really good; but the game resulted to be a huge disappointment.

    • Really, the second one looks to be a huge improvement over the first. I think Gearbox is focused on addressing all the points that might have disappointed you in the first game.

  • PTOM needs better quality articles that are geared towards adults with a high reading level.

    I stopped my subscription because I found the quality of the articles to be lacking. There were also way too many photos.

    I would gladly subscribe again if the quality of the articles improved enough.

  • with the internet age, magazines are outdated the day they are printed. whats the point anymore, unless your gonna fill them with exclusive coupons that are worth it!

  • Dust Dust and MOAR DUST!!!5!1!4!!

  • i think they sould have both digtal and print but the print one sould have i exlive redeem code and a new mouthly demo disc like the xbox magaze but for ps magaze and the digtal one sould have the same exclive code and a digtal version code for the demo disc to replace the quoure

  • PTOM, you should of put a Beta Code for DUST 514. that way all the eve online crybabies can’t cry anymore.

    other then that this issue looks pretty intriguing

  • My turn to be off-topic: I am so hoping the big announcement tomorrow is for Demon”s Souls for the Vita. A new game, not a port, although I would even be happy with a port. Those are the rumors I’ve seen.

  • The most important game on that list is Borderlands 2, no doubt. The first game was great but wasn’t really well done. It was full of glitches on the general knoxxx dlc, the cars drive like some of the worst in video game history and the OVERLY HYPED millions of weapons was nonsense. Still, the world needs more RPG hybrid’s. I’m not a big nerd on a ton of RPG’s either. But I do need more like Borderlands, Fallout 3, Demons Souls, Death Spank series, Dragon’s Dogma, Dragon’s Crown and more like those. I really hate the character design of that guy on the cover too. They need more characters to choose from.

  • I cant wait till Dust 514 hits! Its going to be so much fun!

    • It is is a super cool idea that I’m really hoping pans out. It would give PSN something truly unique that you can’t find on PS3’s rivals.

  • Borderlands 2, Dust 514, Epic Mickey 2, Lost Planet 3, Dishonored, Aliens….these are all games I’m very interested in. Heck, I already have pre-orders on Borderlands 2 and Epic Mickey 2 :) I guess I’ll be picking this up then!

  • Yup, I’ll be buying this magazine for sure. I absolutely love Borderlands, and I’m super stoked for Borderlands 2. So any information I can find on it, I’ll take.

  • https://www.playfire.com/ps3-xbox-pc/BXWORD


  • Did you guys Know roger’s birthday is next month the 30th… I think anne bday is this month as well.

    Also i got copy last night i think the alltime psn games or favorite list to needs to be updated lol.. i dont see how you dont savage moon on the list. Also the top vita games that are going is dated, alot games that coming are system sellers, thats not on that list. its a good list non the less.

    I feel they get demon souls on the vita and get alot these games playing from ps1 and ps2 era off psn onthe vita it sell units/machines. Also is trade for sports caster al micheal for the disnay character true in epic mickey??

    vp -psn legioniare group

    • Hey don’t remind that I’m getting older!

      As for Vita, the lineup is slowly ramping up, but I think we’ll be hearing some big announces in another month or so.

  • Also the game im alive that game mechanics with horror survial astmosphere would sell 100 million copies.. That would reall change how horro games are played.. That game is very hard and i think it right formula for survial horro game.. all the little jump and risk and choices are nerve racking, just add a few monsters it speeds things up lol.. Also this would increase controller repair or bought new revenue for ps and also window repair men would gladly sponsor this game..:) alo what do think of datura. its really should be onthe all psn games list..

    vp =psn leagonaire group

    • I like your game concept! Sounds like just the sort of game I’d be into.

      As for Datura, we just got final review code, so you’ll be hearing our verdict soon.

  • I just received my first issue (this one) and I have one question that keeps popping into my head as I’m reading it. How can I trust the opinions in this Magazine? I want to trust them, but part of me feels as though the magazine is just trying to sell me more Playstation products, rather than inform me about them. Could you do some sort of meet the staff article or blog, something with background on the people that write the articles and review the games?

    To be clear, I’m not unhappy, I am a Sony fanboi, with many Sony products. I am happy with the magazine. I’m just a neurotic consumer.

  • Borderlands 2 is pretty much the only thing I care about this year. Hoping LBP Kart thingy works out, since ModNation Racers isn’t seeing new content. Assassin’s Creed 3 is the first one that’s caught my attention, but I’m not sold on it. The Last Guardian, not even a blip on my radar anymore.

    Super lackluster year. Thank Valve for Steam.

  • STILL waiting for an iOS version of this magazine…i would love to subscribe/enjoy this fine magazine over my iPad through the app store.

    It would just be more simple for me, the consumer…

    +1 for digital release.

  • i wonder if they sell this at walgreens…. not many places that sell magazines in Puerto Rico

  • @23 lackluster year? theres so many games i cry cuz i cant have them all lol

  • I want a freaking Dust 514 beta key….. I just want one sooooooooooooooo bad! I’ve been waiting forthe game for 2 1/2 years now

  • sadly, I wasn’t there at fanfest and I have no eve friends that can”lend” me a key.

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