Pulse 5/8 Edition Featuring Starhawk, Max Payne 3, and PixelJunk 4AM

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Pulse 5/8 Edition Featuring Starhawk, Max Payne 3, and PixelJunk 4AM
Pulse 5/8 Edition Featuring Starhawk, Max Payne 3, and PixelJunk 4AM

It’s Emmett time. That’s Emmett Graves, the new hero of Starhawk who kicks off this edition of PULSE as we celebrate the release of this space western from LightBox Interactive and Santa Monica Studio. While many enjoyed the beta earlier this year, it’s now time to check out the full Starhawk universe with all the cool vehicles and the innovative Build and Battle gameplay.

With next week’s release of Max Payne 3, PULSE also previews the new multiplayer action along with the new bullet time and ‘shootdodge’ game play. For PlayStation Plus subscribers, Trine 2’s physics-based puzzles of fire, water, gravity and magic is free. Check out the new Trine 2 world that’s now enabled with online co-op. PULSE also takes a look at the latest Q-Games. PixelJunk 4 AM is very different than any other in the series. Utilizing the PlayStation Move, their new title is a virtual audio canvas allowing you to create music, mix tracks and create live performances in PixelJunk 4 AM.

And, the Top 10 features the most popular game downloads of April. Can you guess what made the top spot?

Watch right here on the PlayStation.Blog or download HD, SD, and PS Vita versions from the PlayStation Store after today’s update. .

We hope you enjoy this quick look at what’s happening on PlayStation.

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  • Less talky more shaky.

  • Sony. Get off your ass and release the U.S. version playstation app for phones! UK has had it for over a year now! Oh and no more street fighter or anime fantasy avatars please! Get some variety!

  • Wow I thought I was the only playstation gamer that ranted on stuff I dislike about things sony does lol. Looks like I’m finally not along lol. Sony start putting NEW GAMES like starhawk on the psn store for purchase I’m sick of being forced to buy disc and I’m really not forced cause when you pull that junk its 60 dollars I save and you lose. Also update the vita camera to a HD one and let us play all the psp and ps1 and mini’s on the vita that is available in the psn store, also start making apps worth downloading for the vita instead of releasing pointless 5 year old drawing crap and you may get a vita sold to me but until then my ipod touch will suit my needs better. Oh and update that web browser on that vita to so it loads pages better and supports modern FLASH. Thank you!

  • @3 reallly u thought u were the only one?

  • We hope you enjoy this quick look at what’s happening on playstation! Ummmm and what is that? For months it’s been cricket sounds on my end on games and features for your vita device and no support on most of the psp titles in general on the store or opening them up to work on vita, so what the hell ya’ll been doing at playstation then? Having parties or filming the next tester and spending tons of money on that show than getting the vita stuff right? I still don’t see a youtube app of all things for vita or up to date flash support on vita. Like I said I hear crickets when vita is mentioned on the blog!

  • @Fathead170….. No it was just a figure of speech man. I know their is MANY out there that get pissed with sony but they rarely overtake all the Sony butt kissing fanboy’s in these blogs I’ll tell ya that lol. We try to keep our opinion out and make our word loud and clear on here and we get attacked and called Trolls lol. As far as I know I’m not HUGE as heck and green and turn to stone when light hits me or live in caves and eat people. I am human so why they call me a troll I never can understand lmao.

  • Didn’t expect to see my question there. Ha! :)

    Enjoying Starhawk as we speak! Awesome game!

  • Pixeljunk 4am and Max Payne 3 for sure!

  • @6: That is so untrue it’s not even funny. And you have no right to speak figuratively if you don’t even properly accept the term ‘trolls’ in the definition used for online ish-starters.

    Also, shut up about Flash. Go complain to ADOBE WHO DROPPED MOBILE FLASH SUPPORT. That has nothing to do with Sony.

  • Well, these repetitive, childish, butt-crack-for-brains whiners are pretty annoying & useless, but at least this is the proper blog for general PS complaints.

  • + harscombat on May 8th, 2012 at 2:28 pm said:
    k this not far?are gou kiding my ?i buy the game i play singel player mision
    i begon 7 hour i noq doen i complate the game???
    i swer wtf ia this from 65 euro i especht more???
    i bring the game back this is nothing man a few mision maps comon man you a game disinger
    sorry battlefield 3 is the best you cent chance thet
    i buy the game today 6 hour
    play the mision game on 7 hour pm
    im tot 23.20 pm??
    wtf is this for a game this like payday the heist?wel
    laat mision white thet big ghost monter is awaum the rest its. shame

  • I pre-ordered Starhawk, now I’m just waiting for it to be delivered.

  • I will charge and ride the train of the people who ask for new games to be released over the PSn as well as in a physical version, and i am supporting it because at least in my country we will not be playing starhawk today and we don’t even have a clue on when that will be because the stores wont even provide us with a date, i thought at first it was a lack of service attitude from the stores clerks but after visiting several ones and knowing they have and are willing to provide information regarding other titles but not from starhawk, well i am forced to believe that the distribution of starhawk is nothing but BAD!.

    So lets move on to something “new”… well nothing new to be found so i crawlback under my rock and keep playing awesomenauts

    (most likely this will not be posted as well u.u) despite you guys encourage critique may be i am just doing it in a profane way… -.-

  • Ignore poster option, PLEASE!!! You don’t do anything about the rampaging idiocy on these boards, you’re apparently intimidated by these clowns and yet you fail to provide us with the necessary relief of ignoring these cretins.

  • I’m at a loss for words. Today is the big day I’ve been waiting for now for about 3 weeks since the beta closed. I go to purchase my copy and guess what: no game. No place for it to even say sold out. This makes me sad. I’ve had school all day long so when i head home is when i tried. Gamestop and places of the sort are closed. =( Just have to wait. Sorry clan, shipping errors cause your leader to be… Indisposed. Oh well, its not cancer.

  • hy all about maxpayne 3 they say in multiplayer you can creat your own purson?is thet true plz
    well i play now starhawk online normal game i espact morw how soon come new building en updrage for building?

    if i whas a creator i dot this;)
    -building upgrade
    -more guns
    -more tanks like-leapard?humvee end aa aa tank
    -bomber plane like a b17 bomber:p
    -mach titan hi stay on the ground you have antilery mach en assault mach

    plz anwers this in max payne 3 multiplayer you cen creat your own purson i hope so
    i hope you have alot thing i ceat mi thing then

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