PS Vita’s Reality Fighters DLC: Ghostbusters Swag, New Weapons and More

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PS Vita’s Reality Fighters DLC: Ghostbusters Swag, New Weapons and More

Reality Fighters DLC for PS Vita

Hi Everyone, I’m happy to announce that we have an exciting lineup of downloadable content coming your way for PS Vita’s Augmented Reality brawler, Reality Fighters.

Reality Fighters DLC for PS Vita

Starting today, you’ll be able to login to PSN and download the Weapons Pack featuring 15 new weapons including a smoke bomb, a jetpack, a cannon and more – absolutely free!

Reality Fighters DLC for PS Vita

On May 15th you’ll also be able to download the new Soccer Pack which gives you access to the brand new soccer fighting style equipped with over a dozen unique battle moves for just $2.99.

Reality Fighters DLC for PS VitaReality Fighters DLC for PS Vita

Then, on May 22th, we’ll be delivering the Ghostbusters Pack which comes with two brand new costumes: the Ghostbusters uniform featuring goggles, a shirt, gloves, pants and boots, as well as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume which includes the signature marshmallow head, body, hands, legs and feet. You’ll also pick up three new weapons with this pack including the Ghostbusters proton pack, the Ghostbusters ghost trap, and Ecto 1! You’ll get all of this for only $2.99 when you download the Ghostbusters Pack from the PlayStation Store.

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  • Who is it that you are going to call on the phone?

  • hmm, So first: Karate Kid’s Mr. Miyagi was in the game, now Ghostbusters are in as well? I see what you’re doing there, Sony…

    What other Sony-owned film property is next? Until then: It’ll definitely be fun to fight the Stay-Puft Man right outside my window!


  • Hello guys, I’ve a question, a friend of mine is on Paris, and is planning to bring me as present a PS Vita game, the addons purchased on the US PSN will work on it?

  • @4

    I think if you use your US account then there shouldn’t be any problem.

  • @5 My problem is that the game will be EU region, that’s why I’m worried, if it was on the ps3, no problem at all, heheh

  • Typo: “Then, on May 22th, we’ll be delivering the Ghostbusters Pack”
    Should be May 22nd. Just a heads up.
    All aside, Ghostbusters pack looks pretty cool, and free is always nice, in regards to the weapons pack.

  • @4/6 I think there is no problem at all.

    If I’m not mistaken, the PS Vita is “zone-free”, games from anywhere should work on any version of the Vita.

  • way too expensive

  • @4 i dont think you guys understand the question. the game will work just fine, sure, but dlc is tied to regions. you will be able to play a european version of the game, but if you download dlc from the US store, it will not work with the european game.

  • YES! YES! YES! (Daniel Bryan voice)

  • I’m very impressed…so much for so little ..the game already has so much to offer ..from saving your winning photos on FB to being able to fully customize your characters moves and clothing. If there is one single thing i would ask if there would be an update so the background DOESN’T MOVE when your playing the game.It gets a little frustrating when your camera moves away from both characters as your trying to pull off a combos and soon busting some ghosts.Keep up the good work Reality Fighting got my support!

  • @10 Woops, you’re right! I was not careful enough while reading the question…

    So yes, I agree: you cannot use US DLCs for the european version of a game.

  • @10 is right. DLC has to match the region of the game to work.

  • who u go going to0 call ? the snot busters. lol

    kidding every loves ghost busters including me

  • WTF?? This awesomeness came out of left field. Good show!

    The Stay Puft ‘costume’ isn’t the right dimensions, but I hope this means we’ll see other Ghostbusters content coming to other games soon! (Zen Pinball, SingStar, etc).

  • Okay…I am very interested in the GB add-on stuff. Super cool. :)

  • The Ghostbusters DLC looks awesome, although I am slightly more curious about the soccer DLC.

  • It would be sick if the next fighter DLC would be Sony exclusive games like Uncharted, Infamous, Resistance or even Starhawk’s Emmet Graves and the Rift Salvagers – i know its a long shot but its worth a try to mention it :p but i guess this is all the material for the P.S.A.S.B.R. – if i have to spell it out need to get you head outta the sand :p

  • I have been trying to download all these DLC packs. Every time I download it, the packs NEVER appears, and it REALLY dissapoints me so bad. I have bought all three of them, and downloaded each one about 50 times, and still dosen’t appear. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS ISSUE!!!!!

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