Datura Blooms Today on PSN

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Datura Blooms Today on PSN

Datura for PS3 (PSN)

My name is Matt Morton. I’m a Producer at Santa Monica Studio and I wanted let you all know how excited I am about the release of Datura for the PS3, which will be available later today on the PlayStation Network for $9.99.

I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to be working here at Santa Monica Studio. We are constantly searching for titles that bring interesting and unique experiences to the gaming community, and having the opportunity to present Datura to you is yet another huge honor.

Datura for PS3 (PSN)Datura for PS3 (PSN)

Datura is the second offering from Plastic, a group of amazingly talented developers in Poland. This project started awhile back, after they released Linger in Shadows for the PS3, which was an interesting step for us as a studio. We honestly weren’t sure how the public would react to an interactive art house project, but our fears were soon laid to rest as our hunch that our gamer were a savvy bunch was proved correct.

In Datura, the player will experience an incredibly unique scenario. As you play Datura, you find yourself in a forest. As you explore this environment, you will be presented with different scenarios in which you have to make a choice. Which choices will you make and what will be the result from these choices that you’ve made? Each scenario will call on the player to make a choice and even though I’ve been working on this project for quite some time, I’ve always been fascinated to watch people play Datura and see the choices they make.

Datura Blooms Today on PSN

If you don’t have a Move, don’t worry. Datura does not require the PS Move motion controller, but I will say that the PlayStation Move provides the best, most immersive experience. With the Move, the hand seen on screen is a true 1-to-1 extension of your own hand. Datura also supports stereoscopic 3D TV systems, and I can easily say this is one of, if not the best-looking 3D titles I’ve ever experienced.

We hope you give Datura a play on the PS3 later today. We’re very proud of it, and hope you are as impressed with it as we are.

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  • Thanks Matt..

    Can’t wait, the game looks really nice !

  • Awesome, been waiting for this for some time now….gives me some real motivation to pick up my Move controller, which is always very welcomed. Keep more titles like this coming!

  • Cant wait to try it out! It looks totally weird and unique.

  • Ok completely blown away. I will definitely check this out. Glad PSN takes risks releasing games like this.

  • I’m not watching this video, I already saw enough when it was first shown. Looking forward to it!

  • 3d is becoming more prevalent the days. I’m selling my 40″ LCD to get a 3dtv, then probably upgrade again in2 years. This sounds like a great game. Keep up the awesome work Q-games.

  • You got my $9.99. I can’t wait to play this. Charging my PS Move and dusting off my 3-D glasses for this baby. Question, does this play like Linger or more like a story driven game? Meaning are there actual threats in the game or is it an art experience?

  • It looks amazing. I’m definitely getting this one today.

  • I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, so this was a definite day 1 purchase for me. I’m really glad to hear it’s coming out at just $9.99 instead of $14.99 like a lot of others have been lately.

  • Nice, great PSN titles are rolling out more and more!

  • Looks like a great title!

  • WHA it comes out today? awseome

  • Whoa. On second thought. May wait. The critics are trashing this game. Don’t need to clog up my hard drive with more crap.

  • @13

    Critics are very often quite wrong.

  • Looks amazingly trippy!

  • Do your homework, it’s only $8.00 for PS Plus users. I see it more as interactive art than a game. The reviewers mostly review it as a game only. They are two different things to me even though they are similar.

  • Meh, I’ll pass. Maybe if there’s a huge price drop in the future, I’ll think about it.

  • @13; lol, letting reviews dictate what you play. So sad. As if they’re more qualified than you to judge what YOU would like. smh, heck half of them trashed ‘Linger in Shadows’. The don’t review with your judgement, they review with THEIRS.

    Think for yourself. A game is either interesting enough for you to buy it and take a risk, or it isn’t. Don’t let other people’s *opinions* dictate what you play.

    If I had a nickel for every game reviewers trashed, that I enjoyed, I’d be rich.

  • @17: It’s only $9.99… a ‘huge price drop’? Don’t count on it. It’s already cheap. :/

  • Been looking forward to this, so will buy it soon

  • @18 relax tough guy

  • Purchased today, can confirm this is an amazing trippy experience, going to a second play-through soon to see what I missed. It’s a sign of a good game when it leaves you wanting more when the credits roll up.

    I played it with the Dual Shock, but heard it was hit or miss with the Move. Some people seem to be loving it with the Move, don’t. So experiment to see which one you’re comfortable with.

    @17. The $8 Plus price is a bargain for this game

  • Purchased it late last night, tried it out for a few minutes but I found it to be a bit awkward. I may just need to calibrate it again. I’ll try it again on the weekend, its to late in the night for motion gaming right now.

    I really enjoyed my time with Linger in Shadows so I’m hoping for a similar positive experience.

    My one complaint is the hand, which I’m sure has been discussed to death by the team that made this. I understand why having a full arm would be awkward looking due to how move works, but instead of a severed with all the blood drained in a Dexter tv show style, I would have suggested just a little more of the forearm and have the end of the arm faded out or grainy.

    Either way I really hope plastic brings more great experiences to the ps3 and maybe hopefully the vita one day. They really should be working with some other studios like Quantic Dream, I’d love to see what those two companies could do together. Maybe something like the canceled wii game “Sadness” with move support.

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