Coming to Home: Superhero Madhouse, Midway 3 Preview + Weekly Update

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Coming to Home: Superhero Madhouse, Midway 3 Preview + Weekly Update

This Wednesday, May 9th, is an exciting time to be a member of the PlayStation Home community. Look for a new arcade game, another week of exclusive early-access items from x7, a sale from HellFire Games, new Medusa from Lockwood, a sneak peek at Midway 3 and more!

Coming to Home: Superhero Madhouse, Midway 3 Preview + Weekly Update

Let’s begin with the most exciting news: VEEMEE is releasing a new game called Superhero Madhouse! With its side-scrolling 8-bit charm, Superhero Madhouse is sure to please the retro-minded gamer. Head to Indie Park to play, starting Wednesday, or head to the VEEMEE store to pick up your very own cabinet to take home – your Harbor Studio never had it so good. Don’t forget to earn some rewards to round out your collection.


x7 also gets another update with a sweet bundle and early-access items, including weapons, ripped lace jeans, a Peek-a-boo top for the ladies and more. Head there after checking out Superhero Madhouse in Indie Park.

Next, HellFire Games is discounting some Novus Prime outfits, including the Obsidian Pilot Suit, Blade Ship bundle and Nebulon-Interweave Power Suit. Snap them up starting today, Monday May 7th, as this sale lasts only till the end of the week!


Urgent Fury keeps it cool while turning up the heat this week in the Community Theater. This week’s episode covers the stunt snowboarding tricky action in SSX, another popular Bullet Points segment with mascot Lt. Leadhead, and even news of a Starhawk tournament!

Coming to Home: Superhero Madhouse, Midway 3 Preview + Weekly Update

If that’s not enough, Replay with Doc shares an interview with one of our own in the Home community—Asuukaa from The Tester 3. Join us and hear some insider info as Doc and Hippe get the download from our special lady.

Lockwood is releasing their spring line of Medusa hairstyles with fantastic new options: The Lightning Bolt, The David, and The Toby for the men, and The Mermaid, The Victoria and The Boho Babe for the ladies. Each is offered bundled to make being stylish ever more financially “taste”-y. Find them in the Lockwood store in the Mall.

What’s more, Billabong is debuting a new batch of their laid-back and stylish items – head to the Mall and check out these items.


Now for the teasers—

First up, we have a brand new developer coming to Home next week—BIGYAMA! Below is a hint of what’s to come. We expect big things from this talented new group of artists and developers who are coming Home. This week, you might start to see some folks sporting these items a little early, so keep your eyes peeled….


And finally, as the release of Midway 3 is ever getting closer, I wanted to share some official shots to spark the excitement.




With so much going on this week, and more to come, I’ll see you in Home!

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8 Author Replies

  • 1st lol

  • not a very impressive update but lookin forward to Midway 3, any guesstimate for a date then that’s gonna launch?

  • FYI Videos are not playing :(

  • I’d be crazy to assume that Superhero Madhouse is free to play, right?

  • Ehh.. Kinda lame this week.. I miss the weekly costumes with animations =\.

  • Shinra_Soldier7

    We get a preview of midway 3 this week so Is it possible that we will see it then be released next week???!!!

    Also any news about any upcoming games or spaces that we should expect in the next week or two?

  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    i hear the Marvel T shirts are selling like Hot Cakes………….. NOT
    im shock … Companions ?
    The only way Midway can spark my excitement is if its Free .
    Midway is nothing but a black hole for our money to go into , a lot of the games are nearly impossible to do , its nothing but wasted money.
    Boring update .

    • Midway is and always will be free-to-play. Every couple minutes there is a free game to jump on. In fact, we are aware of a few gamers who have collected all the rewards from Midway 1 and 2 without paying a cent. For those who enjoy playing at their leisure, the Green Ticket is $0.99 and gives you 50 plays (that’s less than 2¢ each!). With over 100 rewards available per Midway, it’s a steal.

  • Arcade game video can’t be played, it says “The requested video is not allowed to be played in embedded players.”

  • Hey going fix error and freeze up everyone get booth like krazy miday3 look fun

  • Too many previews and not enough good stuff this week. Maybe the new Medusa spring line but I’d have to see them first. More ripped jeans and slutty clothes for women in x7…I don’t think so.

    However the preview pic of the new dev looks very good, I will most definitely be buying from them.

    Overall a very lame week, will be saving my money for next week when all those fabulous new things come out!

  • Video links not working for me…

  • Pull My Finger and all the free furniture we been getting at x7 is that some kind of hint there will be a personal space along the way?

    • There is no personal space in the works as a reward for x7, though we definitely have some truly fabulous ones in production at the moment coming out soon.

  • Shinra_Soldier7

    I also wanted to know if those with the purple jackets from midway 3 will get any special things or if we get something really cool for beating all the midway 1-3 games? Can’t wait til it is released!

  • The clothes from BIGYAMA looks pretty good. It should go well with a certain saloon. Maybe one day we can have an old western street with hotels, saloons and undertakers?

    And I’m looking forward to The Midway 3. The Midway has always been awesome and festive for me. I wonder what kinds of prizes we can win this time? Maybe a few more active items?

    • I believe BIGYAMA will be a new “dev darling” in the eyes of the community, and they’re just getting started. As for what they might bring in the future, I suppose we’ll all have to find out. You might want to keep an eye on their site, as they begin to build out and share their projects in the coming weeks.

      We are saving some special details concerning Midway 3’s arrival that are truly over the top. (no pun intended)

  • I forgot to mention Novus Prime. Time to buy a new uniform to wear while washing my old ones. I’m looking forward to more from Hellfire Games as we discussed when they visited Home.

  • Nice! Interested in checking out that new side-scroller arcarde game! Plus, I can’t wait for Midway 3!! I hope everyone enjoys this episode of Replay w/Doc! It’s a great interview! (Not to mention, it’s my first editing job for the community theater in over a year!) See you in the Community theater! I’ll bring the popcorn!

  • When can we expect to have HAND accesories Separate, Jewerly separate from wings, separate from hand weapons, separate from Elements ,like Fire, Earth , wind ,water etc , the one that wraps around your body .
    Also be great if we can put more than 1 personal space as Default
    and last but not least, i dont want to be directed to POST on a Forum about my problem with any of my personal spaces , just so i can get NO reply, i been waiting for the “investigation ” to finish since April 18th
    I posted on the Forum like you said i should, April 18th , The guy told me “im going to Investigate “…………
    i guess this is a case of Actions speak Louder than words …….

  • Are those air hockey tables I see in the Midway Hotzone?! About time! Hopefully we can also get these for our personal spaces.

  • Can’t wait to see the new Medusa hairstyles and Midway 3 is looking great. ^_^

  • We need some Starhawk stuff! Is it going to receive the game launching abilities Warhawk has?

  • Hypnotic_Inertia

    That VEEMEE game looks like a cheap knock-off of Kung Fu. I prefer the Medusa Hairstyle over what is shown in this update.

  • I hope the reward bug is going to be addressed soon. With the close arrival of Midway 3, it’ll be a disaster waiting to happen if it’s not fixed by then. I don’t want to redo the game or restart home each time to get 1 reward (so far, it takes 1 to 10 restarts to get 1 reward, and some rare circumstances need to redo the game to get the reward)

  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    More like , Midway is and always will be Free to walk around , if you want to play, buy tickets …..
    Few gamers that have collected all the rewards without paying a cent , really ? few out of how many millions of gamers exactly ?
    And according to you , those few got everything ? all 200 rewards ? I have been in Midway, i know how many minutes it takes to get 1 Chance at a free play so if its 200 rewards for 2 Midways……………eeeh doesnt add up…..i dont but it .

  • every 15 mins. you get one free play at midway. now alot of games there is no way they can get a reward on 1st. try unless they know how to cheat the game by lagging it. cause midway has alot of lag there

  • Just an ok update this week it seems.. *sigh*
    Its irratating.. week-in & week-out, seeing people say that its such a great update, & “oh I’m going to buy that, and buy this.” Its one thing to five positive feedback, I just wish people would be more honest when a crappy update comes along.
    Trust me, I’m not trolling.. or whatever. I love Home to death.. or atleast I used to. Back when it wasn’t all about profit. All it seems we have to look forward with every weekly Home update is more money to be spent.
    People are slower starting to realize that we all miss how Home use to be… every weekly update would have a new space & rewards, and it wouldn’t cost anything. Now you have to spend $10-$15 just to gain access to the x7 club.. come on Sony.. at the end of the day. Home is still just pixels.
    I sure hope you guys open your eyes, and stop focusing so damn much on making money all the time.
    Please, don’t drive PS Home into the ground. I may not speak for everyone, but I speak for a great deal of Home users.

    – SGC

  • Correction: line 3 – Its one thing to give* positive feedback.

  • Other than the upcoming Lockwood Fantasy Update, are there any plans for medieval/fantasy armors or clothing for avatars? Also on a related note, is there anything new to report on Mercia?

  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    Yea and the Free try is usually for mz Fortune, so i dont Believe that anyone can get a free try at every single game there is, to get the 200 rewards, i have been coming to Home since late 08, im not a new guy , so dont try to bs me .

  • meh

    Not impress.

    How about Granzella Update? :D

  • Wow, the Midway 3 looks like awesome sauce! Also, it’s about time we got supermadhouse, i am a collector of the arcade cabinets…and been wondering if the NA would ever get the game! seems like a good update to me…i’m still waiting on the new midway though…also, are the new apartments you guys working on going to have any rewards….like, clothing rewards?…for guests?

  • Some neat stuff here, but I’m interested if Starhawk is going to get items based on it for Home. Much how Warhawk had mini ships, and a personal space. I would love to see that kind of thing for Starhawk!

  • Any chance of adding pinball machines on the midway (or anywhere else on Home)?

    P.S. Great update!

  • I hope midway 3.comes to the EU ps home

  • Home used to be a cool place to hang out during down times when we needed a break from games. But now it’s all about getting more money from the Gamers who fuel the machine. I’m at wits end and ready to walk away from it all!!! Besides I haven’t logged into Home in almost 6 months now as there is no desire to. It’s just the same ol same ol. But hey, there’s still people who have no social life who still use it I guess. I just choose to hang with my friends in real life, not on the couch. Just Saying…

  • Jacked-Assassin

    This has to be one of the best updates ever! Just because it has Cat Heads! Now all I really need are Skin Tones to buy! Then I could really expand my wardrobe!

    In particular Skin Tones I’d currently buy are.
    King / Jaguar (From Tekken)
    Werewolf (From Konami)
    Egyptian God Anubis (From Sony)
    Feline Tan / White / Black (From Masks)
    Egyptian Goddess Bastet (From Sony)
    Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet (From Sony)

    And on a side note I’d be willing to buy Cheetah Heads, Pets, & Skin Tones!

  • @God-Of-Lyf. Good for you, go hang with your friends then… P.S I agree Ps home is failing.

    This week’s update was a damn joke… I didnt buy anything because….there was nothing… the only thing you posted here were teasers…stuff thats not out yet… how about since its this week you post crap thats coming out THIS week…That way everyone can decipher ahead of time whether they want something or not…… -_-.

  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    How sad it is to see that Someone thinks this is the Best update ever, just because some masks………………show how little Home is doing to keep us interested .
    Home is nothing but a hungry money machine ………and we all know who is driving the Machine .

  • The most important aspect of Home is the community. Being able to socialize and interact with other PSN/PS3 users. Everything else is just frosting on the cake – with some delicious ice cream every once in a while.

  • Jacked-Assassin

    How disturbing it is that Someone take my first post here out of context by forgetting it says “one of the best”; Not “the best”.

    Maybe I should take what he stated out of context by assuming he loves his Iron Man T Shirt when I forget the sarcastic “NOT”.

    Or maybe this person shouldn’t belittle other people’s opinions just because they hate something someone else likes.

    Quick someone make this man an “I Am Irony Man” T Shirt that he would love to buy!

  • Ra_The_Sun_King

    How sad it is to see that someone thinks this is ONE of the Best update ever , just because some mask, which coincidentally, i bought the Black mask , but im not gonna say that this has got to be ONE of the Best updates ever.
    And NO, i do not own any of the tacky, cheap looking Marvel Tshirts, despise what someone said here ” I Think you`ll like these ” …………..I saw the movie the Avengers last sunday and i liked it, thats why the Iron man avatar……
    I have been coming to Home since late 2008 , so i know what was promised then and what Home was turned into , a Money Hungry Machine and by the way , the Network errors are back again
    Network Error 4210 ….. i guess nothing has been done to fix this .

  • Jacked-Assassin

    And yet you still failed to comprehend my reply. I find it okay that you generally hated the update while I liked it. What I don’t find okay is you hating on my liking the update. Nor did I like that you originally took my statement out of context.

    I’ve been coming on home since late 2009. As for the “Money Hungry Machine”, Well that’s one of my outlooks on PSN & DLC in general. Just owning stuff that you’re permanently stuck with kinda stinks. Even if all the refund did was give me a discount on PSN, PS+, or PS Home I would want that over owning stuff I no longer want.

    If this is “money hungry machine” in the sense that “oh no we can’t go into this little area” like in the case of Scorpio’s VIP…. It just sounds silly because there’s a vast amount of Home that is always free. No one has to pay for anything ever.

    I’ve heard very bizarre statements from others that PS Home is turning into “Class Warfare”. It costs hundreds to buy a PS3. It may cost $60 or more depending on if said person pre orders games. Yet $5-$15 is what has been defined as “Class Warfare”. I feel like when I bring this up to them they can’t comprehend such math.

  • I dont give a …… who thinks this update is good, to ME , and by reading some other comments , this is a Lame update. Not to mention the Awesome time PS Home people pick to do the Maintenance , i dont understand why the Maintenance cant be done at a less busy time, like 3, 4, 5 am , cant these Maintenance be program to a computer with a timer ?

  • ok um about these NE codes…..WTF DO THEY MEAN!!!! M16? F12? F13? D5025? (or was it 5021) whatever anyway apparently no one heeded my last request as to fix home so im here telling you again to FIX HOME!!!

  • You know Sony you guys r truly screwed up with the new Veemee game I have to but tokens just to test the stupid thing out then i can only get the rewards if i actually BUY the damn cabinet this update is a complete waste and a total rip off screw you Sony

  • Jacked-Assassin

    I thought the real screw up in releasing Superhero Madhouse was that it was already released. If you knew where to get it before this update. I bought it the same day I bought Cluster Puck. The $1 less difference didn’t make up for the poorer quality of the game. In fact I thought this game was so bad I’m surprised it had a “US release”.
    Not saying where I bought it…. I kinda miss that Ninja game that was written in Japanese already….

  • responding to crazyjunkman……..i would also like to kno what the codes mean! i keep getting disconnected! i keep getting F12. what the hell is going on?! its not my connection at all. i thought sony fixed this problem. what gives?!

  • Connection to the Network was Lost ……………………. F13
    PS3 it does Everything , even Network Error you with No End .
    Poor Sony, 6.5 Billiondollars on net loses and to top it all off, a lazy Home service, not lazy to bring more stuff to sell though, thats for sure .

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