The PlayStation Recap – Avengers Assemble Edition

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The PlayStation Recap – Avengers Assemble Edition

I’m running late for a matinee screening for The Avengers, so we’ll keep it short. This week, SideQuest Studios revealed a scintillating new trailer for PSN strategy RPG Rainbow Moon, LightBox Interactive showed off the full Trophy list and pre-order bonuses for Starhawk, Sony Santa Monica Studios shared a new dev diary for PS Move spellbinder Sorcery, Dakko Dakko release its new minis title Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims (free for Plus members this month!), Media Molecule shared a new batch of top LittleBigPlanet creations, Free Realms celebrated its third birthday, and PlayStation Blog announced a big Toronto-based community meetup this Tuesday that will feature a host of playable games: Retro City Rampage, Sound Shapes, Dyad and many more.

What are you playing this weekend? Will you be joining us in Toronto on Tuesday? Sound off in the comments.

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

Most-Watched Video of the Week: The Unfinished Swan – Teaser Trailer

The PlayStation Recap – Avengers Assemble Edition

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PlayStation Store Update — Mortal Kombat for PS Vita, Awesomenauts, Max Payne PS2 Classic, The Legend of Dragoon PSone Classic and more.
  • God of War: Ascension – Multiplayer Announcement Live From Santa Monica Studio — Wanna see this bad boy in action? You know what to do.
  • All Starhawk Beta Players Will Receive Free Gifts — Starhawk has gone gold, and LightBox Interactive President Dylan Jobe showcases what beta players will get on day one.
  • The Unfinished Swan is Coming to PSN — Another genre-shattering PSN innovator emerges from the shadows. Watch first video and get the inside scoop from Giant Sparrow.
  • New Marvel Avenger Items, Konami Silent Hill Downpour Diner, x7 Exclusive Item Update + Weekly Update — Let PlayStation Home wrap you in its warm embrace with new outfits and personal spaces.
  • Persona 4 Golden Coming to PS Vita This Fall — Two words: Dat screen.
  • LittleBigPlanet Karting: See Sackboy Behind The Wheel — “It’s not just a kart racer, it’s a full-on karting adventure.” Check out the new video here.
  • GT Academy 2012 Begins Today on PlayStation Store — GT Academy 2012 is available now as a free PSN download…and nope, it doesn’t require Gran Turismo 5 or expert racing skills.
  • Mortal Kombat Hits PS Vita Today, Our Favorite New Missions — NetherRealms designers share their favorite new Challenge Tower missions, including the intruigingly titled “My Baby!”
  • The Art of PS Vita’s Gravity Rush — Learn what art movement helped guide this eye-opening PS Vita adventure.
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    • E3 is close! Love this week’s updates. Starhawk looks and sounds amazing and I just want to play the campaign right now.

      I’m Playing: UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, Mortal Kombat PS VITA, and Virtua Tennis 4.

      I’m Watching: Nikita season two, Eureka season 5, The Avengers, and of course, The Dark Knight Rises trailer that has been constantly on repeat ;)

      I’m Reading: The Black Prism by Brent Weeks.

      I’m Listening to: Official PlayStation Blogcast Episode 023: Top Marks for God of War: Ascension and Black Ops 2.

    • I heard there might be an update on PSone Classics being playable on Vita at some point this week?

    • I’m playing FFXIII-2 (got it for $25 BRAND NEW off of with the gold box event deals) as well as Mortal Kombat on the Vita, so much fun, it may have not as great graphics as other Vita games, but definitely an awesome game.

    • the new blog design look pretty sleek.and i liked the rainbowmoon trailer,cant wait to play it.

      currently playing: final fantasy 3
      currently watching : zet,accelerate
      currently reading: nothing really

    • I’m playing: Motorstorm RC on Vita
      I’m watching: American Dad! on Netflix
      I’m reading: This blog. Like, duh :3
      I’m listening to: Robyn – Indestructible

      I am glad you guys are coming to TO! Which one of you four will be there? Drinks on me.. ish :3

      Side note but I am at 99 platinums and I have one platinum away from my 100th! Whut. :D

    • MP_is_for_Chumps

      Totally agree about the Prometheus Trailer. …so now media blackout for me till i get get the bluray :)

      [ I’m Playing ] – 62 hours in Yakuza 3 and only 31% complete.
      [ I’m Watching ] – Alien Anthology bluray boxset,
      [ I’m Reading ] – Psblog & Neogaf

    • I’m playing: White Knight Chronicles II
      I’m watching: Nothing.
      I’m reading: Wizard and Glass
      I’m listening to: Nothing.

    • @5, Yatzer: 99 plats! No cheating, no sharing 1 PSN I’d like that stupid team that was featured in the PS magazine? An amazing accomplishment, dude!

    • i’m playing: disgaea 4 on ps3, unit 13 & mortal kombat on vita
      i’m watching: community, and avengers for the second time tomorrow… f***ing awesome movie
      i’m reading: Fear Itself
      i’m listing to: circa survive

    • I’m playing: Final Fantasy XIII-2

      Watching: Young Justice, Hot Fuzz, and just came back from the Avengers! The action starts off right away and doesn’t let down!

      Reading: V for Vendetta

      Listening to: Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf (look it up =D)

    • I am very hyped to see the Avengers movie. I saw Iron Man 1 and 2, Thor, Captain America (the one from last year), and the Incredible Hulk (the one from 2008), so I am all ready for it.



    • Along with PSone, still hoping for an update on PSP compatible titles as well.

      If I can get the Capcom Classics Collections and Midway Arcade Treasures along with both Pinball Arcade and Zen Pinball 2, I will have a literal arcade in my pocket! :-D

    • I am playing: Persona 3 Portable, Tales of Graces F

      I am watching: Mysterious Girlfriend X, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

      I am reading: Japanator, Kotaku, PS Blog, and NISA forums. (AS ALWAYS :P)

      I am listening to: Nothing, but I am hearing the Persona 3 dorm room theme in my head.

    • Playing: Naugthy Bear, Rayman Origins

      Watching: Legend of Korra, Off their Rockers, The Avengers, and Mission Impossible

      Reading: . . . lots and lots of textbooks :(

    • Hmm. This looks like a ROBUST but short recap.
      I like it.

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