PlayStation <3 Canada: You’re Invited, Toronto!

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PlayStation Hearts Canada

While listening to PlayStation Blogcast in the weeks following GDC, I made a sudden realization: There are a lot of Canadian indie developers working on PlayStation titles right now.


With that realization, the PlayStation.Blog staff began planning a trip to Toronto to meet with Drinkbox Games (Tales From Space: About a Blob), Queasy Games (Sound Shapes), ][ Games (Dyad) and other indies working on PS3 and PS Vita games. Our friends at Sony Computer Entertainment Canada suggested that we invite the media and, well, we thought it only fair to include our Canadian fans in on the fun. That means you!

So here’s the formal invitation: Please join us next Tuesday for our “PlayStation <3 Canada” meetup in Toronto. You’ll get first crack at playing Canadian-born PlayStation titles such as the stereophonic side-scroller Sound Shapes (PS Vita), glorious 8-bit homage Retro City Rampage (PS3 + PS Vita), the brain-meltingly beautiful Dyad (PS3), and more that will be revealed at the event. We’ll have refreshing beverages on hand and maybe, just maybe, a musical act. Best of all, you can leave the Loonies, Toonies, hockey dollars and maple money in your wallet – this event is completely free.

Here are the details:

Facebook invite
When: Tuesday, May 8th from 530-8pm
Where: Camp Oochigeas Downtown [464 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON, M5T 2S6]
What: hands-on gameplay with unreleased games
Admission: $0.00 (that’s $0.00 Canadian)


Our last Canadian meet-up was a rousing success, so we’re looking forward to meeting you again, for the first time.

Oh, and one final suggestion: Bring your PS Vita and a copy of Mortal Kombat. Sid will be in attendance and he’s got a taste for sweet, sweet Canadian blood. Will you be the one to stop him?

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  • Montreal>Toronto


  • No mr first poster. Toronto has wayy more events than montreal =)

  • I live in Ottawa but HELL YEAH I’LL BE THERE! <3

  • Hey Jeff, Sid, and PS Blog crew. As a fellow Canadian, thank you and the team for coming up here, I know its pretty far from where you guys live, and hopefully I can make it to the event. Everybody is starting to see the amazing studios and talented people we have working on games, and because of that exposure, the indie scene has a chance to shine, and it really is. Alot of games come out of Canada, but even more gamers, so we appreciate Playstation Canada and their efforts to bring content and North American exclusives to Cananda. You have plenty of friends up north, and thanks for coming out, its great weather this time of year, hope to see you guys at the event, love the blogcast, take care PS Blog crew.

    With all the amazing games at this event, with mostly unconfirmed release dates, might we get some info on release dates at the event?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Thanks for saying so. We’re definitely looking forward to the trip.

      There may actually be some indie game announcements at this thing, so stay tuned!

  • @2 Im not saying montreal has more events, I’m basically saying montreal is the better city and should be having the event, toronto might be the biggest city in canada but its a snorefest. Montreal is where it’s at.

  • GHOST NAPPA! wooo!

  • Get your French together and come to Montreal

  • If the recent Fan Expo and Canadian Video Game awards are any indication, Vancouver would show up in force to support a PlayStation Meetup (as would I). Have fun in Toronto, go to Montreal, and by all means, come to Vancouver, or Edmonton/Calgary, or Halifax, etc. Just do more of these in Canada.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I <3 Vancouver and would move there in a second. The main reason we had this in Toronto is because that's where so many of these developers live. If we didn't have it there, we might not be able to hold the event at all.

  • Awesome! Glad to see the Canadian love. I’m really excited to try out a bunch of these great indie games! Especially sound shapes, and RCR! I’ll be there for sure!

  • I live in New York City & I love Montreal & Toronto. Both are amazing places w/ very friendly citizens. I’ve been there many times & often imagine buying a vacation home/apartment there. Love the people, love the sites, love the food. For anyone visiting, have a great time! And a big thank you to any PS3 Canadian devs!!

  • So PlayStation <3 Canada, eh (pun definitely intended)?

    If that's the case, why are Canadians excluded from almost all contests/giveaways/competitions here on the North American blog (I'm looking at you currently, GT Academy)?

  • Silver_Ulvian502

    Hey sony, nice to see ya doing more in canada, but i have a questions. Considering i spent over 300 on my PS Vita, why are we getting so few Vita games? Where’s our Vita games? Where is the north american versions of the expansive library of japanese Vita games? Where is the PSone Classics compatibility? Why are there so few crossplay games? Why is there only 44 games listed on the store website? in which 5 are TBD, 17 or more are just ports that (for the most part) don’t connect with the ps3 counterparts, a couple i’m sure are web games you can play for free on the internet. I don’t want to be that guy who is a nag about this stuff but seriously, i feel that i need to be that guy because a lot of people are rather pissed off, for lack of a better term, at the selection of games we have been given. Why are you punishing your customers this way? Don’t you think we deserve a better selection of games considering we spent so much on your new system? I’m starting to consider switching to Nintendo and Xbox because i feel somewhat betrayed by your company when you show all these amazing features befor the release and then give so few of them. Were you trying to make your customer’s feel like they waisted their money on the Vita?

  • FINALLY! Toronto getting some love from the Playstation crew. Can’t wait for this. Sid…you better be ready to face Kano

  • Why you no go anywhere else?

  • While I personally have no way to get to that event (I only live about an hour away but the timing isn’t good for me), I do appreciate very much the fact that you’re doing a Canadian event. After watching so many events and promotions (such as everything Subway does) be only for the US, it’s nice to see some love for us north of the border.

    Good job, keep it up.

  • Big cities…making the small town gut feel left out since the dawn of civilization!!

    Damn you big cities!!!


  • Hey, Jeff, is that you in the pink shirt?

  • @Jeff There are more devs in Vancouver than Toronto… United Front Games, Rockstar Vancouver, EA Canada, Capcom Vancouver, Next Level Games, Radical Entertainment, Slant Six Games, Hothead Games, Klei Entertainment and MANY indie developers.

  • ChiefThundrlungs

    ya Montreal is where it’s at if you dont mind being in a crowd of a bunch of greasy Quebecer students protesting about the rising cost of poutines at their school cafeterias meanwhile every other province pays twice as much as the average greasy frog for the poutine

  • cookiemonster525

    This is awesome. I’ll definitely be making it to the event.

  • While there are quite a few indies that have made PS Vita games in Toronto… I think it makes it easier to set up there because I am quite certain that PlayStation Canada’s HQ is there also and that is quite fine. I hope it is a great event and that all attendants have an awesome time… beating Sid in MK. :)

  • @20 ChiefThundrlungs

    hmm just shut up dude…

  • Sounds amazing, guys! I missed the last event in Toronto a few months ago, so I’ll try my best to make it to this one. =)

  • Rats, timing doesn’t work for me. I’d have to bag off work like 3 hours early and that’s just not possible :( Oh well, Guess I’ll have to wait for PAX Prime.

  • Sick i will be there!

  • Yay! I loved the last one! I will be there!

  • @20 So you guys also have free loader liberals?
    What a shame, aren’t they multiplying like roaches?


    So anyone can go to this? It isn’t JUST for developers and publishers and such? Anyone from anywhere can go to this, and it’s free???

  • Bring you warm jacket Jeff…stll a bit cool here.

    March was really warm…but it cooled off.

    Thanks for recognizing the Playstation community in Canada !

  • I’m Down in Vancouver, Most deffinately gonna fly up to toronto for one of these meetups someday though.

  • Awesome, sadly i cant get there at the moment but will you guys ever host an event somewhere is the Arizona area?

  • Jeff, weren’t you saying that Canada was in Europe? i am confused now…

  • Go Leafs Go!!!!

  • @9 reply

    There is plenty of developers in Vancouver!

  • Untitled_Folder

    Too bad it’s not happening on the weekend! Have fun guys!

  • Please come to Vancouver one of these years… I will personally start up a Playstation exclusive indie game development studio (or three) just to get you guys over here!

  • Frima will be there too with a brand new PSMOVE Party game! Lights, Camera, Party!

    and maybe some interesting announcements too :-)

  • Booh I missed this, I was out of town anyway :(

  • Cool!!! Hope they use the event to announce the release date for the PS VIta 3g for Canada. Cause it’s the only reason I am still waiting to get a Vita even though all the games are so great and tempting!!

  • Do you know how big Canada is? Toronto is only one city, you know?

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