Mortal Kombat Hits PS Vita Today, Our Favorite New Missions

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Mortal Kombat Hits PS Vita Today, Our Favorite New Missions
Mortal Kombat Hits PS Vita Today, Our Favorite New Missions

Developing new and inventive missions for the Bonus Challenge Tower was something our talented Design team at Netherrealm Studios jumped at. It allowed us to not only come up with unique and innovative scenarios that took advantage of the numerous PS Vita features (such as the touchscreen and the accelerometer), but also a long-awaited opportunity to create challenges based around the DLC characters that released after the launch of the PS3 version. Yes, that means Freddy Krueger missions!

With Mortal Kombat finally emerging today on PS Vita game card and via PSN, our designers at NetherRealm Studios wanted to share some of their favorite missions from the all-new Challenge Tower. We hope you guys have just as much fun playing through these missions as we had making them.

Brian Lebaron — Designer, Mortal Kombat for PS Vita
1. Missions 39 and 96: “Figure It Out”
These missions are really fun! We give the player very little info on how to pass the mission hence the “Figure It Out” title. We just drop the player into an event and the player must use the different PS Vita functionality to figure out how to get past the events or to a goal.

2. Missions 8, 36, 52, 80, and 138: “Juggle”
In these missions, you have a few missile launchers on the bottom of the screen and the player must keep the falling character from hitting the ground. It was a lot of fun tweaking the gravity and finding the sweet spot to make these really enjoyable. In one of the juggle missions you have to juggle a fat Baraka; gravity was a bit heavier for him, unlike juggling a mini Sektor.

3. Mission 50: “My Baby”
This one was an inside joke on the team for years and I decided to create a mission around it. It’s really fun: Sheeva leaves her baby and you must shoot missiles at a horde of zombies trying to get to her baby.

4. Mission 108: “Don’t Call me Yellow”
The goal is simple – you must use Reptile’s invisibility to survive for six seconds without being hit by a very angry Sektor.

5. Mission 34: “Isn’t it Marvelous”
You’ll have to wait to see why I love this mission.

Derek Kirtzic – Designer, Mortal Kombat for PS Vita
1. Mission 96: “Figure it Out II”
I really like this mission because it’s nothing like any of the other Tower missions. It has a platformer feel to it and it will take people a while to figure out.

2. Mission 84: “Arrow Pong”
Arrow pong is one of my favorite missions because the arrow progressively gets faster and faster and if you make one mistake, you have to start over. It also teaches the player the timing you need to reflect a projectile.

3. Mission 114: “Kentoichi”
This mission reminds me of the old West: 3, 2, 1 draw! Be careful to not draw too early or you’re dead.

4. Mission 51: “My Children”
This mission is unique because you start off as Freddy Krueger and you have to resurrect zombies to fight for you. I like this mission because you have to avoid Sonya’s attacks while trying to resurrect a zombie– or multiple zombies, based on how good you are.

5. Mission 117: “Kintaro Time”
In Kintaro time you play as Kintaro against four Earthrealm warriors. I have personally played this mission a dozen times just because it’s fun to play as the ultra-powerful Kintaro and use his moves against the game’s AI. There is a little learning curve to playing as Kintaro, too – it’s basically learning a whole new character.

If you’ve picked up the game already, what’s your favorite new Challenge Tower mission? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Waiting for it to come in the mail from, i got it with RELEASE DATE SHIPPING for a $1, that’s saving a ton of money on gas (especially near me which is over $4 per regular gallon)

  • sweeeet

  • How large is the game? I might end up getting the game card.

  • How big is the PSN download? Also, does PSN get a 10% discount?
    Thanks, and I can’t wait to try this game on the go.

  • I would have loved to get this at midnight as a digital release. Saddly Sony didn’t make that happen. So I am heading to the store to get it now.

    I LOVE MK, I have been playing since MK first came out in the arcade. I even just bought another copy of Midway arcade Treasures (digital version) with the hopes of putting it on my Vita. Saddly Sony won’t let me do that either. I want some MK I, MK II, MK III on my vita.

    Can’t wait to see what has been added.

  • Dear Hector and the NetherRealm Krew, why did the demo for MK on PS3 have custom soundtracks and the final game not? Please tell me you guys are working on a patch cuz fighters nowadays should come standard with that feature and its a HUGE disappointment.

  • When will Mortal Kombat be on psn I have been waiting since midnight sony you want to go digital your drooping the ball again hope it’s soon

  • Megadrixfire_24

    someone please answer me, when does the ps store updates today? how much time left? thanks
    im really looking forward to this game if its 30 $, especially since i alredy own the ps3 version.

  • Are we getting a demo for this?

  • SONY, update the store, i just want to give you my money… please

  • agreed, should have been able to buy the in psn at midnight… sony update so i can give u my water bill

  • PLS, update the store already.

  • Hey guys, if u did not hear from review of the game, there IS AR fighting but it is for practice mode alone.

  • Looks fun been waiting for more fighting games on Vita!

  • AlexisGonzalezG

    just crappy graphics

  • aw man, why is everybody always riding around on the graphics of a game.
    the graphics are good, still better than on any other handheld ever. Period.
    And graphics only support a game experience, they don’t make a game good. With this kind of arguments Mario games would suck, because they don’t have the most refined graphics.

    BTW: Where is the Store update? :D

  • Wow… I really wanted this because the trailers showed the same quality graphics as the PS3 version.

    But alas…here’s the truth. It looks like complete garbage. Look at the girl’s hands when she says “I will show you respect.” Also what’s with the severe lack of blood? This looks washed out and messy.

    I’m sorry sony but wtf. You promised a console that was as strong if not stronger than the PS3 and could remotely play PS3 games.

    Did you just straight up steal $300 from me?

  • I think I’m actually going to D/L it off the PSN store tonight instead of buying from a store. That way I don’t have to switch between Disgaea 3 and MK.

  • Totally gonna get this for my birthday on the 14th :)

  • What time you update the ps store?

  • It would be nice that now that Vita games are day and date with retail if the store updated earlier in the day…

    How much will this cost on the PSN? Games without the 10% discount frustrate me. I still buy them, so i’m part of the problem, but that’s not my point ;)

  • Should be in the mail! Can’t wait! FINISH HIM!!!!

  • A typical “hardcore” gamer:

    “Oh wow! A new game! *sees the graphics* WTF?! The graphics are horrible! *throws the game away without playing it* This game sucks.”

    A typical Sony Company:

    “PSone support and PSP support will be implemented soon.”

    *3 months later*

    “Fans: Where’s the support?!”

    “*ignores the fans*”

  • still no Mortal Kombat on psn HELLO SONY IS ANY ONE HOME

  • Im have 45 on my wallet i dont kwon how about the price? Its more cheaper on the PSN? i have mi 32gb card but i wanna gravity daze either, so this game its like the console version? No discount for digital downloads?

  • Come on Sony, give us the freaking update already! D:


  • ChrisHighwind we don’t need your rude comments. Your opinions should be shared elsewhere. This is for the people that are actually excited for the Mortal Kombat release on Vita.
    Anyways, I’ll be picking this up right after school!

  • And PlayStation Nation please stay calm the PlayStation store updates around 5-8 P.M. EST.

  • Sony should try to update the store since the midnight i dont kwon whats the matter :s, every delevoper upload his content to the store? Maybe thats the problem, i know Microsoft upload all his content after all developers put his content on his servers, sony must do that, and put him for a week before his launch so everyone happy.

    Regards From Cancun Mexico.

  • How much memory disk space we need for this game?

  • Do we know how big the downloadable version of the game will be?

    I only got the 8gb mem card at launch and unless I delete a full game I’ve got a little over a GB right now.

  • Hi, I have 2 requests.

    1. Due to the PS Vita getting digital releases of all their games, can you please put them on the PSN earlier on the release day. It doesn’t make sense for you not to release them to the end of the day.

    2. Can you please have the PSN price listed for games earlier in the release cycle. I did not pre-order the game at a store because I am waiting now to see if the price will be cheaper on the PSN.

  • Looks like it is available now guys! I am downloading it as i type this. 3GB file.

  • yes it is now available!

  • downloading now via Vita, so if im correct, im getting all DLC as well? love this game for so many years but havent boght it for ps3 because im such a driver of GT5 but in my hands at sme frame rates and complete game no way in HELL can i not jump on this.

    Side Note: im in a wheelchair so any game come on disk on i really dont buy because when im in bed GT5 will be in my system but if its a downloadable game then thats an option to click and play.. thanks for this cant wait till its done downloading… let me free up some bandwidth now :)

  • Im downloading right now from my ps3 system because im gonna finish parasite eve 3 on vita, but weres the discount? 40 bucks i hope get all DLC on the 3GB of the game.

  • I have all the characters, and it looks like all DLC is included. I haven’t gone through it all yet.. Doing the Bonus tower now. Add me if you want guys.

  • Thank You sony its on psn

  • I have to say that looks pretty frickin good! I didnt expect to look that good. I might have to stop being cheap and get this one…along with the MGS games coming.

  • Does the PS Vita version support cross play with the PS3 version?

  • My god character models are horrible,tekken on 3ds looks better,even soul calibur on psp character models looks better,how do you make a game in 2012 that looks worse than something that was released 3 years ago?I mean granted they add new content and even gave us free dlc content,but how is it acceptable to have such models which is unsult to ps vita’s hardware.

  • ugh why does it look like a psp game? when i got my vita it was under the impression it would be at par with ps3 at least (albeit lower poly/textures). but not this bad :( I would’ve settled with lower FPS for better graphics quality.

  • Why the sound its to slow? I cant heard very well pls sony make a update for this title the sound its important and i hate cannot select audio and subtitles appart jezz, whi not every company make the games like naughty dog, you can select audio and subtitles appart! And the games yep looks like psp version, all are cinemas not in real time :s why? and the discount?

  • Where’s the PS1 support… Can’t believe the Vita is going the same route as the 3DS… Got to wait a year for more than a few worthy games if even that. I hope E3 is filled with alot of Vita goodies.

    Get your act together Sony

  • I’m a gamer!!! I play so many video games and read so many articles about the industry that I’m a freaking expert who knows F’n everything and surely because I waste so much money on this habit (that my parents aren’t to proud that I have) I think I am very qualified to tell the people that work in this industry whether or not they are doing there job right. I’m the F’n customer dammit listen to me complain!!!

    — Seriously I love my hobby but can’t stand reading comments on most of these blogs. Buncha whiners. Not all of you, but alot of you kids suck. If I worked in the industry I would love what I do but hate dealing with the gaming community.

    Mortal Kombat you have reunited me with my childhood. Thank you. It’s perfect on vita.

  • I WISH I could turn off the analog stick!! I always keep pressing it by mistake and ruins my combos and special moves!! >:(
    Also the graphics are much worse than I expected, ok I knew it will not be PS3 quality but this… this is far behind my expectations!

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