GT Academy 2012 Begins Today on PlayStation Store

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GT Academy 2012 Begins Today on PlayStation Store
GT Academy 2012 Begins Today on PlayStation Store

It’s the moment aspiring race drivers have been waiting for: GT Academy 2012 is available now! If you think you have what it takes, go to PlayStation Store and download the free demo of GT Academy 2012 right now.

(That’s right — you don’t need to have a copy of Gran Turismo to play and compete!)

This national competition, designed to turn the best Gran Tursimo players into real-life race drivers, welcomes players of all experience levels. Each participant will compete in a series of virtual trials, piloting Nissan cars, over an eight-week period in 40 different events. Each round features five events that players can retry as many times as they want. Only the fastest lap times will be recorded and ranked. Rounds 1 and 2 are the first set of trials to open, and Polyphony Digital will release subsequent rounds every two weeks.

Here’s a list of rounds and when they will be available:

Round 1 and 2 (Registration not required):
5/1 (Tue) to 6/24 (Sun)

Round 3 and 4 (Registration not required):
5/14 (Mon) to 6/24 (Sun)

Round 5 and 6 (Registration not required):
5/28 (Mon) to 6/24 (Sun)

Round 7 and 8 (Round 8 is Final / Qualification Event):
6/11 (Mon) to 6/24 (Sun)

GT Academy 2012

The last stage of this eight-week competition will serve as the finale—Round 8, Event 5—where it all boils down to one FINAL online time trial challenge. Only the fastest lap times will go up on the national leader boards, so in order to move up in the rankings, you must continually improve your performance. Take all the key driving techniques that you have acquired from each of the trials, and unleash them in Round 8, Event 5. Your performance here will determine if you have what it takes to move on to the GT Academy 2012 National Finals.

More information on GT Academy will follow very soon and you can read up on all details and specifics through the official site and our Facebook page.

For now, download GT Academy from the PlayStation Store and start racing!

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4 Author Replies

  • not much of a fan of racing games but the cars look awesome! :)

  • Is there any reason why we can’t do the new Academy through the game itself (like last year) instead of needing a “demo”?

    • We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to play and compete in GT Academy this year, not just those who currently own the game. So as long as you have a PS3 and access to PSN, you can download and participate

  • I noticed this has improved graphics over GT5. Everything looks sharper.

    Are these upgrades going to be implemented on GT5 on some future update?

  • Good to see the Academy expanding into a standalone game, and it’s pretty sweet that you can unlock cars for use in GT5. But it’s pretty unclear how it works, GT Academy just says to go to for instructions, which aren’t there. So how’s it work?

  • I really wish you made all of the content available at once rather than staggering it two weeks at a time. I go on vacation in June and will miss all of Round 7 and 8. I’m sure I’m not the only person in a similar situation. Why not just allow us to unlock each round when we’ve golded or passed the previous event? Oh well, I really enjoyed it last year, missed out on round 2 by a little over a tenth of a second and I’m sure I’ll enjoy what I’m able to do this year. Good luck everyone.

  • When is the Acura NSX Concept coming to GT5? The trailer was shown back in January. Thanks for the info on GT Academy.

  • Okay, I got all golds on the first round of this and it says I’ve won a NISSAN LEAF GT ACADEMY version and it says to go to (which I did) and there appears to be nothing even mentioning this and when I run my GT5 game it doesn’t show under my gift car coupons what do I do next please explain to me how I can redeem my cars.

  • Being a huge fan of GT5 I am somewhat dissapointed that the GT Academy from the PS Store is a “playble Demo” not to mention it’s 3,021 Mb game and will take 3 hours to dowload. Too bad those of us who have GT5 can’t qualify from the game.


  • I love it!

    The menu design is amazing, I can increase the custom bgm to 200 and the audio centers perfectly for my speakers and small LG. Please give GT5 this update! I’m also happy to see I can get prizes for gt5 as well, glad to see you can get a GT Academy Silvia. You should put in some special cars like Le Mans or the 370z and GTR’s from the show.

  • I won all gold trophies in round 2 and won a Nissan Silvia, and i don’t see it either. I went to the GT5 website and logged in with my psh ID and PW. Why don’t I have my reward car?

  • By saying more info to come, does that mean I can’t drive the Nissan Silvia in my GT5 game, yet? Why isn’t the reward voucher thing set up already?

  • Its great and i enjoyed the academy, hated the facts that the file was so huge , someone droped the ball when it comes down to “Sony” or “PD” . they said it was supposed to be out at 8 est , it was actually out at 4est or eariler. there was no button or poster on psn you actually had to search for it to find it . then you all run the program but tell us that our rewards and gifts will be further down the road and preach patience. oh wait there was supposed to be a GT5 UPDATE in march and or april as well as DLC and we never got anything. so mych for ur 2 months promise was really looking forward to some new dlc. but hopefully it wont take you guys forever to get things straight and get gifts out to the everyone in a timely manner . i just see where things could have been better if everything was together before hand not put it together as you go which seems to be the way it looks .
    other than that nice job on the academy im enjoying it .

  • im really talking to the dude “Faj” above me but if the shoe fits, wear it!

    Sony and PSN will get the cars to ou and your PS3 when they get to it ok, theres alot more involved in this then just uploading isht so relax, the Simulator has been out for TWO (2) YEARS AND THEY STILL SUPPORTING IT OK SO RELAX and be HAPPY just for that in and of itself!

    As for the DLC every 2 months im sure they’ll make it up to us some how, WE ALL HAVE TO REMEMBER, PD or ANY other Dev Team dont have to do ANYTHING for free let alone once a game or simulator is done so to get all this extra “Time Trials” through out the year for a-b spec and this chance to try out to make BIG MONEY doing something we love,DRIVING!

    You worrying about the New cars we aquired but yet i bet NONE of ya’ll are even in the top 1000 in the contest right now so handle that annd if the only thing you wanted was the free cars then you’ll take a back seat for a minute while the contest runs its course if thats what it take as that is the main foocus here at the moment….

  • I don’t know ho you are, or what you’re association with this is, but i don’t like you’re attitude. It does not matter if were in the top 1,000. I don’t care where I placed. I think it was crappy that on the GT5 blog on PSN website the instructions plainly stated. Go to for instructions to receive you’re rewards, and nothing. I still don’t like you’re attitude.

  • Still waiting for cars. Ken Chan said “More info to come. Stay tuned” That was May 1st. Here it is the 3rd of May and still nothing.


    So I repeat AGAIN, Please put GT5 on the playstation STORE for download. I am a HUGE racing fan of GT games and I want to be able to have it on my ps3 harddrive and not a blueray. Heck guys the GT5 game INSTALLS most of GT5 which is almolst 14 GB onto the PS3 harddrive already so I’m guessing GT5 is probably 20 to 25 GB in size in all and that’s JUST FINE I don’t care it would take me a day to download that and I have 2 ps3’s so It wouldn’t phase me any. Blueray just isn’t stable and will wear out the laser within a year under normal use so I prefer digital ONLY now. I’m replacing all my disc games with digital when they hit psn so please get GT5 on psn.


    Plus I don’t get why its so hug a GB download anyways. I hear forza is like 8 GB in total and it seems to have tons of tracks, premium cars with all cockpit views and then I hear about that autovista detailed showroom of the cars to. Lots of features our GT5 doesn’t have but you say GT5 for psn would be too huge a download? Heck I don’t care I know this is a broken record already but get GT5 on the psn please. Anyways on this demo I have all golds and can’t wait for the next challenges trials to unlock in 2 weeks. I have played these ones OVER and OVER. 2-5 is addicting lol. Yeah I noticed the graphic’s were better to on the demo? Is this going to be a update soon on GT5?

  • Ok.On page at the bottom I see the statement about the reward cars. Thanks for the info.

  • WHY does Australia miss out? No car unlocks or anything?

  • wy can t j download the gt academy 2012 it say that it not access to my acount when j try to download from playstaionstore

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