ModNation Racers: Two Year Anniversary Palloza!

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ModNation Racers: Two Year Anniversary Palloza!

ModNation Monday Header Anniv

Wow! Two years? Really?

Let me tell you the secret to the success of the MNR franchise … it’s you, the ModNation community that keep the games strong. The numbers speak for themselves… you’ve hosted millions upon millions of great races and as of today you’ve created 629,972 Tracks, 1,331,405 Mods and 1,221,817 Karts for a total of 3,182,817 creations!

It’s not just the remarkable numbers that stand out, it’s the genuinely nice, friendly, encouraging, and yet competitive members of the community that make this game like no other. Thank you to each and every person that has played ModNation Racers for the PS3, PSP or Vita. We are honored that you enjoy this game as much as we do!

ModNation Racers Two-Year Anniversary Collectable Wallpaper
Over the next few weeks we will randomly be handing out these limited edition wallpapers (25 for PS3 / 25 for Vita). Those lucky fans will have our crack team of artists customize their wallpaper with their PSN ID! Everyone will have the chance to attain the non-personalized anniversary wallpaper through our Facebook page and in our forums soon!


Most Clever or Funniest Track Name?
Sometimes I just don’t know how players come up with their hilarious track names. Some cute, some insane, some more insane and some are simply insanely creative. I can attest to experiencing at least four spits takes and two milk-through-the-nose blurts, and one memorable “trip to the cleaners” in my time as community manager.

We want to know…

  1. Favorite / funniest / most clever user-created TRACK name?
  2. Favorite / funniest / most clever user-created MOD OR KART name?

We will post a collection of our favorites here in a few weeks.

Race UFG Created PS3 Tracks in ModNation Racers: Road Trip
You’ve got to give them a go. Truly great tracks…

Mod Circuit Vita, Island Dash Vita, Rumble Island Vita, Miner’s Rift Vita, Alpine Drop Vita, Village Run Vita, Farm Frenzy Vita, Boardwalk Vita, Sandstorm Vita, Flaming Jumps Vita, Wild Run Vita, Market Run Vita, Craggy Hills Vita, Marina Vita, Breakwater Vita.

Download them now in the Share Station of ModNation Racers: Road Trip under the creator name – ModNationSDVita.

Anniv. Celebration Fun Race Nights in May
Join ModNationSD for a night of fun races all throughout the month of May from 4:30 – 5:30 pm PST! If you would like to race, send a friend request to ModNationSD and I will add you for the night!

“Road Trip” Track of the Week / Community Hot Lap Challenge
Each week we will host the “Track of the Week” Community Hot Lap Challenge to see who can post the best time on selected tracks. The top three times will be mentioned here in this ModNation Monday blog for the world to see.

Last Week’s Hot Lap Results:
Track: “iceland” by Nathancho17

  1. JuJitsu97 45.302s
  2. ShamgarBlade 45.679s
  3. ZlheckJr 46.32s

This week’s track:

ModNation Racers For PS3

ModNation Racers Grand Prix 2012
Sign up’s begin this week for the ModNation Racers Gran Prix 2012 Racing Championship. The first set of qualifying races will be held on the weekend of May 12-13th. Racers will have the chance to qualify on a pre-determined United Front Games track to be hosted in Hot Lap all weekend. The top five fastest lap times (of those signed up) will automatically be entered into the finals. One racer from the MNR Vita community will also qualify for one of the 11 spots! The remaining five spots for the finals will be decided the following week. Check HERE for more info on how to participate.


ModNation Racers “Hall of Fame” Tracks
With over 500,000 user-generated tracks to choose from we set the players to work to narrow the list down to ten. What were we thinking when we began this endeavor? Well, the ModNation community has narrowed it down to 25 and now we need your help to vote for the top ten!

Please visit the post in our forums HERE to vote for your favorites.

Top Tracks: Best of PSN ID: RockToonz

ModNation Racers Hot Lap Track of the Week – UFG SKATE by punishthem420

Dude created a skatepark!

This is a very fast and fun race and, to my amazement, punishthem420 has replicated a real-life genuine skate park to a tee! Grind rails, ramp angles, box spacing and even banner placement felt so real I couldn’t believe it. It’s not pretty like many other tracks this week but the detail and “nailing” of the whole park (pool, parking lot, etc..) have to be rewarded.

Mark: punishthem420 – build that park for real in sunny San Diego and you’ll be a rich man!

Monday: Big Hermitage by big-village_920_
Tuesday: Green Garden by fu_ko_1-5
Wednesday: Willow Rocks Raceway by anaximperator
Thursday: Nurfield Speedway by mini_schnauzer67
Friday: Ruins Exploration by arcanine7829
Saturday: Emerald Coast by atheistsw
Sunday: UFG SKATE by punishthem420

Upcoming Anniversary Palooza Events

  • Hometown Track Challenge
  • 12 Hours of LeMod
  • The “Moddys” 2012

…and much more

Stay tuned!,
PS3: ModNationSD
Vita: ModNationSDVita

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9 Author Replies

  • Hey Mark,

    Can’t wait to see what you have planned to celebrate TWO amazing years!

    One thing though: You’ve listed Saturday’s hotlap as “Emerald Coast” by yours truly. Wasn’t that hotlap last weekend? And shouldn’t TOTW get a Saturday slot? Did you perhaps mean to pick a different track of mine for hotlap instead? ;)

    • Yes, there a some great things is store for the anniversary! Thanks to community members like you who pump many hours of their time hosting races and creating great tracks, mods and karts! btw… your track belonged there. I can explain further in the forums.

      Keep em coming ath!


  • Booyah, i can’t waitfor 2nd Anniversary and can’t wait GP even if i have exams :<
    Still, my love for this game is very big and i'm sorry if i can't do anything nice such great tracks etc, so here's my slice of support, it tastes strawberry :3

  • Thanks!… though you had me at strawberry!

  • hey Mark do you know if we can play Road Trip AdHoc races using AdHoc Party on the ps3? any info about an online multiplayer patch? i know Erich said they were discussing it at the studio , is it coming? any info would be appreciated, thanks

    oh i almost forgot i’m having problems posting my times on time trial and i know its not my wifi connection because i can play Wipeout 2048 and Unit 13 online just fine.

    • Hi remanutd5,

      Sorry, no news for you there, but DLC sale is coming soon!
      I do want to help you with the posting issue. Can you start (or continue?) a thread in the forums. I’ll work on this asap.


  • Would love to buy the new game for the Vita but I won’t until(or even if) it gets a patch for online racing . I mean how could you not think this would be a bad idea not adding? I LOVED the MNR for Ps3 and played lots online(moreso than offline) . I want to buy this and am hoping that this very much needed function gets added .

  • @5: Apparently the horrid online on PSP was the cause. PSP online was an afterthought, of course not many used it on there. PSVita is actually designed with online and PSN in general as a big part of it. Horrible decision… but whatever.

    @topic; I really wish you guys would shed some light on the series’ future that’s now cast in doubt because of LBP Karting. It’s an elephant in the room that you can’t ignore forever. Especially when LBP Karting gets closer to release and gets more media attention.

  • WOW! i never expected this… i’m so happy lol
    thanks Mark hehehe
    Enjoy my Tracks ^_^

  • Thanks for the heads-up on the DLC sale, Mark! I can’t wait to finally get all the theme races!

  • one of the most under-rated games this generation.

    i would appreciate if everyone Downloads my Creations for Ps3 and Vita…im trying to platinum over here!!!

  • I have had so much fun with modnation, but I am even more excited about the upcoming LBP Karting. I can’t wait to have the Modnation Experience with shorter load times. I really hope they pull through with there promise of great music and short load times.

  • btw Tag should feature in the upcoming Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

    @10 ModNation Racers Road Trip loading times arent as bad as the ps3 or psp versions , Road Trip in my opinion is the best game in the series only thing missing is online play but other than that is better even the handling of the cars is much better

  • I think the word you were going for is palooza, not sure what a pollaza is supposed to mean (maybe it’s a community oriented multiplayer racing game with no online multiplayer).

  • *palloza – there, you made me misspell your misspelled word…

  • @TUSTIN1 even better than what I was going to post (literal) lol.

  • Mark, when can we enter to get the wallpapers?

    Also, like @remanutd5 said, we need ad hoc party support! that would be awesome!

  • Hey mark. Is modnation racers road trip going to have some kind of wi-fi multiplayer dlc like the psp did?

  • Oh and P.S. Play my artic waves track. Im making better tracks on the vita than the ps3 for some reason…probably the touch maybe.

  • as always….

    no online = no buy…


  • Thanks Mark for choosing my track for track of the week! it is truly an honor !

  • It would be nice to be able to play my PSP version on my Vita…or to be able to play the Vita version online…

  • Hey i downloaded the tracks from modnation racers onto modnation racers road trip and they are awesome. its cool to relive the tracks from modnation racers. I would like it if more or all of the remaining tracks created from modnation racers are on the modnation racers road trip. Whooo! Happy 2-year Anniversary, Modnation Racers!!! Can’t wait to see what’s happening on modnation racers.

    Tracks Remaining (includes both from PS3 and PSP):

    Drift Paradise, Sinkhole, Mod Finale, Dire Cliff, Launchers Rush, Citadel Heights, Switchback Valley, Lost Temple, Fracture, Rumble Jungle, Mt. Pain, Rickety Bridge

  • By the way i love the skatepark from punishthem420. you awesome, punishthem420.

  • boring celebration! where’s the ONLINE MODE!

  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MODNATION!!! Thanks for the PS3 tracks Mark.

  • Happy birthday, where is the multiplaye online mark?r?

  • Happy day,But i have a question, where is the online multiplayer?

  • i hope they add online multiplayer soon

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