Free Realms Three Year Anniversary

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Free Realms Three Year Anniversary

Hi Everyone!

It’s been three years since Free Realms first came out, and what better time for a reminder of all the fun to be had in Free Realms than…our third birthday! Yes, that’s right folks – Free Realms officially turned three this weekend. Can you believe it? No? Neither can we! Time flies when you’re having fun!

As the first massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) for the PlayStation 3, it has been an exciting journey for us thus far and we have been beyond thrilled with the response we have gotten from the community and media. For those that haven’t jumped into the action, Free Realms is a free 3D online world for all ages where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Free Realms Three Year Anniversary

From building and decorating your own house, to inviting your friends over for a dance party, the fun is limitless in Free Realms. As the go-to place to join up with friends, you and your friends can do everything together including battling enemies throughout the year, searching for lost treasure, dueling with other players, cooking up meals, or racing cars.

Free Realms - Racing

With Free Realms’ birthday upon us, all of Sacred Grove is in a tizzy getting ready for the big celebration. Join Queen Valerian’s special cake bake-off where the best chefs are invited to compete for the honor of serving their special cake at the final Birthday Bash; you’ll have a handful of daily repeatable quests that will prepare you for the big birthday party, and also a new piñata pet!

Free Realms - Birthday Hat

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a birthday without Cakenstein! The Frankenstein of a cake returns to ruin the Birthday Bash, and as part of the birthday’s world event, it is up to you to stop him!

Free Realms - Cakenstein

We think this will be a birthday for the record books. It has more than two dozen main story and daily activity quests as well as Cakenstein world event; however, at its heart, it’s about joining up with your friends to discover, explore, compete, chat, and share achievements and just have fun!

We’re a year older, yet, we’re only three and there is definitely more to come! So come join us in Free Realms; all you have to do is download the game on your PC or from the PlayStation Store, and log in! Also, keep up with all things Free Realms by “liking” our Facebook page and following us on Twitter! Hope to see you in-game soon!

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  • My little cousin loves this game on my PS3 & I have the lifetime membership. However, weren’t users that had lifetime memberships before the outage promised special gifts? I thought I read that somewhere, Jose.

  • Weird, I’ve never heard of this game before. Is it like Home/The Sims/Second LIfe?

  • @luvtoseek

    You should have received that stuff after the PSN went back up. I did.

    I was with Free Realms from the start, back when the closed PC beta started. Then I was there the day it launched on the PS3 as well. Unfortunately I haven’t been on Free Realms for a while now because I have been pretty busy, but glad to hear it’s still going strong!

    I’ll have to check it out again, see what’s new, and catch up with old buddies.

    • No better time to visit Free Realms again than during a Birthday Bash, don’t you think G-Force?

  • @3, ge-force, didn’t that include a bunch of credits/gold? I def. did not recieve anything like that. Hmm, let me look this up…

  • Still VERY upset that i paid for a lifetime membership on PC in preparation for the release of the PS3 version then you screw everyone over that did that with now allowing them to use the accounts from PC to PS3.

    So no I will NEVER play you game again and I will continue to trash your game until it is resolved. Its a big scam. Im surprised it lasted 3 years.

    • I’m sorry if you felt that was misleading ChaseHammer, at that time you should have called CS and requested a refund. I know some people don’t know but the PSN is its own platform and ecosystem. It’s not possible to run PC accounts on PSN.

  • * NOT allowing them to use the accounts from PC to PS3.

  • @ChaseHammerJ

    If they announced beforehand thats how it would be then changed it, I ucan understand how you feel that way.

    It would be like when they said there would be some kind of game exchange for PSPgo adopters…I can relate to that…

  • I had no idea this even came out on PS3 yet. Great heads up lol.

  • @5: It’s not a scam. A scam would be to say, “Buy a lifetime membership on PC and PS3 with one life time purchase!” and then you don’t get what they said you would. Which is not the case.

    They never said you’d be able to play PC/PS3 interchangeably. It was always in question, from the days of the PC Beta it was a question. You’re just angry at yourself for assuming it would be that way. You took a gamble, and it turned out to be a bad bet to make. Sorry, but it’s your fault. You should have waited.

  • @5: Plus you still got what you paid for. Lifetime membership on PC. Exactly what you paid for.

  • Will it come out for the vita, i think it will be great in the vita.

  • Come on guys. Seriously? You defend Sony’s old mentallity with the way it handles the exact same game/source/assets on two different platforms? Paying for the same game twice or sometimes more, is ridiculous and makes no sense whatsoever nowadays. If they want to survive in this day and age, they will need to create a better software ecosystem like Apple does. Pay once, play everywhere. PS Vita is close to doing that with cross play but I never tried it so I cannot comment more than that.

  • @12

    Except FREE Realms is FREE. It is OPTIONAL to buy a premium membership which details what is covered. NEVER said that you would get access to both the PC and PS3 versions of the games with one account.

    The game was never promised to have one account for DIFFERENT platforms/systems.

    That’s like saying you bought an Xbox 360 version of a game, so you should be able to get it free on your PS3. Makes no sense honestly.

    Different servers, different platform. AND this is a Sony game, yes but it is not a “PlayStation” game. It’s a game by SOE that has been published on a PlayStation platform. A different division under the SCE umbrella.

    Anyway, gamers and their presumptuous, selfish, and entitled attitudes thinking they not only know the technical side but also the business and legal side of creating games.


    Anyway, I’m updating the game now. I haven’t been on in a while, so I’ll let it update overnight. :D

  • I’m waiting for a sale on lifetime membership. The PC cousin had it for 9.99 for awhile for the lifetime membership which I didn’t buy due to wanting to play the PS3 version. I’ll hop on board once there is a sale or a plus discount or something.

    • I hope that’s not keeping you from playing :D I would love to say we have a sale planned in the near future but sadly we don’t right now (you just missed one though). However we do have some exciting news… soon :D

  • @ the response for 5

    But did you guys come out and make it sound like that you could? Thats the question.

    But did you mislead him? Intentionally or otherwise? And then you come off sounding like your calling him stupid. Who the hell do you think you are?

    O yea, you the game with 15 posts, thats who you are!

    im interested in knowing if you flat out LIED about that issue… #13 says you didnt, but # 5 says you did…YEA i could google it…but i really shouldnt have too.

    It should be perfectly clear…not sound like your calling people stupid.

    *scraps this post off his shoe and heads for google*

  • Just to make sure there’s no confusion; The messaging has always been very clear that Free Realms PS3 and Free Realms PC are the same brand, but they are in fact 2 separate games. The engine, code, and content are similar, but not the same. And while we would like everyone to play together, there are technical barriers and limitations that simply prevent us from having everyone play together and with 1 account. We have of course tried to always be very clear on our messaging about this. In fact there is nothing in the PC game subscription that leads you to believe you can play with that same character on the PS3, or vice versa.

    But that said, we all know mistakes can be made, so in the case anyone got the wrong membership or for the wrong platform altogether, they should always contact customer service to clarify this in a timely manner.

  • @Jose, well responded to.

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