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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

Last week, our colleagues invited media from around the world to LA see God of War: Ascension, LittleBigPlanet Karting, and PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. You’ve likely already read about Battle Royale (if not, see some links below), and hands-on impressions of LBP Karting will show up mid-next week. God of War: Ascension – that’s coming tomorrow.

At 8am Pacific, we’re unveiling the newest God of War live, directly from Santa Monica Studios. You’ll see new game footage, and Game Director Todd Papy will answer reader questions on air. You can watch it here on PlayStation Blog, Facebook, or on our Ustream page. Whichever way works best for you, set your alarm, take an early lunch, or make whatever arrangements you have to. I’ll see you Monday morning.

Live video by Ustream

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 23, 2012)

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  • Yesterday I finally put a pre-order on The Last of Us, LBP Karrting, and Epic Mickey 2. I also pre-order PlayStation All-Start Battle Royal. I also have Starhawk, and Resistance Burning Skies fully paid off. But I forgot to also pre-order GOW because there are too many games coming out, and I LOVE IT!! :)

  • I can’t wait for the stream!!!!

  • Is Todd Papy the same guy we saw in the Tester 3?

  • so Jeff where are the unannounced psvita games? you guys are unveiling a ps3 exclusive every week besides the lot we know are already coming to the system so where is the vita love? what else there is to look forward to besides little big planet , gravity rush and warrior’s lair? where is modnation racers road trip online patch? playstation all-stars battle royale vita version? cross platform play?

    • Look at all we’ve announced this week, and we haven’t even gotten to E3 yet.
      Mortal Kombat is out Tuesday, and it’s quite good. Give it a look.

  • I feel like the VITA has a few surprises waiting for us. Looks like we’ll see at E3.

  • Jeff, I’ve gotta ask: now that I’ve finally bought a Vita (should be arriving within a few days), when are you guys planning on pushing the whole PSP compatibility front forward and update the list of compatible games, make them available via PSN and let the world know?

    also, info on the development status of the PS1 emulator would be appreciated, or any sort of info on that front.

    same goes for PS Suite, especially disheartening to see that you did not post anything about it when the SDK came out.

    I trust you guys can do better than this, we all know you’re trying and we (or at least I) listen to the awesome blogcast, but please get some info out there! I’m sick of all of the hate / disappointment / BS I’m seeing everywhere online in regards to the VIta, and I believe it doesn’t deserve it, it just needs some more PR.

  • E3 is coming up isn’t it… hmm, best news I could hope for from E3 from Sony is that they are planning to introduce multiple accounts on the vita. I really hate not being able to support Sony of America.

    @LeeorV – From what I’ve read, PS Suite is the PS1 emulator, it is going to be released across many platforms ( vita, android, etc…) very soon. Its already in some areas being beta tested.

  • Can’t wait to get MK on the Vita, it is my 2nd (retail) Vita game after Rayman Origins. I hope to get a couple more before i head off to florida for a week in June to visit my grandfather, hopefully the PS1 games are playable on vita by then, if not, I always have my psp go to back me up.

  • I got MK Vita off of with $1 Relase Date Shipping, that is guaranteed to be on my doorstep sometime Tuesday with the price of one buck, that’s saving a lot of gas from going to the store, especially how expensive gas is by me (OVER $4)

  • @RidleysBox – don’t confuse the two, PS Suite is a Development platform (like Microsoft’s .NET Framework or Visual C++) that uses C# as a basis and allows for app and game development on Vita under a controlled environment and will be supported by multiple platforms from the Sony branch (android tablets and phones).

    the PS1 Emulator is simply that – a PS1 emulator.

    the reason for the confusion is that many people started assuming that the PS1 Emulator we’re going to get on Vita is an extension of the PS1 framework currently being used for getting PS1 classics on Sony’s Android phones. this is of course completely false and is based off of nothing but pure speculation and Sony’s silence on the matter.

  • By the way if u can, i have some submitted ideas on blog share that did come true (ex Parasite Eve 1 and 2 on PSN, and a couple other ideas) could u pass it along to get under “Ideas in Action” if u could. Thanks if u can or at least try.

  • Metal Gear Rising and God of War Ascension on the same day! Great reason to wake up early in the morning.

  • Aside from Soul Sacrifice which you guys haven’t mentioned here yet… I hope those PS Vita games get announced soon or are being saved for E3!

  • Always the same sites….

    Anyway, I’ll try and catch the stream! It should be cool to see.

  • What’s going with SnowBlind Studios?

    I really want another Champions of Norrath. I’m hoping they have something at E3. Or at least bring the HD port to Vita and PS3 with cross play…oh would be so good. Then you’ll see how much people want another.

  • Hey Jeff, do you think that we’ll see a Vita/Gravity Rush bundle? I know you probably couldn’t tell me either way but I hope it’s at least being discussed internally.

  • Sony, bring Syphon Filter to PS3.

  • Excited for tomorrow. Very, very excited.

    New God of War, people!

  • JEFF! Please tell me that we’ll be able to watch it after it airs because I’ve got classes in the morning and will not be able to watch during its live time! PLEASE

  • I have a question for The walking dead players that have bought and beat episode 1 like I have. Did I just screw my whole game play after the game was beat by going back to the main menu? Why I ask is because when it went to the main menu it said REFRESHING at the bottom and I am hoping that doesn’t mean it erased my whole game to start a new play through. I haven’t started another play through but that has me worried when I went back to the main menu and it saying refreshing has me worried now. Anyone know? Thanks!

  • Awesome, definitely gonna be tuning in tomorrow for GOW Ascension! Will we be seeing actual gameplay or screenshots of the game? or will they just be talking a little bit about it. (please let it be gameplay or at least screenshots!) lol.

    Also, there has been some pretty great announcements pre-E3 which makes me wonder what Sony is saving for the big show. I mean GOW:A and Playstation All Stars could have been easily saved for E3 as surprises, yet they unveiled them early. Hopefully Sony has some more great surprises up their sleeves!

  • at first i wasn’t sure of God of War with multiplayer. I always thought it was only a single player game but watching this, looks really awesome!!! Co-op looks very fun.

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