The PlayStation Recap – Finish Him Edition

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The PlayStation Recap – Finish Him Edition

I’m getting awfully worked up for this Tuesday, when Mortal Kombat finally emerges on PS Vita and I can begin to decapitate, dismember, and devour Jeff and Rey from the comfort of my desk. Early previews have pointed to a game that’s remarkably faithful to the original PS3 version with all the characters, modes, and speed of its bigger brother. Can’t wait!

In other news this week, BioWare announced that N7 Weekly Challenges for Mass Effect 3 are now live for PSN users, the creator of PS Move interactive mystery Datura revealed a May 8th PSN release, Lightbox Interactive revealed the secrets of its soundtrack (complete with a sample track!) and storyline, Sony Santa Monica revealed Sorcery’s final box art, and PopCap Games outlined Bejeweled 3’s PSN incarnation.

What are you playing this weekend? Anyone planning to pick up the PS Vita version of Mortal Kombat this week?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

Most-Watched Video of the Week: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Interview

The PlayStation Recap – Finish Him Edition

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PlayStation Store Update — The Walking Dead episode 1: A New Day, Battlefield 3 digital, Bejeweled 3, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Complete Collection, and more.
  • The Walking Dead Game Series Lurches to PSN Tuesday with Pre-Purchase — Anyone else try this? I finished the first episode and can’t wait for number two. Good stuff!
  • PlayStation Plus May Preview: Free Awesomenauts, Trine 2, Rock of Ages, PixelJunk 4am Beta — One of the biggest months I’ve ever seen for Plus, with a host of free games on the way.
  • PS Vita Gets Skype Video and Voice Calling Today — A long-requested PS Vita app sees the light of day! Read on for full details and a video demo.
  • Dishonored Preview: Cloak and Dagger — I saw Arkane Studios’ stealthy revenge epic in action for the first time and pass on the pertinent details. Protip: The trailer is a must-watch!
  • How Dynamic Battlefields Take Shape in DUST 514 — Learn how your choices impact the game at a micro and macro level in this upcoming free-to-play PS3 exclusive shooter.
  • See PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in Action — It’s finally official! See first HD footage and learn how SuperBot is leveraging classic PlayStation characters to maximum effect.
  • Home 1.65 Client Update, Beats by Dr. Dre, New x7 Exclusives + Weekly Update — The latest and greatest happenings in PlayStation Home, PSN’s virtual community.
  • Gravity Rush Pre-Order DLC Revealed — Reserve your copy now and get four extra missions and an exclusive outfit for lead character Kat.
  • Resistance: Burning Skies Reveals Survival Mode — Nihilistic pulls back the curtain on the third and final multiplayer mode for this upcoming PS Vita FPS.
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    13 Author Replies

    • I am playing Yakuza…..(All of them)

      I am Watching: Fringe, Grimm

      Is Mortal Kombat going to be released with the store update or at midnight like it should be? All retail games should be released at midnight (Mass Effect 3 was). That is the reason to buy them digital. If not I will go pick it up at a store and save my memory.

      Also any word on Doctor Who? I heard it does have cross-play?

      I just bought a PSP digital game (have it on UMD too) to put it on my Vita. After trying to send it to my Vita it didn’t even show up for the transfer. Not sure why, it is a shame. It was Midway Arcade Treasure. I wanted MK I, MK II, and of course MK III on the go

      • MK will be coming with the normal Tuesday afternoon Store publish. Doctor Who still hasn’t arrived yet; It’s coming but I don’t have updated timing details (stay tuned!); as for PSP games on Vita, I’m hoping to have an update on that coming in the next week – as always, we’ll keep you posted!

    • Hey Sid, with all of the wicked fighting games this generation I was thinking of picking up a fighting stick. Which one would you recommend?

      P.S. Anybody else have a hankering for some Castle Of The Winds?

      • I’m a big fan of the MK official tournament stick actually, but not everyone likes the bat-shaped stick and concave buttons. Hori makes some solid general-purpose, SF-style sticks.

    • Well Robbie, I would suggest a normal backyard stick. I just ripped one off my tree. Make sure it isn’t to thick or twiggy tough. :)

      With all seriousness, I would buy the one that they used in the Tester Season 3, that is a nice stick. (don’t even think about saying it)

    • @ Robbie_G_Irish

      I have a MK fight stick that came out with the game. It is awesome. I know they sell a similar model with the
      MK 1 patterns.

      MK uses a American style Stick (Tight Baseball Bat), while Street Fighter uses a Japanese style stick (loose Loolie pop)

      If you prefer SF then I am not sure. But the MK ones are made with wood and real arcade parts.

    • I’m looking forward to Legend of Dragoon. They should keep me quiet about not Suikoden II for the first half of summer.

    • I am playing DMC HD collection
      I am Watching Videos on youtube about DMC HD Collection
      I am reading walkthroughs (and the psblog) about DMC HD Collection
      I am listening (while reading walkthroughs) DMC Soundtrack


    • Will MK9 on vita be in playstaion store for Download on May 1st?


    • Im playing: KILLZONE 3 best FPS franchise this gen.
      Watching: Playstation All Stars Battle Royale-(terrible name)but cant wait to play it.
      Reading: I dont really read.
      Im getting: StarHawk and Armored Core V.

    • currently playing : jewel summoner (psp)
      currently watching: zet,the nba playoffs go heat
      currently reading: this very blog

    • Can’t wait for MK on the Vita, already have it ordered for release date shipping for a $1 off of

      I’m currently watching South Park Season 9 on DVD which i got off of for $12.96 BRAND NEW! :)

    • I’m playing: Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, Ghost Recon Online Beta(not Future Soldier) , World of Warcraft
      I’m watching: Game of Thrones, Fringe
      I’m reading: Star Wars The Old Republic Book 1, Hunger Games
      I’m listening to: Avenged Sevenfold, Hinder, Nickelback

    • I’m playing: Mass effect 3 multiplayer
      I’m watching: Trigun, Elfend Lied ( I prefer this ending since its happier )
      I’m reading: Elfend Lied manga ( I wanted to punch something after the ending, so sad )

      Hey sid don’t know if you could pass it along to someone on sony but any chance of adding avatars other than video games on the ps store?

    • Wow all you guys combined have 6 platinums lol. I have 6 so far alone and really close to others. Skyrim I’m working on, Ghostbusters screwed me out of the platinum cause it glitched and never awards me the gold trophy I needed to platinum when I beat it on professional difficulty. Terminator salvation I’m 2 trophies from platinum and dead space the 1st one. My Platinums on my main ps3 account is… Nascar The game 2011, dirt 2, burnout paradise, superstars V8 racing, Boarderlands and eye pet. I’m working on Skyrim for my 7th platinum and if I spent more time gaming than complaining on here in the blogs lol, I bet I’d have way over 10 by now. I have 1,585 trophies so far and 55 are gold trophies, 238 silver and 1,286 bronze level 14. I also have platinums on 4 more accounts of mine as well. Platinum Dirt 2 on more accounts as well lol. I love racing games. Almost have the GT5 platinum as well.

      • I’m terrible at Platinums because I’m terrible at finishing games and being a completionist. I have a ton of Trophies, but no Platinums (sadface)

    • Reason I’m bringing up my platinums on my main account is because I heard you guys talking about yours in the blog cast so I figured I’d through what I had out there but my 6 platinum’s isn’t nothing compared to some people I know on my friends list with over 20 already. I’m like WOW how on earth do they have time to platinum that much lol. One guy I know has almost 4,000 trophies and almost level 20 but only has 5 platinum’s so I’m feeling good I hit 6 WAY before he has so far lol.

    • Hey are we ever going to get GT5 or Nascar 2011 on psn?

    • moar liek…
      The Playstation Recapitation – Finish Him Edition

    • I thought the Battle Royale would’ve gotten more views. It was pretty big news to me.

      • The results were skewed since it came out so late in the week and the other posts had much more time in the wild, so to speak.

    • I’m getting MK, but I’m very disappointed there no cross play features on it. I thought it would have at least cross platform play, but it won’t even have that (please correct me if I’m wrong). If I wasn’t working away from home 6 months out of the year, I wouldn’t have thought about buying it. I have a feeling the Wii U is going to out sell the PSVita if there not a lot cross play features available by the time that console release. Don’t get me wrong, I’m huge fan of the Playstation franchise, but pulling an Android move like this (all of you waiting on the Ice Cream Sandwich update knows what I’m talking about) hurts the PSP successor. I’ve seen people already selling their Vita’s, because it didn’t come with a lot Cross Play features straight out of the box, especially through remote play. All I’m saying is if a company is going to advertise something, please let us know if certain features are not going to be available at launch. It would stop a whole bunch of confusion and disappointments.

    • (continuing from last comment) I know it’s not all Sony fault. It’s mostly the developers for not using the Vita to it’s full potential. Maybe I’m asking for too much at it’s early stages, but that’s just how I feel about it.

      • I hear ya. The first crossplay fighting game I know of is SF x Tekken — it’s not a trivial accomplishment from a tech perspective.

    • SID! did u pass words about Ragnarok Odyssey? what did they tell u? the game its out in japan for a while now… and vita its lacking of RPGs so… whats up with that game not hitting here?

    • woa why its my comment awaiting moderation?? Seriously wtf….

    • Not playing much currently, but I will be next month: Max Payne 3, Dragon’s Dogma, Sorcery, Datura, Retro City Rampage, Resistance: Burning Skies, and of course Starhawk. And thanks to PS+ I’ll be playing Trine 2, Awesomenauts, and Rock of Ages as well.

      I have a feeling I’ll be playing May releases throughout the Summer lol

    • so when can we expect new psvita game announcements? you know like the ones you guys are doing every week with the ps3

    • im playing ninja gaiden 3 ausra’s wrath just got the dlc for ausra’s wrath
      im waiting to get a playstation vita

    • I’LL post my comment again… no it doesnt have a link…

      SID! did u pass words about Ragnarok Odyssey? what did they tell u? the game its out in japan for a while now… and vita its lacking of RPGs so… whats up with that game not hitting here?

    • damn again??? my comment i wont post

    • it doesnt have a link… its just me asking about Ragnarok odyssey bc u told me u were going to ask around to get info…

    • @Sid, how much will Battlefield: Bad Company 2 cost tomorrow?

    • With all the recent fighting games being released, what are the chances of a revival of the ps1 classic: Rival schools?? I can’t count the number of hours i spent playing this game. It would be nice to nab this for a few bucks and play it on my vita.

    • Like many many others i wont buy it again. I was looking foward to finally having a game that has cross platform etc. with vita but they dropped the ball again and I know many are very dissapointed. there hasnt been barely any worthy game releases on vita and now finally one comes and it still doesnt give us what we were told we would get with the cross platform etc. im about to sell my vita. i know a few that already did. and what sucks is i was rooting for it to succeed so bad. i love ps but this just sucks now

    • i think there would have been a beter chance at me getting mortal kombat if you guys made a demo.
      i like to try out games ,but then again, most good games dont have demos.

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