Long Live Play PSN Community Spotlight

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Long Live Play PSN Community Spotlight

Welcome to this week’s Long Live Play PSN Community Spotlight! We plumb the depths of the PlayStation Community Forums to find the most interesting stories from PlayStation users. You too can get in on the action by heading over to the Forums and posting your story; If your post is selected, you’ll be getting a $50 PlayStation Store voucher code.

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This week’s spotlight is from PSN member xLe3Fx, who shares how playing online games expanded his real-life friend list. Check out his story below, and share your thoughts in the comments!

Friends on PSN
Fat Princess was my vice for the better portion of a year, it was literally all I played and all I thought about. At the time, I was in highschool and going through a pretty rough and highly stressful patch. I felt like I had almost no friends, and girls weren’t particularly interested in me either. This lead to a lot of depression on my end, which in turn made it really hard to focus on anything. But a few weeks into my FP obsession I decided to get a headset so that I could better cooperate with my teammates at any given time in hopes of maybe winning a bit more often, but as it turns out, people thought that I was actually a pretty funny guy and enjoyed my company so they began adding me to their PSN friends lists.

To be honest I thought nothing of it at first, but then one night I was up playing at around 2am and hoping to come across a decent match. I chose the quick match preset and got tossed into a capture the princess game that was almost full. That’s when I met a guy who would later end up being one of my closet friends. We’ve played pretty much everything together ever since.

That experience reminded me that there were people in the world outside of highschool and that things won’t always stay bad, thusly helping me out of my depression. Even better still, last year, while playing a few games of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, I met a group of 3 guys who were so much like me we’ve basically become best friends! We hangout for hours on end every day, watch movies together, and even help one another out with the daily struggles of life. They’re honestly some of my best friends and I would’ve never met them without my PlayStation 3.

Experiences like these constantly cause me to question whether or not there really is a legitimate separation between the connections we make with people via the Internet and the ones we make in real life. I’d go as far as to argue that the bonds I’ve formed with these individuals are just as real and valid as any I’ve formed with people in a workplace, or a school. For me, distance has nothing to do with friendship. What’s more important is the connection you share with those you consider friends (even if that connection is aided with PSN). They’ve been there for me through thick and thin, and I know that I can pretty much always count on them, and that’s not something I can say about most people I know.

Playing a PS3 and interacting with others through PSN has vastly enriched my life, and broadened my horizons past what many associate with the conventions of modern gaming. Even today, my PS3 serves as a way for me to not only stay entertained, but connected on a broader spectrum; whether that be through playing a game with my girlfriend, or chatting with best friends. This console has become a very large part of my life, and I hope that PlayStation will continue to remain a large part of my life for as long as possible.

So what are your thoughts on xLe3Fx ‘s story? Have you found new comraderie and friendships through playing online? Share your thoughts in the comments on this story, and please keep comments central to this post. Congrats to xLe3Fx, who is now the recipient of a $50 voucher redeemable in the PlayStation Store! Send in your stories here, and feel free to read xLe3Fx ‘s original post right here.

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  • oh wow!

  • My Story would be about getting ripped at every corner.

    Got my Vita, the PSP support not just from the Vita store, but games on my PS3 can’t even transfer. So what up with that? That feature would have been tested before marketing it. If not then, you have a bunch off uninformed people working at Hardware and Develope teams.

    I just a PSP game to put on my Vita and My Vita dosen’t even see it…….How lame, I already own the darn UMD too.

  • Great story man. It’s good to know that he got out of desperation thanks to PSN.

  • yo ure beast dude

  • Great story dude–definitely words many people need to hear (about how engaging with the world at large can add meaningful relationships and how, as bad as High School can be, life gets better). Definitely things like PSN are making the world a MUCH smaller place, which is great because those of us who used to think we were alone out there now have ways of meeting like minded peeps!

    @2, dude you should be ashamed of yourself. This post isn’t a consumer complaint line, there’s an appropriate place and time for everything.

  • Cool story. I’ve got quite a few friends on the PSN too, though most of them live far away. Also the friends I know outside of gaming are very picky about what they play and when. Since I go for trophies quite often, I’m usually playing alone or with strangers. The only real problem for me is they only let us have one hundred friends on our buddy list! Considering I’m a PS Plus member…I think that would be a great way to make PS Plus better, to be able add as many people to my buddy list as I want to.

  • I WISH WISH WISH that the PlayStation Community Forums were much more active than they are now. However, it’s practically dead compared to most of message boards found on the internet. You guys should find a way to implement it within the PS3/Vita so many more people can engage in conversations. I hardly ever use the PlayStation Community Forums because of the fact that hardly anybody goes there. :(

  • @Morgan, do you get any light-hearted stories? These have been a slightly depressing way to start my weekends. Can you be less Oprah for a couple weeks?

    @5 Zookey, thanks for calling out Baker. He’s being a jerk here, & I would have said that 2 hours ago but couldn’t sign in on my other iPad.

    @ xLe3Fx: Probably 80 % of the guys on this blog have the same story as you. That’s high school for everybody who isn’t captain of the football team or prom queen. All of us can choose not to perceive our current scenarios as downers. If you are really funny, then you are ahead of the game. It means you’re smarter & quicker-witted than those around you & you will succeed more, if you keep trying. I know that I will overlook a lot if somebody makes me laugh. Use that.

    • well I didn’t think this one was depressing, these tend to have happy endings =) but yeah I’ll keep it in mind to kind of switch it up in the next few weeks!

  • Lol, his closet friend… I wonder what that could mean? ;P

    But seriously, cool story, bro. Makes me miss Playstation Home. I love that place.

  • Hey guys,

    Sorry for my post being off subject. I hate that crap too. I was just cussing out my PS Vita and this one was the newest thread.

    @ xLe3Fx, Sorry. It is cool how you found some good friend with the headset.

  • GREAT story man……& I too have made friends – in different parts of our World – & will never give up this SEN thing… =]

    PS: About the “realism” of making friends online – it IS legit – just look it the other way around: If you have a school friend, family member, or even maybe lover(that depends on how devoted you are I guess)that moved away, & you then interacted with them only via the internet, would the relationship(appreciation, feelings, etc)be any less legit? The ONLY real difference, is that you won’t be interacting with them, IN person – Cheers… =D

  • Hey xLe3Fx,

    It’s JillyDad from Long Live Play 2 weeks ago. Great story, and congratulations on the feature.
    It’s nice to know that when life decides to get stressful, tedious, and downright dull, games are always there to bring us back up.
    Over the years, I’ve made some wonderful friends online. No one is there to judge you (Aside from the “bro” gamers that are too busy embarrassing themselves for me to care.) they just want to share the fun, and play along.

    Great work, JillyDad.

  • I have a really hard time finding friends on PSN. I am sort of not in a “normal” age group. I am a 48 year old female gamer. So,………… any ideas?

  • Just because they’re far away, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be your friends. Every person you meet is real and each individual has their own characteristics either good or bad. It’s great to see that you found such great friends. : )

  • @ xLe3Fx after reading your story I can say I’m happy for you. @ reggie1fan1964 I’m assuming you’ve tried adding people online via games you really like. If that doesn’t work you can always sent request to people from these blogs whose comment you like or interest you. I’ve gotten a few friends and request this way. Well I hope this helps.

  • How about some happy stories? Like someone who met a hot chick on PSN and hooked up.

    @DSquad-3, the forums haven’t been the same since they changed the format to the current counter intuitive, confusing to navigate, poorly conceived blunder. No idea why they changed it to such an awful format. I remember a lot of people complained about it and probably left.

    @reggie1fan1964, it may have something to do with your age. Most people you are online with are likely half your age and don’t want to play video games with people the same age as their parents. If Sony allowed changing IDs like Microsoft does on XBox Live it could solve your problem as no-one would know how old you are. Can’t see why they don’t allow this for a small fee when XBox Live does it.

  • Good story

  • thanks for the suggestions. Yes my age is what inhibits me finding friends. (sigh) I do not have kids of my own but I generally get along people of all ages. I’m glad the young man in this story found friends in PSN we all need someone to talk to! :)

    • when it comes to gaming, definitely don’t let age differences hold you back from extending friend requests to people you play with online. they won’t bite!

  • Cool story, I have maybe 7 or 8 people on my PSN friends list and two of them I know via twitter. Never really thought about my FL before to be honest. I meet plenty of people playing games but I’m usually not the FR sending person. It would be nice to have more friends on PSN but it just seems requests don’t come my way. No worries though I guess, I’m gaming either way!

    • If you’re looking to build up the friends list, I say don’t hesitate to shoot someone a request if say, you just had a really awesome match online. what’s the worst that could happen? if they don’t accept, no harm done. if they do, BAM +1 on the FL.

  • Send friend request !

  • @Morgan Haro, why doesn’t Sony allow users to change their ID?

  • Hey, thanks for all the feedback and friend requests (theres soooo many), I probably won’t be able to add all of you but feel free to shoot me a message or something if anyone wants to play. I’m usually game for Skullgirls these days (well when I’m not typing up news or editorials), and I’ll be all over Awesomenauts when it drops tuesday!

    Also, sorry if this story made you depressed and whatnot, there’s actually a really uplifting post by IMA_BEAST_AT_IT in the forums, I encourage all of you to check it out (its super cute).

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