PlayStation Blogcast 022: The Walking Dead Dishonored with a Battle Royale

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PlayStation Blogcast 022: The Walking Dead Dishonored with a Battle Royale

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is real, and it’s spectacular. We caught up with SuperBot‘s Lead Combat Designer Paul Edwards in this extra-special episode of PlayStation Blogcast to discuss the game’s genesis and overall fighting philosophy. Then we move into the shadowy world of Dishonored to learn how this stealth-action revenge tale fuses familiar elements from BioShock, Assassin’s Creed, and Deus Ex in a chat with co-directors Harvey Smith and Raf Colantonio of Arkane Studios.

Finally, we discuss the new The Walking Dead episodic game series with a visit from Telltale Games Designer Jake Rodkin. In our chat, we learn how the game expands on the grim world of the Eisner-award-winning comic series and how your decisions and actions will define the arc of the story for months to come. I’ll note that I finished the first episode last night and adored it; make of that what you will.

As always, we’ve got the usual array of new PSN releases, user questions and tips, and general hilarity and/or hijinx. Do join us!

Stuff We Talked About

Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanJeff Rubenstein

Official PlayStation.Blogcast: Nick SuttnerOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Rey Gutierrez

The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator
  • Rey Gutierrez – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game
    details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating

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    8 Author Replies

    • Sid thanks a lot for posting the ALL STAR BATTLE ROYAL! I wanted that game for so long!!!

    • Solid Snake better be in All-Stars Battle Royale. I don’t care if he doesn’t belong to Sony, he’s the biggest PlayStation star! PUT SOLID SNAKE IN THIS GAME, SUPERBOT!!!!!

    • Good one guys. Love the new exclusives and I am sure there will be more at E3. I’ve purchased the first episode of The Walking Dead and I love it and I am sure Heavy Rain fans will appreciate it :D

      • That’s a good point, TWD definitely has some Heavy Rain moments! I really enjoyed it, despite being a bit skeptical.

    • but the name…. i commented on the other post about dishonored game about the name…. it needs to be changed… i will copy paste if u dont mind and u can erase my comment on the other blog…

      BTW i hope the name its a code name bc while it fits the game, its too long and not something memorable…. it needs to be something that gamers identify the game with just a word. Like Super Smash bros… friends say… lets play smash! u know quickly what it is. but PS AS BR its a little bit too long and a bit generic… just my 2 cents! make a contest on how to call the game! and take ideas from the community! :) LOVE U ALL!

      • It’s the name. But around the office we’re calling it “PlayStation All-Stars” or just “Battle Royale”

    • OOHHH!!! U dont have a knock out of stage system?!!! U need to implement that IN ONE OF THE MODES!!!

    • Both PlayStation All-Stars and The Walking Dead Game look great and I can’t wait to play both of them! The only issue that I have is the extended title… if it was PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale then it would be easier to swallow because everyone would just call it PlayStation All-Stars. By the way, this is the only podcast on my iPhone that I have to put up the volume past 50%-70%.. would be great if you guys turned it up a bit or talk louder.

      Just wondering but does everyone that sent in something this week to get something or only the ones picked? I sent in a comment last week and received nothing even though you guys mentioned that everyone would get something.

    • Thanks for finally telling us how to set the lock screen for the PS Vita! I’ve set mine to a Gravity Rush wallpaper :)

    • ha they answered my question! thanks guys! :)

    • The PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale game looks and sounds amazing! To anyone that thinks they are copying nintendo, you are wrong. Super Smash Bros is a fighting game with a different style and PS All-Stars is just using that genre of fighting game to create this masterpiece. I am looking forward to not only what characters will be available at launch, but what other stages will be in the game. Very cool guys, thank you PlayStation!

    • Is there an easier way to get pictures from my PC into my Vita? I wanted to put all my Wrestlemania trip photos on my Vita to show them how awesome my trip was on that awesome screen.

      Unfortunately it was impossible to do because I can’t just drag and drop the folder(s) I had my photos in onto my vita like I used to do with my PSP. The Vita data transfer utility showed every single photo on my PC in a massive thumbnail list it wanted me to go through and individually check off.

      That’s crazy. Why can’t I just drag and drop folders?

      • Might be easier to upload to a web-based service of some sort and save them from there, such as Facebook or the like.

    • Dammit, replace “Them” with “Co-workers”. These blog posts need an edit button :(

    • @ Krae_man. If you have your PC and PS3 on a home wireless network, you can set up home network sharing on your pc, so that all of your pictures, music, and videos, will come up on the PS3, after you do a “Search for Media Server”. Then you should be able to plug in your PS Vita and go into the content manager on the Vita and select PS3 System—–>PS Vita System and select photos, and copy them over. If you do not have a wireless home network, you can use a thumb drive if you have one, and copy your pictures over to your PS3 that way. I hope that helps. If you still have trouble you can add me on the PSN and I would be glad to help you out.

    • @ Krae_man I just now found something that just might work. :)

      Go there and install that on your PC.

    • Ready for the greatest suggestion EVER?

      You guys are always having a party when doing these blogcasts aren’t you? =P Well instead of it being a sausage fest all the time why not invite a female to talk with you guys once in awhile?

      Alot of females have different perspectives then guys on games and soforth so I think bringing one aboard from time to time would be pretty cool no matter what you’re discussing. I’m sure you could sway one to join you, no?

      I don’t recall one being invited to be on the blogcast, time to change things up!

      Keep up the great work! =)

      • We’ve had Kellee Santiago (CEO for thatgamecompany) on twice! But yes, this is an area we’re going to strive to do better.

    • @Winterwolf2010

      Thanks, I guess that would work. I don’t store photos on my PS3 so if the only photos I have on my PS3 are the ones I want to move to my vita all I have to do is “select all”. Not an ideal solution, but it will have to do until Sony fixes this.

    • Great Blogcast.

      I hope Sony has an event in LA where people can come and try out All-Stars before the game releases.

    • thank you for mentioning, I’m an avid user of that site and we’re trying to branch out and you guys may have just indirectly helped us to do that.

      as a return favor, I mentioned to them that you mentioned us, and that may help you in turn get more listeners, hopefully. :)

      also, Sid, this is for you…

    • Can’t wait to see all the characters that will be in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! I hope that we have to unlock characters during our play through of the game. I miss having to earn characters. Also, when are we going to do a Blogcast/RadioPS team-up show? I think it would be great :)

    • @ krae_man

      Why is it showing all your pictures on the PC? When I installed the Content Manager for Vita, it asked me what folder I want to set up in. Then I just copy and drop what ever in the specific folder(Video, Music, Pictures) and you can just select all. Since they are copies, I delete and keep the folder clean.

      @ Sid

      Is there any way to get Mortal Kombat for the Vita a midnight launch? I know the store updates later in the day (which is fine for demo’s and PSN games), but retail games should be offered at midnight for the digital release.

      Any news about Doctor Who? Their Twitter account still says April, but there are no more store updates.

    • @12 Stealth: Ha! I made the same sausage fest comment way way back in episode 4 or 5 & so far they’ve only had Kellee twice, so I gave up. I even suggested people it should be easy for them to get: Abby Reyes; Christina Lee. I’ve come up with more: Grace Chen! If we were introduced to her, maybe these multitude of juvenile Grace bashers would realize she’s a real person doing a difficult job & stop being dooshes about her.

      Amy Hennig;
      There are a couple women community rep’s for a couple publishers that I’ve seen post here, can’t remember their names.

      I think the 4 Amigos are simply more comfortable in a sausage fest.

    • this was the best blogcast since the pre-vita coverage episodes. i really want the walking dead now! keep up the good work!

    • Yea @Krae_Man, yo just make the PC your server for your PS3 or just take more time in setting up your Content manager and make a folder specifically for vita but i like the server way insted because you get to seleck via check box exactly what u want.

      If you want a ps3 server software inbox me otherwise just rework your file setting location in Content Manager to a new folder and drag/drop to that folder for your Vita.

    • as for people talking about its a “sausage fest”, what are you listening for, the sex of the person or the latest news and info on Everything Playstation?

      People be bugging! lmaooo

    • Hey Sid, one simple and honest question from a Playstation Fan:

      Could you guys tell Sony to not to publish anything before E3? It makes no sense to ruin the surprise!
      Last E3 was awesome, but there was no OH-MY-GOD-MOMENTS because we knew everything already…

      Besides that, I’m downloading the podcast right now. I’m eager to see if the Battle Royale becomes a decent game. I really hope and believe in your first party titles so, you have my faith on that.
      I can trust in somebody’s judgement to approve this ideas, so, it has to got something I believe.
      …And Datura. Day one for me :)

      I hope you can answer me.

      Hug. Eager Snake.

    • Awwww yeah, got a shoutout!

    • Is there any chance of a RSS feed App for the VITA being released (or integrated into the music App)?

    • Thanks guys. I’ll try some of your suggestions. I’d be nice if we could do things the old way for non copy protected content.

    • @23, Polo, well, since you asked so (semi) nicely, I can answer for only myself: the 4 Amigos frequently do an origin story for either themselves or their guests. I’m assuming it’s to inspire people who might be interested in entering the industry.

      Based solely on the blog cast, there doesn’t seem to be much inspiration for women. Based on any kind of coverage of gaming, it is male dominated. That doesn’t have to be. Amy Hennig proves that she is one of the greatest creative people in gaming. Why not encourage more diversity?

      If you. Polo, are part of any group that’s not in the majority anywhere, you should be able to understand. If you know anything about the history of our country, you should be able to understand.

    • PLAYSTATION ALL STARS BATTLE ROYALE should be called instead:

      Cross Over Chaos. but written this way:
      〤 ○VER CH△□S (with bigger symbols, so they fit)

      Or name it like this:
      B△TTLE R○YALE: 〤 CH△□S

      The “PlayStation” part needs to go (it is obvious because it will be released on a Playstation).

      I especially like the idea of having the iconic Playstation face buttons in the title, it says “it’s on Playstation” with out being as “cheesy” as just putting Playstation in the title.


      Other than that the game is great.

    • @10 i agree whole heartedly! PS Vita needs some sort of fle upload cloud service, preferably Dropbox.

    • Legend of Dragoon!!?? WHHAAAAATTT!!!?? Hells yeah@!!

    • I also want Legend of Dragoon to be on the Game!!!!!

    • Hey can you guys pass a message on to the walking dead team. The message is the game is awesome and I loved the first episode but for crying out loud, please stop with that STUPID LOCKED SAVE DATA crap. That crap is getting old now. Why on earth would a game like that which isn’t multiplayer at all yet they lock the save data to the console. We shouldn’t have to have plus to back up its save data. That really made me so mad.

    • So even though the first episode of walking dead was good and I loved it I can’t buy another episode untill these developers stop being so stupid to keep locking the save data to the consoles. What a pain in the a*s that is. I love to back up my save data onto flash drives for a back up safety precaution in case my ps3 goes out one random day yet with this stupid locked save data crap we will get screwed. These developers really need to start informing us that their game is locked save data. I would’ve saved 5 bucks.

    • My brother bought the walking dead game so I’ll try it out after I beat some phatoms on me3.

    • Will Battle Royale be a more casual fighter like Super Smash Bros or a more hardcore title like SF or MvC3?

    • Speaking of females, any chance we’ll get to see (or rather hear) some Christina Lee on the Blogcast? Would love to know her origin story and just to have her on and chill with you guys.

    • Just wanted to say Sid, Send more paramedics. I’m an old gamer and i would agree that Return of the living dead is the best zombie movie ever made. I had to say something because noone i know even recognizes that movie. They always take it for night of the living dead. Keep up the good work on the podcast, love it.

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