New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

This week, the Music Unlimited Service welcomes new releases from Jack White, The Wanted, and Death Grips. Other featured titles this week include Eve 6, The Raveonettes, Toro Y Moi, Billy Bragg & Wilco, and Torche.

Kate Beckinsale is back and kicking butt in skin tight spandex in the fourth installment of the Underworld series, Underworld: Awakening, which hit’s the Video Unlimited Service’s New Releases this week. Also, trek on over to Rent Now and find Contraband, and it’s all about great Adventure movies in Own $5 Films this week. For only 5 bucks, own great flicks in SD like Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, The Beach, and many more. Get the full details on this week’s highlights here.

New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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  • I listened to the first few songs of the Death Grips album on my way to work this morning…interesting….and I think I will like the album.

  • Monthly subscription service please and HD vita support

  • Would be nice if the Music Unlimited app on the PSVita would at the very least let you pause, go back, go forward from the lock screen. Like an iPod Touch allows. It’s a very handy thing to have.

  • I got that Underworld Awakening 3D!! It’s too bad that after paying almost $30 for a 3D movie, it wont be in full screen… It has those black top and bottom banners, you know, the wide screen banners… Still… Great 3D Movie time!! :)

  • What’s with the canadian side being given such crap movies to own. The selection is absolutely pathetic rubbish. Bunch of no name bottom of the barrel crap. Master and Commander, The Beach, I wish. Sony, stop treating us like we were some third world country who just discovered television this decade.

  • Why would you want HD on Vita?!?! It’s a tiny screen! Why pay more for little value? Hippo smile!

  • at 6 so that way i dont have to buy both versions of the movie to watch it on both systems

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